Mira: There's money to be made in mobile


Creators of the Angry Birds app tried 53 times before their product was successful.

“Sometimes it’s not going to be successful,” said Paulo Mira, president and CEO of PHD Mobi, “but they’re going to try and try and try.”

This was the first message Mira gave during his “brainsnack” session during the 82nd INMA World Congress’ opening day, as well as focusing on mobile engagement and real revenues. 

Mira’s company, PHD Mobi, is a one-stop-shop with 80 mobile solutions and has offices in the United States, Finland, Brazil, and Singapore. PHD Mobi has more than 20,000 projects and at least 80 countries involved, proving advertising, payment, security, and SMS for companies such Ford, MasterCard, and Coca-Cola.

“Welcome to the fastest growing business in the world,” Mira said, adding that the company had 100% growth the last six quarters.

Mira presented statistics that showed why mobile engagement is important: 50% of phones in the United States are smartphones, and there are 5 billion mobile phones currently in use around the world.

To demonstrate, Mira asked audience members at the J.W. Marriott in Los Angeles to raise their hands if they didn’t own a smartphone.

No hands went up.

He then asked if the people in the room had a tablet device, and most of the audience members raised their hands. 

Because mobile devices are so popular in both the United States and the rest of the world, Mira presented four ways to capitalise on that market: SMS, Apps, 2D codes, and mobile sites.   

About SMS, Mira said their revenue model can be a problem, but there’s revenue share with phone operators.

Apps are mainly simple and convenient, which makes them useful. But the problem is they have to be used for multiple devices, Mira said. Apps can also be used for different subjects, including sports, entertainment, real estate, etc. Examples of apps were provided by The New York Times, as well as newspapers from Brazil, Singapore, and Finland.  

When it came to the apps revenue model, he mentioned advertising: “Don’t waste your time on apps if you’re not the market leader,” Mira said. “If you’re not a market leader, you’re going to waste a lot of time and money.” 

When talking about 2D codes, Mira said barcodes are like computers. You can buy a computer today and could buy one 15 years ago, but today there are new technologies. He said 2D codes can also work well for advertisers.

“Every day we are finding new ways to use this code,” he said.  

Lastly, Mira referenced the bottom line. Mobile sites are where companies can generate revenue: “There are different ways to present company and make money.”

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