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Media super retainers thrive with value-driven offers, dynamic packaging
News Corp’s Robert Thomson discusses AI’s potential, negotiations with Big Tech
Editors emphasise importance of communication, timing
Media CEOs discuss what’s next for news media
Atlantic CEO forecasts 7 tech developments that may change journalism
Advance Local’s digital-only decisions are fueled by audience trends
Bergens Tidende invited readers to travel the world
4 top editors explain how their newsrooms stay connected to the business
Ringier measures female representation in media with EqualVoice
AI brings many challenges to the newsroom
Gen Z questions the news media’s agenda
Upcoming Webinar: What are advertisers thinking in 2023?
INMA reveals 40 Global Media Awards first-place winners, Bergens Tidende takes top prize
INMA CEO emphasises importance of quality journalism amid transforming industry
A.G. Sulzberger says New York Times aims to communicate value, values to readers
INMA elects 10 top media executives to board of directors
News publishers look at the role of AI in changing advertising landscape
Media companies use product testing and reviews to grow revenue, audience
Newsday’s Erik Zenhausern finds value in talking to the community
Stampen Media eases advertiser-audience connection through first-party data
SCMP goes inside tiny flats of Hong Kong to uncover cramped living conditions
Markus Schöberl of pv digest ponders the future of news, product
Media companies should take advantage of customer lifecycle to prolong retention
Mediahuis adopts OKRs to develop outcome-oriented product cycle
VOL.AT app adds read-aloud function for more versatility in news consumption
La Presse takes on Quebec’s drug overdose problem with help from all departments
Washington Post, El País improved retention through pricing, personalisation
Funke Interactive project maps where the earth will become uninhabitable
Top news industry CEOs, editors headline INMA New York, focus on new growth paths
India’s News9 Plus reinvents news in the OTT space
Gannett’s targeted e-mails encourage subscribers to reengage through content, activities
Politiken’s Troels Behrendt Jørgensen sees the future of news media in younger audiences
Age, Herald take advantage of Succession success with multi-platform content, reach
Cable-style news bundles are spreading across Europe
News publisher focus on data and current subscribers hinders growth
Keskisuomalainen Group reduced subscriber churn with newsletters
Creating, purchasing software depends on publisher capacity, needs
Media ad teams must focus on data, AI to stay competitive
Bringing newsrooms into the business of news is the focus of new INMA report
Technology continues to transform the news media landscape
News publishers are revamping advertising with new revenue, client opportunities
La Voz De Galicia’s Tomás García Morán sees the power of journalism in action
INMA members reconnect in person during New York Board activities, study tour
Financial Times builds data-led customer segmentation model
The Age successfully rolls out “binge-style” article series
Trust, retention in news media depend on quality, value, personalisation
How NWT Media readers saved lives in Ukraine
The Telegraph celebrates food, music, and Coca-Cola during Durga Puja
INMA publishes “INMA Knows Generative AI” curation category
Free Press draws subscribers to gallery exhibit on art of journalism
MediaNews Group’s Jason Tate loves to learn
Google’s Juani Marchese is excited by the potential of new journalism tools
Editora Globo partners with tech company for Web series on innovation
Netwerk24 shares its winning lessons on reaching a niche market
Newsday hits a home run with the Do It Downtown! content series
Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger’s risky Web site overhaul improved performance, UX
Tamedia’s Robin Tanner thrives on the industry’s changes and challenges
New Zealand is third highest-ranked country for online news payments
Auto-GPT offers autonomous capabilities ChatGPT lacks
The Economist is reaching new audiences on TikTok
ABP One’s Rituraj Dasgupta enjoys using multiple approaches to marketing
Sanoma’s simple innovation turned its metrics around
3 innovative regional advertising ideas will boost publisher revenues
Media can bridge societal divides in reporting with 5 strategies
Agence France Presse in Latin America invests in journalism through hard times
Stipe Grubišić of Hanza Media embraces an endless cycle of learning
The Guardian engages supporters with climate crisis journalism
Media can overcoming generative AI challenges to develop new use cases in content
The notion of peak subscriptions is laughable
At the intersection of relevance and difference is value
Dev Pragad strives to promote healthy dialogue with Newsweek readers
News Corp Australia’s Project Heartbeat uses AI to determine the “health” of subscribers
Media companies can thrive with AI with these 3 considerations
Kendell Timmers of New York Times delights in the power of data
Schibsted News Media’s central teams have developed 20+ native apps for 13 brands
Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun engage audiences with Downtown Turnaround
Shailendra N. Jaitly of Jagran Prakashan Limited learned small contributions matter
Nirmam Sanghvi of finds happiness in building products
New INMA report: Generative AI opportunities outweigh threats for publishers
News24 election forecaster tool calls outcome of municipal vote in South Africa
NTM’s Jens Pettersson delights in the value of journalism
INMA Elevate Scholar: Jonathan Gholston of Advance Local
Media companies experiment with podcasts as a subscriber strategy
VOL.AT's pandemic-inspired Klubhaus continues to draw a crowd
INMA Elevate Scholar: Esme Choi of Dow Jones Hong Kong
Nation Media Group embraces leadership change to address transformation offers subscriptions to companies as an employee benefit
AI doesn’t replace content marketers (yet), but serves as a tool
Upcoming Webinar: Media24 explains how it reached a niche subscriber market
Brand partnerships build synergy, reader interest with native advertising
Model training, data quality matter in crafting ideal recommendation system
Mediahuis unlocks market opportunity through new ad product development
Professor Damon Kiesow sees product management as a pathway to the future of news
Personalised subscriber onboarding results in higher engagement, retention for Washington Post
Stampen Media embraces failure on its way to innovating its digital advertising
Expanding content is key to capturing audience interest
INMA Elevate Scholar: Siddharth Maheshwari of The Hindu
INMA Elevate Scholar: Kanon Okegawa of Nikkei, Inc.
INMA Elevate Scholar: Prachi Aryal of Newslaundry
INMA Elevate Scholar: Mehvish Quadri of Hindustan Times
INMA 30 Under 30: Dick van Klaarbergen of Mediahuis Noord
La Voz de Galicia connects with younger readers via new health product, social media
Stock gamification encourages new subscribers to engage, convert
These 4 data platforms are helping media ad teams monetise audiences
5 years in, the Google News Initiative shares its LATAM successes
NTM shares 5 epic fails and the lessons they taught
Successful digital transformation requires commitment, decision-making, responsibility
INMA 30 Under 30: Kaushala Ratnayake of Bauer Media
INMA 30 Under 30: Gabriella Vukelic of Newsday
INMA 30 Under 30: Katriina Wallinmaa of Sanoma Media Finland
Raúl Sánchez of enjoys helping audiences understand issues
INMA 30 Under 30: Gabriel Zanlorenssi of Nexo Jornal
Russmedia’s Denner Euro Game helps attract new users
Article gifting pays itself forward for Hearst Newspapers
Wips uses unique social media posts for creative storytelling
News publishers should expand revenue strategy beyond subscribers to casual readers
News publishers have an advantage in growing a zero-party data business
Tarrence Karmelia Kontessa Palar finds excitement in the challenges of the digital era
INMA 30 Under 30: Hesty Utami of Emtek Digital
Vishvas News hosts fact-checking programme, journalists ready to tackle disinformation
Introductory offer, bundling are important considerations in subscription pricing strategy
Unforeseen circumstances force Goldthread to innovate, creating new storytelling opportunities
The Hindu broke down the walls, using product to boost growth
El Comercio’s Hype provides multi-platform media for young audiences
News24 podcast series hunts down sexual predators in schools
Schibsted experiments with AI, finds 37+ ways it can help
Cross-functional teams are created intentionally at news media companies
INMA publishes “INMA Knows E-commerce” curation category
Hyper-local strategies can help news publishers accelerate subscription growth
Vorarlberg LIVE found spontaneous success
Local media offer opportunity in the age of retail ad networks
Diverse sourcing, awareness of terminology are among story features that build trust
Newsrooms at Die Presse, Dennik N are using ChatGPT in multiple ways
Digital revenue strategy at Mediahuis is shaped by its merged history
Mediahuis, Tamedia share data-driven strategies that grow subscriptions
Schibsted’s Bergens Tidende, Stavanger Aftenblad share automated content wins
BBC centres engagement strategy on building community
Traditional media’s social mission, inability to personalise pit us against tech giants
Gannett tests e-mail strategies to re-engage at-risk, zombie subscribers
The Independent’s digital-only journey was forced and is successful
DC Thomson shares its path to increase subscriptions from a regional purview
3 media companies share different lessons in reader revenue wins
News24 documentary captures intensity of devastating Cape Town wildfires
INMA president shares thoughts on press freedom, digital transformation, diversity
News subscription leaders share key growth strategies
INMA announces finalists for 2023 Global Media Awards
Former Spotify chief economist shares thoughts on pricing, bundling
Ukrainian journalists need global media industry help
Subscriptions expert makes the case for a chief subscriptions officer
Media HR must navigate human-centric workplaces amid global challenges
INMA 30 Under 30: Aminata E. Sanyang of Gambia Radio and Television Services
3 early bundling success stories show its promise
3 media companies share how they manage the reader subscription journey
Media companies have not reached their subscriptions peak
Corriere della Sera shares its 3 stages of digital subscription success
Media companies should focus on reader needs over packages offered
Svenska Dagbladet learns subscription, retention lessons from hit podcast
Expressen focuses new premium products, digital engagement over conversions
Research: News companies are overly reliant on conversions as a metric
INMA 30 Under 30: Andrea Thiis-Evensen of NewsCast
INMA 30 Under 30: Dan Lutaaya of 24/7
ChatGPT’s comments on digital transformation are an echo from the past
HLN’s Dimitri Antonissen has a strategy for catching up with Facebook
Echo engages sport fans with Rebel Legends competition
ChatGPT is fun but cannot predict the future of journalism, media industry
Russmedia highlights firefighter heroes in special section
How DC Thomson surpassed 25,000 paid digital subscriptions
Newsday transforms COVID text alerts to general breaking news alerts
Digimeter scoring model, dashboard provide insights into stories at Kleine Zeitung
Recent eye-catching ads play with format, space
INMA 30 Under 30: Julia Tran of Medienhaus Aachen
VK Media’s personalisation platform increases click-through-rates for super-local users
News24’s Out of Order index empowers South African voters
INMA 30 Under 30: Shreyashi Shetty of The Times of India
VG focuses on women’s health, launches vagina in 3D, reaches +1 million readers
Mediahuis Belgium connects internal teams for product development success
INMA 30 Under 30: Sarah Cavender of Cox First Media
elDiario mapped the heights of every building in Spain for one of year’s most-read articles
Media must engage with readers, embrace personalisation to combat news avoidance
Newsroom teams must be restructured to help journalism survive in 2023
Guardian News’ Mehul B. Shah embraces his passion for data
On the 1-year anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine, how are local media companies holding up?
Gabby Nunes of NZME realises the need to stay a few steps ahead with technology
Reader acceptance of ad-supported video opens door for personalised content
Bergens Tidende cracked the code of digital transformation in the newsroom
Stuff research finds two-thirds of Kiwi journalists face violence and threats
INMA 30 Under 30: Arvind Subramanian of The Hindu Group
INMA 30 Under 30: Paul Ostwald of Ringier AG
INMA 30 Under 30: Kamaria Roberts of American Press Institute
News media’s future involves the intersection of personalisation, relevancy, the rise of AI
West Australian grows subscriptions with AI paywalling
Media companies should be watching these 3 ChatGPT developments
Post and Courier shares 3 lessons from its newsletter growth strategy
V+ extends the reach of Vorarlberg’s media companies with 1 subscription
Newsrooms in the digital age: Are traditional news sections obsolete?
Hamburger Abendblatt uses interviews, surveys to determine what is missing
Funke Mediengruppe focuses on new content projects during COVID lockdown
Funke Mediengruppe shares 9 tips for hitting newsletter goals
Audience funnel changes organisational structure, strategic focus at Hamburger Abendblatt
African media companies are harnessing change with personalisation, local content
INMA report shares how media can leverage newsletters for engagement, subscriptions
Google News Initiatives’ Anntao Diaz embraces the power of simplicity
Early deadline for INMA World Congress for News Media is today
Generative AI in journalism: Publishers are in the driver’s seat
Amar Ujala’s editorial initiative honours India’s freedom fighters
Gannett’s fresh onboarding process indicates new subscribers are more engaged
Are brand sponsorships at an inflection point?
INMA 30 Under 30: Emily McBurney of Nine
An interview with ChatGPT: AI can be useful for media communicators
OneLog unites readers, Swiss media companies with single login
Newsday investigation of police misconduct brings deep engagement
Vanguardia CEO Armando Castilla says accepting change is key to success
Appropriate source identification, story framing are imperative in solidarity reporting
Free Press cookbook celebrates Winnipeg, engages community’s culinary fans
Nine finds success approaching newsletters as journalism, not marketing
A love for learning keeps Wojciech Ehrenfeld energised at
Tagesspiegel Innovation Lab uses data visualisation in corporate housing investigation
Cross-media study shows print advertising has highest ROI
UNESCO report: News media companies find inspiration amidst doom and gloom
Consistency helped VíaPaís use Google’s algorithm to compete against larger media
INMA 30 Under 30: Chitranshu Tewari of Newslaundry
Denník N publishes AI-generated illustration on its front page
News24 podcast cracks open murder mystery that stumped South African justice system
INMA 30 Under 30: Sofia Dahlström Perhamn of Schibsted Marketing
Which paywall models are most popular and which are most effective?
Badische Zeitung uses local newsletters to build reader habits
ChatGPT, hybrid work shake up content marketing
Media companies leverage metrics, communication to maxmise reader engagement, lessen churn
Utkarsh Arora of The Economic Times enjoys thinking big
Russmedia book project teaches children about climate change
Hanne Hendrikx of Mediahuis embraces the advantages of digitalisation
Rede Gazeta’s Eduardo Lindenberg de Azevedo is excited by new digital revenue opportunities
INMA 30 Under 30: Meera Panchal of News UK
Bloomberg Línea went from nothing to Nasdaq in 8 months
Die Presse’s Lukas Görög delights in the possibilities of data
Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger Medien turned 200 print-only advertisers into digital buyers
Sydney Morning Herald, Age introduce “collections” for intuitive content navigation
INMA 30 Under 30: Rijul Chatterjee of HT Digital Streams
Stuff dives into the data to document New Zealand’s COVID-19 vaccination rollout
Newsday finds an audience for its TV studio through push alerts, newsletters
Dainik Jagran-inext honours pandemic doctors with awards event
News publishers can prevent churn with help from apps
Ringier initiative fights to give women equal representation in media content
Erik Grimm of NDP Nieuwsmedia is excited by shifts within the news media industry
Financial publication Talouselämä introduces digital weekly edition as print alternative
INMA 30 Under 30: Glenn McConnell of Stuff
INMA 30 Under 30: Felix Cheng of South China Morning Post
News companies can maximise subscription value during economic downturn
News Corp Australia personalises news with state-based mastheads
Gannett adds value with digital magazines for subscribers
Hindu Group creates successful branded content campaign for ed-tech start-up
Kleine Zeitung builds digital brand with future journalism focus
What happened when we asked ChatGPT to develop a new product for Financial Times?
Ekstra Bladet teams with software company to explain whistleblower law
Dagens Næringsliv’s Christian Aubell relies on constant evolution to stay relevant
Generative AI for news subscription marketing is focus of new INMA report
Webinar on generative AI takes INMA members into the future
50 media professionals chosen for Elevate Scholarships by INMA, Google News Initiative
INMA 30 Under 30: Taishi Ikai of Nikkei Inc.
INMA 30 Under 30: Gabriella Caimmi of Financial Times
Die Presse creates a subscriber gift that keeps on giving
Maharashtra Times delivered religious blessings to readers during lockdown
Stuff’s Albi Pecora believes building trust is job No. 1 for journalism
Readers shape Age’s election coverage by sharing 6 topics that matter to them
INMA leans into a challenging 2023 news industry environment
INMA 30 Under 30: Trey Dean of Gannett
Politico’s Westminster Insider podcast finds success with political storytelling
Philadelphia Inquirer scores big with Gameday Central
Media leaders share strategies to build digital transformation into newsroom culture
Demanding subscribers, shorter copy among 2023 notification trends
The “feel-good bundle” needs to replace the forced advertisement bundle
Matt Lindsay relies on relationships in a changing industry finds new way to raise awareness of the climate crisis
Braille cover wraps, clever partnerships lead way in 2023 print innovations
INMA President Maribel Perez Wadsworth shares news industry outlook for 2023
The Hindu creates nostalgic, engaging campaign for iconic brand
INMA 30 Under 30: Sarah Glenn Gill of Alabama Media Group/Advance United States
Russmedia introduces employer reviews on job portal, increasing engagement for lä
Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s rebranding campaign focuses on local journalism
Here’s what happens when ChatGPT analyses the New York Times’ landing page
ABP Group sweetens the deal with Cadbury Gaane Mishti campaign, event
Post and Courier shares 4 lessons learned from newsletter strategy
Subscription marketing analytics should start small, involve humans
Schibsted’s Mathieu Halkes enjoys the challenges of innovation
Research: People living in news deserts still find ways to be informed
Lower site traffic, dramatic economic climate impacted 2022 for news publishers (+ likely 2023 trends)
Tech investment, distribution changes among key 2023 business transformation opportunities
The Irish Times takes its green initiatives to digital advertisers
City Press creates Money Makeover boot camp with financial services client
To maximise its presence on TikTok, VG asks young users about their platform perceptions
YouTube surfaces, supports new voices in news
Jagran New Media, LinkedIn partnership endorses flexible work for women
Stuff reconstructs 20,000 years of Earth’s changing temperature
Rui de Freitas focuses on making technology more helpful in journalism
The Courier increases engagement with 3 experimental, personalised subscriber e-mail updates
Maharashtra Times plants the seeds to celebrate World Environment Day in print campaign
More technology expertise needed on news media management boards
Ekstra Bladet Brand Stories shows life on the “good side” of the prison bars
These 3 advertising revenue generators offer opportunity in 2023
Dainik Jagran-inext supports women with campaign for usable public toilets
Should advertisers worry about brand safety on social media?
News publishers hold natural advantages in evolving events space
Amid war, Ukraine media verify, make sense of news, and help keep people from despair
INMA’s top 11 stories from 2022 predictably show an industry focused on growing its digital audience
As media companies diversify, news is no longer front and centre
Dian Gemiano of KG Media looks for new ways to understand and attract customers
Newsday’s Gabriella Vukelic understands how social media changes the way young audiences interact
Malcolm Raphael of Times Group enjoys continued relevance of print in a digital world
Ryan Nakashima thrives on creating a digital-driven future
Slobodna Dalmacija touches the past with modern flavour in ad campaign for bakery
AI can play a role in creating an attractive media workplace
Straits Times sheds light on “invisibles” with comprehensive and powerful series
The Athletic, Mundo Deportivo, Clarín share successful paywall strategies
NTM launches holiday contests to engage subscribers, drive pageviews
Insights and growth: INMA reaches new heights in 2022
Funke Mediengruppe fights for good journalism, regardless the platform, with 4 strategies
In adaptive media workplaces, the only constant is change
INMA 30 Under 30: Devina Heriyanto of Project Multatuli
Ad sales teams support clients with new technology in changing environment
Media companies are restructuring ad sales teams to reflect current needs
78% of consumers are loyal to brands that treat them as individuals
New INMA report decodes Google search in newsrooms
Are media micropayments back?
AI can help grow news subscriptions, says AI
Prediction: Digital subscriptions will further grow in 2023, albeit more slowly
Digital subscription growth continues despite news fatigue, world events
Schibsted provides B2B customers with All Access product
Stuff podcast provides authentic insight into life as a disabled person
Gannett’s Subscriber Appreciation Month rewards subscribers “just because” while testing gamification
City Press, Daily Sun increase engagement with ad campaign about menstruation
VG successfully uses two complementary platforms to share a murder mystery
Kaio Philipe of Bloomberg Linea thrives on human connection in a digital world
Piano shares how publishers can improve retention in a post-pandemic world
Alpha Holding’s Muchemwa Silence Mugadzaweta holds on to the promise of a better tomorrow
Times of India fights the deadly pandemic of fake news
Migration journey is also a journalism journey
VK shares the secrets to attracting — and keeping — young audiences
Listeners’ sonic attention is worth fighting for
The “golden quarter” is promising for some Black Friday advertisers
Stuff Ltd’s Katrina Reinsfield is led by pride and principles
African media companies are overcoming growth challenges
3 European media companies grow digital audiences through experimentation
Tamedia’s Lukas Lampart remains excited about changes in the media world
Tuesday, Sunday are best days for push notifications
ABP extends its reach by creating new ad solutions during national festival
3 European media companies share winning audience diversity efforts
Cross-company collaboration helps media companies reach subscription goals
Framework, governance, and sustainability are key to digital subscription success
Manorama Online summit looks at post-pandemic digital education
Personalise content, choose relevant channels to reach Gen Z
Australian Financial Review expands print product into successful podcast series
INMA 30 Under 30: Mary-Katharine Phillips of Dow Jones/The Wall Street Journal
Schibsted’s live content strategy creates a better journey for subscribers
Step Up Your Business celebrates altruistic South African entrepreneurs
Carreira uses multiple platforms to grow its younger audience
Local business robot at Bergens Tidende changes business news
Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd.’s Rahul Bambi embraces the challenges of a fragmented world
Data, access among reasons for news publishers to invest in newsletters
Traditional media still lags behind in video content creation
INMA 30 Under 30: Eduardo Barroeta of Republica
Start-up targeting Millennial women opted out of traditional data metrics
Turun Sanomat shares 6 lessons learned with newsletter engagement project
Stuff’s Now or Never initiative offers practical tips for cutting a reader’s carbon footprint
Personalisation has a strong influence on product, newsroom decisions at media companies
These 4 tips can turn inflation into an opportunity for media companies
Media companies can fight an attention recession in these 4 ways
Agderposten sees 66% reduction in production time, resources with automated design
What factors are driving the news industry’s revenue challenges?
GFR Media’s Yariela Gumá Cintrón thrives on communication and collaboration
Automated journalism is focus of new INMA strategic report
Five-module INMA conference on data + product reminds industry of user focus
Media companies are making data more accessible for non-data teams
It’s time to remove the print corset
Data-driven insights create new opportunities for Reach audience engagement
News media teams should know these 5 things about data
Slobodna Dalmacija campaign helps raise awareness for marginalised adults
Gannett, CBC gather audience data with privacy in mind
Sydney Morning Herald, Age see 2500% increase in followers with TikTok strategy
WSJ’s Future of Everything Festival engages new audiences as hybrid event
INMA 30 Under 30: Anna-Katharina Kölbl of Funke
Free Press patron programme rewards loyal subscribers with access, benefits
Grupo Octubre incubates data tool to predict headline, story success
Bold ad pricing, new narrative required with looming recession
Media companies must make improvements to counter involuntary churn
Averages are not the way to analyse subscriber engagement
Nexstar Digital creates new design to be more appealing to advertisers, readers
Google collaborates with news industry to combat misinformation
Mathrubhumi leverages annual Onam festival to grow volume and revenue
Spotify created 3 products to address challenges for podcast advertisers
pd digital Hub uses data to help newsroom drive subscriptions
AI offers much promise, several pitfalls for news media
Ezra Eeman of Mediahuis is enjoying this time of growth
Styria details benchmarking exercise comparing its brands
Case studies illustrate how digital subscriptions are up 37% since last year
Product trends: Audio is in, the metaverse is out ... at least for now
As privacy, analytics tools, and cookies change, where will data be in 2023?
The Independent shares e-commerce strategies for new revenue
“Fast” is becoming just as important as “facts” in media industry
Q M Ashfaq Ali looks to improve experiences for Daily Prothom Alo readers
Branded content can improve ad reach and boost revenue
Torstar helps industry association celebrate its centenary
Hanza Media reinvents print with the GG Pop Up Paper
Multichannel travel, tourism ad campaigns highlight local destinations at Jersey's Best
Integrating lead generation into shoppable holiday ads offers opportunity for publishers
Small newsrooms have the most to gain from AI and automation
INMA honours 30 rising stars in news media with young professionals awards
Don’t wait to experiment with transformation, says El Tiempo’s José Antonio Sánchez
Show, don’t tell: Straits Times brings news to life with animation
Scuba Scanner takes a deep dive into Croatia’s beauty with popular video series
Content, sales, tech must co-exist in today’s media company
Público implements 3-step digital innovation process, shares 5 lessons learned
SEO strategies at The New York Times and La Vanguardia have paid off in revenue, readers
Público boosts conversion, retention with space for reader interaction with company
Personalisation opportunities for news media are focus of new INMA report
Nature’s Impact Tracker drives new stories, measures impact of journalism
Mediahuis finds a unique way to tell readers they matter
VG's Camille Brække is proud to be part of this pivotal time
Bergens Tidende increased engagement during COVID by celebrating the area’s best
Latinoamérica Piensa uses Causas newsletter to improve engagement
Stuff documentary introduces New Zealand’s at-risk native plants and animals
Newsletters, branded content help news media capitalise on first-party data
Expressen correspondent provides Sweden with first-person reporting from Afghanistan
How should media companies calculate for time spent?
Håkan Hamrin of Stampen Media prepared for an exciting journey
Graham Media Group engages audience through comments and community
UK news brands, advertisers support readers navigating cost-of-living crisis
Targeting improvements, omnichannel marketing are among push notification trends
South China Morning Post attracts younger generations with cultural documentaries
Multimedia Group is raising revenue one stream at a time
Don’t choose between print, digital customers, says Le Devoir’s Brian Myles
INMA President Maribel Perez Wadsworth looks to the future
When the pandemic gave it lemons, Dainik Jagran-inext changed the way it reached readers
Blick works to save the planet with content initiative
Data may underpin the new era of journalism
How can news media companies benefit from NFTs?
Die Zeit increases engagement with book club, related newsletter
Amedia turns the smart use of data into financial success
New business model for media is found in loyalty through non-traditional offers
Examiner Group creates dynamic advertising experience for EZ Living Interiors
Today reaches youths with live Webinars on Instagram and TikTok
Stavanger Aftenblad creates popular podcast when it reopens cold case
Tagging, call to action are key to successful LinkedIn newsletters
UGC contributors are integral to successful content strategies
Dashboard informs Nine brand reporters about individual article performance
Print subscription pricing strategy aggressiveness depends on print runway
Weather-related ads show power of contextual advertising
Newsroom leaders must have two brains: logical and creative
Tenting, metering subscription strategies have different pros, cons
Mediahuis Netherlands’ Fred Wempe leads his team through post-COVID challenges
Prensa Libre’s Antonio Barrios Alvarado is applying the lessons learned during the pandemic
The “metawork” media environment is more connected, accessible
6 new appointments made to INMA Europe Division Board
VíaPaísMéxico takes its first steps to seduce LATAM audiences
Voice of customer programmes serve as touchpoint for publisher processes
SCMP navigates complexities, opportunities in Hong Kong as in-person events return
TimesLIVE piques interest in local elections with new Web site
Study tour of 6 Danish media companies shows focus on core readers, digital platforms
News publishers need to look at audiences from multiple angles
New INMA report offers personalisation primer for news media companies
These 5 tips make hiring, attracting Gen Z easy
Community-focused tools, tactics help media companies hit KPI, ROI goals
Jutarnji list finds success with new print magazine about local culture
Jumping into the unknown is part of the plan for’s Carolina Munoz
Mid-day leverages the power of audio with a pair of podcasts
Robot revives local business journalism at Bergens Tidende
Max Okeyo shares lessons learned while building the Nation.Africa digital brand
Today leverages TikTok to boost news consumption
Dagbladet opens two district offices, increasing local engagement
André Kittelberger loves turning data into action for Südwest Media Network
Chartbeat’s Abhishek Marla finds adventure in the data
Advance Local increases digital subscriptions with collaborative newsroom incubator
NTM captures sports fanatics with live TV to strengthen subscriber loyalty
Gen Z media innovation specialist offers 5 ways to appeal to her generation
The new digital ad ecosystem relies on these 5 components
5 cross-team collaboration blind spots can hold publishers back
Research: Person-centered language in news builds trust, connects with stigmatised groups
El Comercio covered the death of Abimael Guzmán by focusing on his victims
Spokesman-Review increased retention by bringing back the past
Here are 5 ways for media publishers to prepare for Web 3.0
Customer changes drive CMS, cultural changes at Mediahuis
Times of India vaccinates employees to earn trust during pandemic
In a time of crisis, research shows readers will pay for news
12 years in, The Times’ controversial paywall yields 445,000 subscribers
Media should study these consumer trends to prepare for future
Público puts people first in its quest for innovation
INMA supports Ukrainian media with scholarship initiative
Crikey creates an editorial series with a marketing campaign in mind
Gannett Media’s digital subscription strategy is based in data
Danish media continue to battle Big Tech for a fair playing field
Many pandemic changes were helpful to the media industry, INMA
E-commerce initiative pays off with SHOP by SPH Media
How MVP became the most subscribed-to sports media in Latvia
Newsroom structures must adjust to digitisation
Recognising “outsiders” begins to break the news avoidance cycle
Putting the audience, data first can help media overcome news avoidance
INMA reveals 60 Global Media Awards first-place winners, Miami Herald takes top prize
Arab News brings history to life for Saudi National Day coverage
Google tools, programming help advance local news
Irish Times Group puts innovation at the heart of its breaking news app relaunch
Newsday used graphics, video, and a 6-foot dog to gain digital subscribers
INMA Elevate Scholar: Muhammad Hussain of Media24
Benefits of controversial Finnish broadcasting act for publishers are far from clear
Stuff investigation uncovered connections to the persecution of Uyghurs in China
Nexstar Media creates a home-built mobile platform
Is every company a media company?
Culture at media companies changes with awareness, care
It’s come home: UK news brands, advertisers celebrate England women’s football triumph
Styria Media Group’s Niksa Gopcevic studies industry champions to plan his course
Is Apple News an option for local news publishers?
Latest INMA report details research, fundamentals of Gen Z engagement
INMA Elevate Scholar: Dhruti Shah, freelance journalist
InfoGlobo shares its 3 business pillars of transformation
Kleine Zeitung Next works closely with Gen Z to deliver content young readers want
VG produces a 3D map of a burnt-out apartment in Ukraine with an iPhone
3 data science use cases demonstrate news publisher monetisation options
El Comercio built its data culture on 3 pillars
50% of revenue at Exame now comes from educational offering
Data shows post-pandemic path forward for Latin American media subscriptions
Gannett increases subscribers by 35% in 1 year
Post-pandemic Web 3.0 ushers in new growth path for media
4-step process keeps readers engaged, increasing ad revenue
Accenture emphasises using data to guide audience strategy
Understanding the role of print advertising in a digital world
Great user experience is non-negotiable for digital products from step one
Organización Editorial Mexicana plans for post-COVID sustainability
La Nacion creates unique observance of 100,000 lives lost
Frode Buanes looks to solve the puzzle of media business models
DN finds wine searches pair well with business news readers
Economist reaches new audiences with Instagram
Cecilia Campbell’s journey has always been on the cutting edge
INMA Elevate Scholar: Ely Ilkania Alcantara Reyes of Multimedios del Caribe
SPH Media Trust’s Eugene Wee thrives on environment of cooperation, experimentation
Content recommendation supports subscriber growth for 3 conversion segments
New platforms help Prothom Alo extend its reach
Push notifications reduce churn if used strategically
Winnipeg Free Press shares its strategy for building an Instagram following
Reuters Institute report sheds light on younger reader preferences
Stampen Media increased e-paper retention rates with step-up offer
India could build a digital subscriptions market larger than its Western peers
Nielsen data shows Indian media consumer trust print, are digitally connected
3 data drivers are key to understanding news audiences
Local advertising offers opportunity in times of falling programmatic campaigns
News media should understand framework of content-based recommendations
4 news media companies in India share their stories of digital transformation
Aimie Rigas of Nine Publishing fights professional, personal challenges with help of her team
INMA Global Media Award winners celebrate around the world
INMA Elevate Scholar: Fabíola Mousinho of Público
Sponsored content offers opportunity for media to grow revenue
Dynamic pricing application opens up print advertising opportunities for Times of India
Gannett uses contests, social media to reengage “zombies”
Local media have these 4 advantages over Big Tech for SMB ad needs
SCMP’s hand-drawn infographic highlights Hong Kong’s embattled opposition camp
Winnipeg Free Press realigns newsletter strategy based on reader feedback
Press and Journal uses storytelling for successful digital-first campaign
Media24 learns what readers want from ads using online survey
Optimising subscriber checkout flow is essential to maximise conversions
Zeit Online changes onboarding to leverage subscriptions from day one
Media companies must help brands add something extra
Pulse expands engagement with social media growth, products
Nation Media Group expands audience, influence with annual event
Vía País changes its Google Web Stories strategy
City Press, Independent Media share partnership, product success stories
Consortium of South African publishers negotiates with Big Tech
Global digital subscription trends suggest viability of pay-per-unit option
HT Media uses WhatsApp, personalisation to increase subscriptions for financial product
New Times triples digital subscriptions with e-paper
No, the kids are not all right (and why publishers should care)
Reorganising media product analytics teams reveals new decision-making opportunities
IC Publications exemplifies African media’s changing business models
Deutsche Welle found new ways to present climate journalism to new audience
Stears begins its multi-disciplinary storytelling approach with data
Monitor, Business Day focus on newsroom talent, digital culture
Wall Street Journal drives subscription growth with student programme
UK’s best ads of the year (so far) recognise healthcare heroes, journalists in Ukraine
Local advertisers need easy, specialised solutions for digital packages
CommonWealth Magazine Group boosts digital magazine subscriptions with 4 steps
Bild’s #TogetherAgainstCorona campaign encourages vaccinations
Winnipeg Free Press creates fundraising supper event with local chef, food
Research: Digital product acquisition, consumer spending on subscriptions are likely to remain steady
Financial Review engages younger audience beginning their investing journey
News publishers are strongly positioned to grow affiliate e-commerce revenue models
Encourage users to give up their data by improving trust, value exchange
In digital news operations, editors drive success across the organisation
Breathe new life into newsletters with updated aesthetics, subject lines
Impactful content marketing relies on compelling design
Data shows frequency, content consumption predict churn rates
Financial Times outlines its digital transformation
There is an essential need for media leaders to focus
Philippine Daily Inquirer focuses on 5 priorities to reach goal of 100,000 digital subscribers
Advance Local sees 45% lift in subscription conversions with AI test
ACM sees 64% more story conversions using data insights tool
Google partnerships strengthen fact-checking initiatives in India
3 East Asian media companies bring the business of news to their newsrooms
NZME, Tempo Digital share digital ad wins among changing expectations
Relationship between reader, site type dictates push notification strategy
Elusive audience data is a key element in newsroom digital transformation
Research: Clarity in coverage is essential for newsrooms during elections
Today grows young audience with TikTok strategy
When APAC media companies reduced churn rates, growth began
KG Media transforms toward subscription sustainability by raising prices 46%
Decoding Gen Z: Axel Springer shares changes needed to reach young readers
HT Labs creates tool for retail investors to bridge gap left by financial news media
SCMP’s character-driven video narratives showcase Asian voices
Maharashtra Times asks readers what they really want
Funke’s TikTok channel attracts Gen Z audience with political news
Stavanger Aftenblad uses technology, local football coverage to increase subscriber loyalty
Primera Llamada podcast goes from personal project to El Comercio product
Successful Augmented Reality projects put journalism first
To leverage XR benefits, news publishers must be ready to adopt new tech
In globalised world, localised payment options reign supreme
Amar Ujala adds filmmaking competition to celebrate love for the Hindi language
Nurturing media subscribers is key to controlling churn
Mid-year forecasts: Digital advertising up, print sales down, subscription curve flattening
Gamers create VG inside multi-player action game Grand Theft Auto
Media publishers can use Virtual Reality to more deeply engage audiences
In the digital transformation quest, don’t neglect people
Media companies share how they gather, act on, interpret data
Media companies share how they build data culture into their foundations
Winnipeg Free Press brings community together with virtual movie night
Better user relationships depend on improving the journey
Jagran New Media’s education arm celebrates unsung heroes from pandemic
Kleine Zeitung taps TV market to reach young audiences
Media companies need to start thinking about their place in the metaverse
Miami Herald goes inside condo collapse with interactive “House of Cards” narrative
SCMP’s first Climate Change Hong Kong Summit is carbon neutral
Disappearing text campaign highlights press freedom at NTM
Proactive, data-driven approach reduces churn for news media
Algorithms might change, but good storytelling never goes out of style
A holistic digital advertising strategy can be print ad-centric
Netflix’s subscriber losses are a cautionary tale for media companies everywhere
Dagbladet sees growth in all areas as it commits to content investment
Bloomberg Línea shares creative, cost-effective ways to tell stories on TikTok
Research: Quizzes added to media content engage digital audiences
Community engagement, digital experiences help media companies boost ad performance
3 case studies show how offer optimisation can grow readers, revenue
INMA publishes “INMA Knows Immersive Reality Storytelling” curation category
Globe and Mail uses AI to drive revenue strategies
UK advertising alliance drives media publisher revenue
VG billboards helped spread the news about a killer on the run
In-house team shapes coverage for younger readers at Sydney Morning Herald, Age
SCMP converts readers with prediction models that enhance personalisation
Aftenposten refines the science and art of building a better front page
Could mobile apps be the key to increasing digital subscription retention?
INMA announces 4 new members for its Young Professionals Committee
Mediahuis uses data to become more customer-focused
Winners of INMA Global Media Awards will be announced live on June 9
Dagbladet’s investigative piece on oligarchs designed with 30 entry points
Dow Jones finds experimentation leads to subscription success
Election coverage is social friendly for younger readers at Sydney Morning Herald, Age
News brands, advertisers celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee
Targeted newsletter list yields higher ROI for VíaPaís
INMA elects 15 to new terms on governing board of directors
Who is responsible for media innovation?
Personalisation and filter bubbles: Should the news industry worry?
INMA reveals finalists for 2022 Global Media Awards
INMA: Sharing Ideas, Inspiring Change
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