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Applying artificial intelligence in innovative ways for news media

Generative AI Initiative

How media companies are practically using generative AI to strengthen their business

Concrete, innovative use cases of GenAI for news publishers

Scope of the Initiative


How can busy editors and reporters use generative AI to help produce trustworthy journalism in formats that fit consumers' needs?

Advertising and Marketing

How can generative AI support advertising and marketing activities, whether it is through chatbots or enabling personalisation?

Business Efficiencies

Where can businesses find productivity gains by automating work that machines do well – so that employees can focus on tasks that truly require creativity and human intelligence?

Revenue Generation

How can AI multiply revenue generation opportunities without simultaneously scaling costs?


How can generative AI tap into unstructured data to find insights on topics and themes that are worthy of a business's attention – and present them in a user-friendly way?

Product Development

How can we tap into AI to expedite the product ideation process and optimise design work?



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August 08 | Meeting

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Generative AI Initiative Lead

Heading the Generative AI Initiative for INMA is Sonali Verma, an independent consultant working on digital transformation projects. Sonali recently spent nearly five years with The Globe and Mail’s Sophi, prior to which she worked more than a decade for Canada’s newspaper of record in audience and editorial roles. She had prior stints at Bloomberg, CNBC, and Thomson Reuters. She has worked in Toronto, Singapore, Delhi, London, Hong Kong, and Manila.

Generative AI Initiative Advisory Council

  • Lyn-Yi Chung
    Deputy Chief Editor
  • David Cohn
    Senior Director, Alpha Group
    Advance Local
    United States
  • Lindsey Jayne
    Chief Product Officer
    The Financial Times
    United Kingdom
  • Katharina Neubert
    VP Strategy & Investments
    Holtzbrinck Publishing Group
  • Sarah Owsik
    AI Business Partner
  • Mike Pletch
    Managing Director, Product and UX
    The Globe and Mail
  • Jovan Protic
    AI fellow
    Ringier Axel Springer
    United States
  • Rohit Saran
    Chief Editor
    Times Internet
  • Zach Seward
    Editorial Director of AI Initiatives
    The New York Times
    United States

INMA’s Generative AI Initiative aims to surface news media GenAI use cases across the enterprise – newsroom, advertising and marketing, and more. The one-year initiative was approved by the INMA Board of Directors for 2024 as a way of moving the news industry from theories to practicalities with GenAI.