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Media continue transitioning to successful subscription-first strategies in COVID era
FT Strategies shares 4 benefits of digital subscription experiments
Data is a key to growing reader, advertiser revenue
Driving a consumer subscription lifestyle requires experimentation
A North Star helped these 4 media companies grow digital subscriptions
We have learned so much about product this year
72 corporate members join INMA in 2021
INMA 30 Under 30: Cassidy Grom of Star Ledger
VíaPaís bets on breaking news, SEO to gain favour through Google
TED talks at Australian Financial Review guide newsroom content plans
Jagran New Media helps advertiser introduce farmers to new technology
After Newsday campaign, 43% of those surveyed were more likely to subscribe
Upcoming Advertising Initiative Meet-Up: Media companies must provide advertisers with real solutions
INMA 30 Under 30: Cloudy Carnegie of Financial Times
News brands, advertisers lead climate agenda around COP26 and beyond
Rolling out automated content is easier with these 3 tips
3 questions news publishers need to consider to stay relevant today
Use these 3 strategies for ad teams charged with e-commerce
INMA 30 Under 30: Daniela Werbeniec of Agora/Gazeta Wyborcza
Standard Media helps readers discern fact from fiction to grow digital engagement
Should ad sales teams take over e-commerce efforts?
Are ad sales teams and e-commerce a good fit for media’s future?
Media companies use data to prioritise audience focus
Data strategy success begins with a data-positive newsroom culture
INMA 30 Under 30: Agnes Stenbom of Schibsted
INM’s Programmatic Plus takes advertising to the next level
SPH’s in-house brand safety classification AI helps expand ad inventory
Newsrooms should be data-informed without being data-driven
INMA 30 Under 30: Katherine Landeck of Gannett New England
Helsingin Sanomat reinvents print newspaper for children
INMA, Meta Journalism Project offer free master class series on XR
Is there a case for going ad free?
Dagens Næringsliv establishes its 5 data foundation principles
INMA 30 Under 30: Betina Hughes Sheen of Australian Community Media
From fast testing to an open house paywall, experimentation drives subscriptions
Are you prepared for media’s changing reality?
Are you prepared for a world of changing reality?
Bloomberg Línea shares challenges of launching during a pandemic
4 African media companies share lessons in revenue, audience transformation
Digital transformation expert lays out 10 actions for African media
Ad tech starts with understanding the consumer
Standard Media, Media24 pivot toward audience needs during pandemic
African media see opportunities, challenges in working with Big Tech
Training is key to overcoming the media talent gap in Africa
Google returns to Spain after 7 years as royal decree amends copyright law
BloombergQuint shares strategies on growing its digital subscription business
4 media companies share user-centered digital subscriptions strategies
INMA 30 Under 30: Peder Engesæth of Aller Media
30 Under 30: Lilys Njeru of Nation Media Group
30 Under 30: Lee Hee Ai of Singapore Press Holdings
30 Under 30: Claudia Mann of Futter Magazine/Kleine Zeitung
Decrypt Media helps media make sense of crypto
Regulatory changes are likely to change subscription strategies
INMA publishes “INMA Knows Young Readers” curation category
Data + technology + creativity = better UX
Customer experience reaches new highs with smarter ad data, tech
Text-to-speech technology is driving audio strategies
Understanding AI will help your agency, advertiser pitches
Indian subscriptions initiative surfaces pillars for growth
Metro Brazil creates new digital business model amidst the pandemic
Focus on audience needs, maximise social for holiday-related content
The Herald, Age break down COP26 content to engage, educate readers
Rheinische Post finds new following with TikTok
Amar Ujala’s Shubh Labh 2020 brings retailers, consumers together
Tourism summit highlights 3 lessons from 2020 applicable to the media industry
Bauer Media leadership works with magazine newsroom to diversify content
Research: Media should humanise, legitimise protest stories for maximum impact
News publishers should rethink distribution, reconsider traditional platforms
What media companies need to know moving from the Great Resignation to the Great Hire
For Praveen Someshwar of HT Media, the lessons of 2020 run deep
E-edition engagement is a leading indicator for print-to-digital conversions
INMA launches Advertising Initiative
Head of product at Yahoo makes social, business cases for diversity, equity, inclusion
30 Under 30: Katharina Puntigam of Kleine Zeitung
5 ways to get diversity, equity, and inclusion into media products
Mather’s Benchmark reports shed light on recent media trends, insights
Melina Lohmann of Nordwest Mediengruppe shares thoughts on 2020 lessons, colleague support
Marc Isler of Tamedia shares thoughts on digital growth, data-based products
INMA 30 Under 30: Katie Fabry of The Wall Street Journal
INMA 30 Under 30: Rafeed Elahi Chowdhury of The Business Standard
Alexandra Beverfjord of Dagbladet is proud of increased pageviews: +98% in 3 years
John Boynton of NordStar is proud of the company’s digital transformation
30 Under 30: Afrian Muflihul Imron of KG Media
30 Under 30: Nastasia Pawlak of Axel Springer Brand Studios
Suzi Watford of Wall Street Journal focuses on ecosystem with new consumer-driven title
30 under 30: Damini Pustake of Times of India
30 Under 30: Mark Rossman of LNP Media
30 Under 30: Cédric Algoed of DPG Media
INMA 30 Under 30: Shirine Bauer of Aftonbladet
INMA 30 Under 30: Denis Domínguez of El Heraldo
INMA 30 Under 30: Julia Beil of Business Insider Deutschland
Carsten Erdmann of Funke Mediengruppe embraces changing media industry
30 Under 30: Brianne Kennedy of Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal
30 Under 30: Mitchell Powell of NZME/The New Zealand Herald
30 Under 30: Giuliana Pasquali of Clarín
30 under 30: Nidhi Mahajan of The Quint
Chris Janz is excited about media’s new investment in journalism
María Eugenia Ferré Rangel of GFR Media shares how tragedy has shaped growth
Virtual Global Media Awards celebration connects global media industry
5 ways to get diversity, equity, and inclusion into your media products
South China Morning Post explores blockchain technology with Artifacts
Wall Street Journal uses partnerships to drive growth internationally
McClatchy’s 3-pronged subscriber retention strategy lessons cancellations
Advance Local launches Alabama Education Lab
Winning the media buying process starts with loving your brand
Canadian Liberals’ first 100 days prioritise level digital playing field
8 ways news media publishers can still be innovative with print
Which is better for news publishers: programmatic or direct sales?
Torstar’s media buying process centres on helping the buyer buy
Is programmatic advertising a better opportunity than direct sales?
Herald Sun brings two of Australians’ passions together in COVID native ad campaign
Mediahuis creates audience engagement teams to drive strategy
Time magazine explores the crypto space with TIMEPieces
Regardless the social media strategy, Facebook plays a big part
Badische Zeitung automates, curates with Data Machine
Former El Colombiano publisher reflects on leadership lessons learned
Use personalisation to entice readers, encourage subscribers to return
50 media professionals selected for Elevate Scholarships by INMA, Google News Initiative
Ekstra Bladet uses AI to drive audience growth
UK brands offer hope, resilience in a changing world
New INMA report outlines blockchain opportunities for media
NTM prioritises 7 topics to retain, gain subscribers aged 30-50
Guidance for newsroom newcomers can accelerate the slow pace of transformation
5 key lessons from the INMA Product and Data Summit
ABP Network grows its audience through hyper-local community segmentation
INMA Product and Data Summit yields 5 key lessons
Dagbladet Web TV team is capable of producing up to six live broadcasts daily
The Australian finds Insta success with new strategy
4 tools help news publishers prepare for disappearance of third-party cookies
Kauppalehti identifies “audience pockets” to advance customer funnel
Bergens Tidende enlists robots to engage readers with housing news
Media companies benefit by housing ads on their own sites, apps
CBC experiments with restricting Facebook comments
Kleine Zeitung launches anti-hate speech campaign
Tech, data, creativity combine to transform digital advertising
Engaging, retaining light readers is key for reader revenue strategies
NYT, Nikkei, Independent UK succeed with first-party data strategies
Newsrooms, media teams organise around data to better reach audiences
Ringier Axel Springer, Sifted reach audiences through data
Guardian, Gannett, SCMP share case studies in building popular news products
Focus and quality are key when identifying media consumer needs and wants
Netflix exec gives INMA members 4 frameworks for product success
2 models help news media companies get data, product innovation right
OKRs, data sharing are key to building successful product teams
8 strategies point media companies toward audience-centric transformation
Do tech-centered ad teams need more human creativity?
Are data, technology more important than the human touch?
USA Today Network Ventures uses 3-pronged content approach for events
Dagens Næringsliv attracts young readers with gamification of stock market
Guardian, Google work with sight-impaired advocate to open up the Web
MediaNews Group grows its pageview referrals from story-driven newsletters
Creating a data-positive newsroom culture requires concessions to journalists
ACCC report finds Google ad tech dominance harms media, makes 6 recommendations
3 business opportunities of commerce as a product
Product teams must align mechanics of commerce with advertising, journalism
Survey shares media companies’ thoughts on first-party data model
UK start-ups are going beyond engagement, measuring journalism impact
INMA 2nd-annual Africa News Media Summit set for November
Building data-positive newsroom culture, measuring journalism’s impact are important
News companies can thrive after the (delayed) cookie apocalypse
Google holds up the Cookie Apocalypse, yet what does it mean for news publishers?
Google to publishers: Sandbox alternatives aim for user privacy, advertising relevance
Google executives demystify the end of third-party cookies for INMA members
News media companies are seeing more opportunities from commerce as a product
Is BuzzFeed’s approach to advertising a lesson for all news publishers?
Sydney Morning Herald, Age seek professional help to handle COVID-related comments
News publishers can maximise revenue with subscriber-only (premium) content
VGTV’s successful podcast leads to book, TV show
Nobel Peace Prize winner to INMA: Technology is both curse and blessing
Newsday’s data platform offers newsroom solution for data journalism
What is the new role of print in the advertising mix of the future?
Dallas Morning News keeps product initiatives simple for success
Schibsted identifies 5 areas of AI value creation
Opportunities are growing in the not-yet-mature French podcast market
Advertising entering 2022: contextualising print, expanding horizons
Subscription marketing: 3 ways to build the engine to drive new acquisition
Product teams are not yet rooted in Latin American newsrooms, but need to be
How Wall Street Journal pivoted to a hybrid live/virtual event strategy
Former INMA executive director Paula Markiewicz passes away
A growing number of publishers automate real estate coverage — here’s why
Hamburger Abendblatt uses interviews, surveys to determine what is missing
WSJ puts trust at the forefront of new brand platform
Audio is the new promising channel for daily briefings
Product teams need the space to do quick experiments
Past print subscription numbers could predict future digital subscription opportunities
Past print subscriptions predict future digital subscription opportunities
Vía Urbano captures young audience with urban music content
E-mailed newsletters are key to subscription success at FT, Funke Media
New INMA report: Light readers are next growth path for digital subscriptions
INMA honours young professionals with “30 Under 30 Awards”
Media companies up their game reporting audience data, results to advertisers
Yes, emotions are an advertising strategy
How the “Diversity Triangle” can help media companies move forward
4 ways Gannett uses technology to build immersive user experiences
Circumnavigating the product process is OK sometimes
Customer-first approach in product, content are key to digital engagement
Die Zeit’s “My Country Talks” can help media drive engagement, content
Is the mobile Web or an app right for your media company?
Sometimes circumnavigating the product process is OK
Right metrics, teams are the foundation of digital engagement strategy
6 strategies Editora Globo’s G.Lab leans on for branded content success
Digital volume strategy requires anticipating trends, building evergreen content
Stuff offers daily challenge to keep readers connected, entertained during lockdown
Research: Politically conservative U.S. readers feel stereotypically portrayed in the news
Personalised search calendar yields data for high-performing content
South China Morning Post’s Lighthouse data platform builds highly accurate user profiles
VíaPaís focuses on reader trust as national election approaches
Diar's “coopetition” model increases subscriptions for Aller and Amedia
Daily Prothom Alo’s ad campaign bridges print and digital platforms
NTM experiments with emojis to drive reader engagement, revenue
Testing helps SZ/BZ improve digital growth
Somedia learns the value of frequently testing its push notification strategy
Prensa Libre focuses on 3 short-term challenges as it grows digital subscriptions
La Tercera appeals to subscribers’ appetites with digital subscription offer
Bergens Tidende generates subscribers, revenue with robot-generated real estate content
News publishers must meet 2 imperatives to rebundle the news
How publishers can successfully rebundle the news
Mindful content is key to media’s successful content marketing on social media
INMA publishes “INMA Knows Team Management” curation category
Pay-per-content paywall allows publishers to gauge price points, interest audiences
Kaleidoscope campaign helps De Morgen increase paying readers by 20% during pandemic
The water rises and the paywall drops at Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger
7 steps to changing team mindsets to encourage product innovation {newsletter}
Apple Pay dominates mobile payments in the wake of COVID-19
Map out an effective subscriber re-engagement strategy with these 3 actions
Australia’s highest court rules media companies are responsible for third-party comments on social media
3 product leaders share non-media product inspiration
Collected effort needed to stand up for the Fourth Estate
Apple loses its grip on App Store payments, but media will still flock to it
What media companies need to know about Apple’s News Partner Programme
Amar Ujala celebrates the heroes of COVID-19: its newspaper vendors
3 product leaders share inspiration from non-media product successes
Media subscription teams could learn a lot from online dating
Stuff takes on climate change with One Hot Minute podcast, video series
SCMP uses personal narratives, explainer videos to keep people engaged in COVID content
Exodus of media staff, infrastructure are changing the CMS relationship
Companies see success with subscription, advertising business model transformations
Media companies need to better educate advertisers and agencies on the power of print
Jagran New Media advertiser capitalises on Olympics with campaign video
Why Chrome’s third-party cookie ban delay shouldn’t delay media’s response
Travel advertising returns to broaden UK news brand readers’ horizons
Die Presse shares 3 key learnings after changing its data strategy
Schibsted drives digital subscription growth with podcasts
Expressen’s call-to-action button increases digital traffic, conversions
Mega media deals and stock market listings are back in fashion
Público leverages Instagram to boost its readership
Adresseavisen’s visual campaign emphasises the importance of sustainability for local ad client
4 lessons media companies can learn from recent mergers and acquisitions
VG uses Coronavirus Live Tracker to cover an international crisis
Publishers must develop new strategies for first-party data world
Product and data innovation for media companies is focus of INMA Summit October 5-19
In product, centralisation isn’t all or nothing
McClatchy’s marketing strategy nudges users toward paywall, drives conversions
Product teams should organise around in-house stakeholders
Product teams should organise around in-house stakeholders
Vijay Karnataka hosts digital talent competition for local youngsters
Sydney Morning Herald reaches younger demographic with Instagram strategy
Funke Mediengruppe campaign aids flood victims
5 strategies for media looking for external funding partners
As third-party cookies go away, media focus on new basics of advertising, audience engagement
SCMP campaign reinforces brand integrity with a journalism-focused campaign
Deadline is in 1 month for INMA Elevate Scholarship programme
AFP, Publico put journalism, data, and facts at centre of audience strategy
RED/ACCIÓN keeps audience in the middle of its product strategy
2 e-commerce paths help news publishers maximise digital monetisation
USA Today Ventures successfully moved two profitable events into a virtual space
Dagbladet focuses on 5 areas for top-tier digital election coverage
MediaNews Group’s e-mail newsletters align process and purpose
Dutch media companies outline collaborative guidelines to guide Big Tech discussion
LNP|LancasterOnline’s special Schools section celebrates student perspectives
Sydney Morning Herald, Age newsrooms got to know readers by getting to know the data team
Segmented approach to digital audience management maximises monetisation potential
5 solutions-driven questions product teams should ask
Media product teams should be asking these 5 solutions-driven questions
Hearst uses a 5-point strategy to leverage data
4 media companies share strategies to capture audiences on mobile, social platforms
8 media companies share pandemic impact, future plans
Proactive transformation requires embrace of technology
Right skills, recruitment tactics key to successful editorial team development
Amedia produces 21-episode shoestring documentary about elite marathoner
Funke Media’s Coronavirus Monitor provides engagement breakthrough during the pandemic
Rashtradoot finds revenue, engagement success as India’s first bilingual newspaper
NZME drives digital access amongst print subscribers while engaging print readership
Deeper storytelling boosts Newsday’s social media engagement
Research shows the potential of digital reader revenue
3 ways push notifications can boost audience engagement
Google fined €500 million by France for series of infractions in negotiations with media
Reframing “no” keeps bad project ideas at bay and good ones coming in
Dagens Nyheter shares 3 key lessons from its direct e-commerce model
Possible government transitions may delay Canadian digital platform legislation
Večernji list’s fresh new Sunday print edition resonates with readers
The Quint shares how it uses video storytelling to drive engagement and revenue
Stuff Explained gives readers context, perspective
Mobile payments offer revenue, engagement, and data benefits for media
4 ways to define product team ROI
Hanza Media creates photo exhibit to commemorate earthquake devastation
4 ways to define the ROI on a media company’s product team
4 opportunities to reduce the churn of product team members
News publishers should bring the joy of serendipity to digital content
New York Times uses packaging to appeal to professional readers in B2B strategy
Jagran New Media shared its #PositiveIndia message in a Twitter-first campaign
6 myths about robot journalism — busted
Torstar builds its data foundation from the ground up
New INMA report offers guide to media’s smart data strategy
4 keys to evaluating payment service providers for digital media
INMA gets a deep look at the 2021 Digital News Report from Reuters Institute
Mediahuis uses Big Hairy Audacious Goals to inspire media teams
What news media publishers need to know about blockchain
Schibsted Partnerstudio creates playful video campaign for Nordic retail giant
Publishers, advertisers stand up for the team, against hate during Euro 2020
New York Times’ digital strategy laid the foundation for its product strategy
Singapore Press Holdings’ CMS journey benefits readers
News Corp Australia’s On Guard podcast series delivers unprecedented engagement
The right language can catapult a newsletter’s success
8 trends define the future of mobile
Research: Journalist connections with disinvested audiences require consistent, fair coverage
Digital advertising urgency is accelerating news media focus on data
Asahi Shimbun builds audience data with registered users from events, e-commerce
Nikkei retains 800,000 digital subscribers with 4-pronged strategy
Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger launches regional podcast strategy
How much editorial know-how do product people need in news?
Sin Chew’s focus on data grew registered members 120%, paid members 50%
Hiring and keeping product team members requires vision in today’s media companies
Singapore Press Holdings redefines its advertising proposition based on data
VG relaunches its true crime podcast, listening rates skyrocket
JoongAng Ilbo targets young female readers with YouTube channel
News Corp Australia maximises “earned attention” with first-party advertising data
INMA publishes “INMA Knows Newsroom Dashboards” curation category
KG Media leans into its most resilient audience and ad platform: digital
Nine shares 5 principles for an effective relationship between product and editorial
Paid content + e-commerce can help media succeed with reader revenue
7 best practices for media reflect industry innovation, transformation
Denmark passes legislation paving way for bargaining between media and Big Tech
Wall Street Journal differentiates with B2P subscriptions, the space between B2C and B2B
Infobae mini-documentaries showcase those hit hardest by the pandemic
Dagens Nyheter launches data-informed ad-free digital subscription
Newsday research highlights business case for data journalism
Kauppalehti reaches out to younger readers with sustainability reporting
Jagran New Media advertiser uses influencers for COVID-19 campaign
Media leaders can engage employees, set priorities with innovative ideas day
Who is in charge: Product or editorial?
3 ways COVID-19 accelerated digital audience, ad transformation
Financial Times, Aftenposten share how they align product and editorial teams
COVID-19 text messages build community, unique visits at Newsday
Dagbladet Pluss has 9 tools in its digital subscriptions toolbox
Globe and Mail’s dynamic paywall increases digital subscriptions 51%
4 ways product teams can show value without a revenue line
INMA CEO outlines 13 growth paths to media’s profitable future
Acknowledging emotions in comment sections reflects better on news organisations
Product teams should know 5 truths about a user-centric content strategy
Asana product leader shares insights on product mindset, goals, strategy
Big Tech executive shares advice on handling product teams, customers, stakeholders
How can product teams show value without a revenue line?
More people are paying for online news, but resistance continues
Audience funnel changes organisational structure, strategic focus at Hamburger Abendblatt
Gannett fights systemic racism while creating a culture of belonging
News UK shifts to digital events during pandemic, increases engagement 60%
TTELA documentary delivers the sights, sounds of local journalism
Premium content, proper messaging are the subscriptions formula at El Nuevo Día
New INMA report shows product impact on news media growth
Yes, data is plentiful and vital — but how is media incorporating it company-wide?
5 media companies share how they use data to drive reader, ad revenue
Le Monde, Ringier launch successful user-focused subscription offers
Kleine Zeitung online festival surpasses viewing goals
Insider campaign targets, wins back former subscribers
Pandemic inspires Aftenposten to create a new family-focused content vertical
NTM shares 3 engagement ideas beyond crossword puzzles and live sports
Mackay Daily Mercury grows with digital My Town series
Financial Times changed its value proposition for B2B subscriptions
San Francisco Chronicle and SFGate share their transitioning business models
Schibsted sees B2B growth potential, simplifies subscription offer for companies
Editorial, product teams must navigate natural tensions in the newsroom
Media companies must differentiate journalism and content experiences
Times of India’s #MaskIndia campaign made virus protection trendy
Kick-starting conversations with readers builds needed digital communities
Media companies must balance editorial and content teams
WSJ shares 5 takeaways from its hybrid Future of Everything Festival
Impact report highlights power of subscriptions at the Age, Sydney Morning Herald
Latin American podcast amplifies the risks journalists take
INMA publishes “INMA Knows Female Readership” curation category
Authentication debate should consider media users’ preferences, capabilities
Globe and Mail’s Sophi creates print-ready edition with AI at Agderposten
Media companies should use HR data to enhance employee performance
La Voz de Galicia transitions paywall model through pandemic
London Evening Standard managing editor answers the question: “Is print dead”
Times of India app allowed audience to safely celebrate Bappa and Santa
July INMA APAC Summit focuses on evolving news media business
Lancaster Farming podcast on hemp grows new audience
Why a data puddle might be better than a data lake
GNI Subscriptions Lab reveals 3 acquisition insights
Coming out of the pandemic, news organisations must prioritise flexibility, well-being
User-generated content supports South China Morning Post’s hard news production
24sata partners with miss7 brand on #Pinkypromiss native ad campaign
Lloyds Banking Group, Audi lean into eye-catching digital ads
VíaPaís joins Google Web Stories project
Apple undercuts a key metric for media: e-mail opens
Daily Maverick Webinars generate revenue, boost audience engagement
INMA Global Media Awards product wins demonstrate its strategic importance
Mediahuis is setting the stage for growth in the post-pandemic world
VOL.AT creates TikTok-inspired app
Can there be peace between Big Tech and news media?
PA Media’s Explore platform streamlines access to content, sets reader engagement record
Ekstra Bladet turns its Web site into a home cinema during lockdown
WSJ’s Jobs Summit guides job seekers during the pandemic
Former Dow Jones CPO/CTO shares product best practices
Former chief product-tech officer at Dow Jones shares product best practices
NBC streams holiday shopping event from pandemic-safe sets
SCMP Signal improves ad targeting with brand suitability
Editorial and product teams must work together to acquire, retain subscribers
Media’s digital transformation is following these 10 steps
What media can learn from toilet paper about consumer research
Blick shares 6 ways to reach Gen Z with news (hint: Instagram)
NDC to cover 60,000 football matches using robot journalism
Focus on customer experience, value proposition nudges customers toward monetisation offers
INMA recognises 58 initiatives with top prizes in Global Media Awards
INMA’s “Best in Show” winner exemplifies resourcefulness, cooperation in media
YouTube, newsletters underpin content marketing trends coming out of pandemic
Mediahuis newsroom uses data to guide transition to digital workflow
Media needs a playbook for how data feeds digital transformation
Times Group continues evolution of innovation through culture-changing conversations
New audiences, good content is not 100% dependent on news
Content strategy sweet spot hits 4 key pillars
New INMA report explores the revenue opportunities of B2B subscriptions
UK readers spend more time with Google, Facebook than local media brands
Times of India campaign encourages women’s representation in politics
Product lead at Apple’s No. 1 app shares 3 theories on success
Product Doctor shares 7 steps to testing a good idea
Product leads at NYT, SPH, FT explain how their teams got it right
Product is the newest, fastest-growing team at news media companies
INMA legend Scott Schurz passes away at 85
2020 set up the perfect digital subscription opportunity, so now what?
WSJ, Guardian, VG+ share details of their digital subscriptions success
Product lead at Apple’s No. 1 app shares 3 theories on its success {newsletter}
Product lead at Apple’s No. 1 app shares 3 theories on its success
Live blogging enhancements increase engagement for Sydney Morning Herald, Age
Data dashboards yield insights, foster collaboration at SCMP
The rise of direct e-commerce offers media a smart revenue path
Sports betting offers monetisation opportunity for media companies
Gannett president talks to INMA about 2020 lessons and 2021 plans
Media company rebrands focus on journalism, new audiences, ad partners
Growing digital subscriptions requires focus on the right audiences, content
New content strategies focus on reader needs, preferences
Personalised Your Globe feature informed by data, increases engagement
Newsday conducts market research, inventories data to serve local community
Advance Local’s People of Alabama brand transitions video storytelling series in 2020
Upgraded engagement techniques help readers move from offline experiences to online spaces
SCMP campaign promotes post-lockdown domestic tourism in Hong Kong
Danish Broadcasting Corporation inspired by 1997 video for a 2020 production
GQ’s short-run newsletter course bests daily newsletter open rate by 160%
Value, relationships, habits underpin NTM’s reader revenue journey stands up for LGBT+ rights in Poland
Metro news publishers work to regain audience penetration with digital strategies
Preventative retention targets subscribers before they become “sleepers”
How publishers can ride the wave of subscription demand during a news cycle
Economist drives digital engagement in 2020 through social media
3 media companies pivot advertising strategies in the face of the pandemic, Big Tech competition
McKinsey partner shares advice on data privacy and media advertising
UK publishers join international move toward power balance in digital platform relations
Strong foundations, habit formation create basis of subscriber retention strategy
10 media companies selected for GNI North America Audience Lab
4 pillars lead reader-focused innovation at Il Sole 24 Ore
Retail winners from pandemic point to consumer trends that are here to stay
3 news media companies share data struggles, successes
Data is a tool, not a strategy, as news publishers become user-centric
Product teams should know these 5 truths about a user-centric content strategy {newsletter}
Product teams should know these 5 truths about a user-centric content strategy
4 news media companies share subscriber engagement, retention experiments
3 news companies share how they organise for retention
NZME’s OneRoof grows with personalisation, automation, and AI tools
News media stares down pandemic test, INMA leaders say
Dagbladet considers newsroom life after COVID-19
Wearable mobile tech = revenue diversification opportunities for media
Media leaders should embrace spiral of recruitment where A-players hire A-players
The pandemic year moved the world toward a subscription economy
To fully utilise AI, news media companies need these 6 action items
Legends Sir John Hegarty and Partha Sinha share thoughts on the future of media advertising
Daily Maverick launches weekly print publication, increases digital audience 20%
INMA Elevate Scholar: Jaselle Luna of Local Community News
11 top media executives elected to INMA Board of Directors
Research, case studies shed light on top subscriber retention tactics
Reuters president shares thoughts on the post-COVID future of media and its leaders
The importance of capturing ideas from media’s year of “yes”
Do you know when new subscribers cross the “Retention Point?”
Hearst campaign across 5 metro titles rebuilds trust during pandemic
Do you know when new subscribers cross their “Retention Point?”
Kompas celebrates 55 years with COVID reality interactive project
VGTV’s cabin reality show creates subscription boom
Clarín Immersion documentary takes readers inside the journalism process
New INMA report aims to decode ad tech ecosystem for news publishers
Naidunia helps readers stay positive during early days of pandemic
UK news media companies take on climate change for Earth Day
42 speakers announced for INMA World Congress in May
Tamedia increased digital subscribers 42% in 2020
Newsletter dashboards measure dozens of metrics at Sydney Morning Herald, Age
Product lessons from the Big Tech trenches in California {newsletter}
Product lessons from the Big Tech trenches in California
Amar Ujala campaign rekindles love for Hindi language
Schibsted expands growth strategy to focus on subscription businesses
Straits Times allows subscribers to share content with social circles
During the pandemic, HR became the new centre of innovation
Empathy, communication carry the media employee experience post-pandemic
Systemic innovation at media companies is a 3-step process
Media advertising will feel pandemic hit until 2023
Malayala Manorama shares digital classifieds revenue success
Slobodna Dalmacija keeps celebration of patron saint alive with virtual event
Volume is the stand-out star of content automation
Social media, podcasts lead the way toward new digital audiences
INMA Elevate Scholar: Muthi-ur-Rahman Siddiqui of Deccan Herald
El País reader revenue model adds 1.9 million subscribers
WSJ cuts through the clutter with Read Yourself Better marketing campaign
3 questions to ask when moving subscribers from print to digital
Video: Aftenposten takes “Best In Show” award
INMA announces finalists for 2021 Global Media Awards
WSJ’s virtual Student Editor Summit increases engagement with college students
Jagran New Media’s celebrates heroes of the pandemic
Expressen correspondents go inside the pandemic
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation increases engagement with lineup experiment
Nikkei rides the Wave app into the future with increased engagement
INMA publishes “INMA Knows Virtual Events” curation category
7 creative trends influencing content marketers in 2021
Vitality, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) describe businesses in today’s technological age
Tech platform response to pending legislation in Canada is mixed
Dagens Nyheter e-commerce revenue stream doubles since 2019 launch
Product design should find the right product problems to solve
INMA Elevate Scholar: Khandaker Fakaruddin Ahmed of NTV Online
INMA Elevate Scholar Mussa Dagnew of VG
NWZ’s in-house academy provides continuing employee education
Reader relationships are key post-Trump bump to keep digital traffic alive
Benchmarks show importance of news subscriber yield management
HLN reaches 2.2 million viewers with livestreamed concert
7 steps change team mindsets to encourage product innovation
7 steps to changing team mindsets to encourage product innovation
INMA World Congress in May will focus on post-COVID growth path
NZ Herald app re-launch focuses on design, boosts subscriptions
What is the role of data in media’s digital disruption?
Helsingin Sanomat asks readers to “Read Between the Lies”
Research shows the disconnect between data and the media business
What the Orange County Register’s strategy experiment says about the industry
Swedish media companies lean into change management, competence transformation
With Marketplace, Facebook challenges news media icons in digital transformation
4 ways to connect media data strategy and business objectives
The trustworthiness of news organisations begins with a Google search
Advance Local shares 6 lessons learned about virtual events
Invite readers with biscuits, feed them vegetables, but be mindful of freak shows
Why results-oriented, human-centered A-players help grow media companies
LNP|LancasterOnline builds trust, engages new audiences with breaking news reporters
VOL.AT finds new audience with live TV news show
Calgary Herald celebrates high school graduates amidst pandemic
VíaPaís pushes back on Latin America’s tendency to objectify women
Tribune creates virtual holiday experience for advertisers in 5 markets
The billion-dollar gap: Facebook, global news industry earn almost the same amount
Kleine Zeitung launches Future Talks to capture younger audience
Canadian publishers launch ad platform while Australian media battles renumeration with Big Tech
Deadlines loom with France, Australia, and EU entities on media-platform regulations
A view of media and ports from the European lockdown
How Tribune increased digital subscriptions fivefold in 3 years
That moment Facebook, Google, news media share a stage
Globe and Mail highlights growing businesses, diversifies revenue for news brand
VGTV delivers compelling documentary via mobile, reaching young and female audiences
New multi-media studio extends Newsday’s reach
Ringier’s EqualVoice measures visibility of women in media
Video production is in every reporter’s toolbox in this small newsroom
New INMA report explores smart pricing for news media companies post-COVID
Why goal setting is key to product development
News product teams need to design for their company goals
In the winners and losers of COVID, mobile-first brands thrived
15 media companies selected for Latin American Audience Analytics Accelerator
Goal setting is key to media product development
3 news media companies stand up for truth and journalism
Brazilian population, media deal with censorship in dystopian reality
5 considerations before embarking on a Big Data journey
Robot journalism supports digital transition in Scandinavia
7 innovative mindsets news media companies can learn from design specialists
Big Data for Media Week study tour hits London’s media innovators
European publishers share successful revenue streams
How Die Zeit’s membership model turns subscribers into members
Why goal setting is key to product development {newsletter}
Daily Memphian reaches 12-month subscription goal in 3 weeks
ACM creates a podcast for “real Australia”
6 newsrooms focus on culture change, product to center reader revenue strategy
Aggregating data flags notable reader behaviour at Dagens Nyheter
5 podcasts feature feminist content in Mexico
What the third-party cookie apocalypse means for media analytics
INMA Elevate Scholar: Kashmala Fida of CBC Edmonton
El Comercio reinforces trust to regain reader confidence
INMA Elevate Scholar: Harris Ahmed of The Guardian
INMA Elevate Scholar: Esther Anyakwo of Dow Jones Newswires
Advance Media connects students and colleges with virtual fair
Funke Mediengruppe almost triples digital subscribers in 1 year
How WEHCO Media’s Flypaper became a profitable digital agency
Lessons on innovation, storytelling from Stanford’s
Lessons, tools for building better digital experiences to grow readership
New York Times, WSJ, Washington Post share best practices in digital subscriptions
News media companies battle Facebook, Google for advertising share
Schibsted outsources technology development to Poland
Stuff New Zealand shares its revenue diversification transformation
Tortoise Media explains its embrace of “slow journalism” and membership model
7DAYS partners with grocery chain for cooking video series
ABP reaches West Bengal market with Cadbury Chocochef competition
At Times of India, key to selling print advertising is print creativity
Google confirms plans to end tracking users, forever changing digital advertising
Flash technology, banner ads: Short-term missteps media companies must learn from
Addressing problems in a family-owned publishing business
How legacy media reps can bring in more digital revenue
Is the events business right for local media companies?
Rethink major advertisers now to avoid a zero-revenue future
Adblocking could allow news publishers to turn hate into opportunity
Honest funnel points to a publisher’s revenue opportunities
The truth behind the publisher relationship with Facebook
INMA Elevate Scholar: Andres Perez-Botero of Wall Street Journal
Tesco, Netflix, Subway are among most eye-catching UK ads of 2021 so far
8 European publishers selected for Google News Initiative Subscriptions Lab 2.0
Reach PLC shares 3 pillars of digital transformation
“Sleepers” are the biggest risk to your subscription business
Handelsblatt launches 2 premium newsletters in lockdown
Why “sleepers” are the biggest risk to your subscription business
Amedia builds premium news service, gets 120,000 paying subscribers in 8 months
Low price sensitivity opens doors for digital subscription pricing optimisation
INMA publishes “INMA Knows Smart Pricing” curation category
How Kleine Zeitung conducted its first “design sprint” remotely
NTM gets audience data in front of reporters with integrated dashboard
Perhaps the industry should rethink journalistic ethics as media access grows
Toronto Star podcast proves perfect for pandemic and beyond
Chicago Tribune’s Studio 1847 exceeds targets with Groupon Coupon native ad campaign
Chicago Tribune takes its digital experience on citywide tour
Compelling historical interview content boosts circulation
Correio24horas campaign celebrates summer season with weekend events
Dainik Bhaskar Group engages readers with campaign to save indigenous birds
Ekstra Bladet gives back to most loyal readers, increases engagement
Expressen increases online engagement with climate change journalism
Grupo Nación continues smartphone innovation, focuses on mobile revenue
Il Giornale crowdfunds new digital brand focused on live war reporting
Independent News & Media fuels passion for print advertising with facts
Gazeta Wyborcza mines its articles to better target ads by context
Targeting light readers (younger, female) can boost audience growth
News UK uses data to tailor content to young and female readers
3 ways publishers will go back to the future when the “cookiepocolypse” hits
McClatchy CEO shares 5 characteristics of adaptive media companies
INMA product teams have 5 tips for choosing roadmapping tools
Google News Initiative, INMA launch free audience development workshops
SCMP leads the exit from the open marketplace
INMA Elevate Scholar Lagipoiva Cherelle Jackson of Pacific Environment Weekly
5 questions help media companies prioritise the product roadmap
What Facebook’s big deals in Australia tell us
16 key points you need to know about the Australian Media Bargaining Code
Setting a company’s product roadmap requires prioritisation and the proper tools {newsletter}
Setting a company’s product roadmap requires prioritisation and the proper tools
Robot journalism boosts FVN’s real estate coverage
3 strategic changes are necessary for a consumer-centric business model
News Corp Australia increases literacy awareness with “Raise a Reader”
News Corp’s e-commerce strategy focuses on rewards programme, 3 core elements
News Corp’s mX extends print brand through smartphone app, social focus
Straits Times attracts digital audience with e-books app, in-depth content
Tribune’s Studio 1847 scores big on social media with Snowfall campaign
Washington Post engages new audiences with fun-filled, election-season mobile app
Native app? HTML5? Hybrid? An inside look at how and why Verdens Gangs transitioned its VG+ mobile app
5 upshots from Aftenposten’s Facebook challenge
When choosing North Star goals, publishers should think beyond financial targets
El Tiempo shares lessons learned in charging for content
Business Standard widens its funnel to find paying consumers
INMA Elevate Scholar: Adrija Chakraborty of Wall Street Journal
INMA Elevate Scholar: Suchitra Jena of The Dallas Morning News
INMA Elevate Scholar: Rushaye Smith of Media24
INMA Elevate Scholar: Abtin Salahshor of Dagens Nyheter
INMA research: Onboarding is a missed opportunity with registered users
FT is more innovative, successful because of “intrapreneurship” and diversity
News publishers should be leery of Facebook, Google algorithms
6 steps for connecting departments in a media organisation
Aftenposten Junior translates tough news for young readers
News companies should rethink onboarding registered users, North Star goals
VG’s famous logo becomes a sound — complete with a hidden homage
Artificial Intelligence: real facts for future media data, mobile offerings
Facebook to discuss fake news phenomenon at INMA World Congress
NRC launches its NRC Audio App podcast platform
Aftenposten Wine Club increases subscriber revenue, decreases churn
How can newspapers re-capture advertising share?
Wall Street Journal’s 3-year transformation from subscription to membership
How print icon Wall Street Journal transitioned to mobile-first
Ekstra Bladet develops tech behind contextual advertising
Reaction TV captures Dagbladet TV’s young viewers
Media companies must move to digital business model to override current crisis
Schibsted takes control, publishes its own podcasts
Why Stuff is embracing constructive journalism
What India’s content monetisation for news media might look like in 5 years
Google confirms plans to end tracking users, forever changing digital advertising
Financial Times, Bauer share product success metrics that work company-wide
INMA Product Initiative highlights 4 early lessons
What is Clubhouse and why should media companies care?
Mobile video aids news gathering at SCMP but doesn’t replace professional gear
INMA Elevate Scholar: Robert Cardenas of The Dallas Morning News
Data-driven culture leads Grupo RBS in times of uncertainty
The financing of journalism solved, let’s move on to 3 bigger problems
Early lessons in the Product Initiative + the relevance of Clubhouse
Los Andes’ 170 podcasts reach 173,000 listeners in first year
Times Group tackles essential issues by honouring creative ad campaigns
Advance Local’s leads the charge to erase damaging information
Virtual product trials improve Globe and Mail’s product development
Helsingin Sanomat font provides visual reminder of climate change
Connection, empathy define the world’s most successful leaders
8 key takeaways from INMA’s Media Subscriptions Summit 4.0
News media companies see subscriber potential in B2B partnerships
4 strategies news media organisations can use to build audience trust
Online conversation tools offer ongoing opportunity for audience connection
Creating unique user experiences is key to digital subscription success
Facebook reverses shutdown in Australia as national legislation is tweaked
Politiken, Boston Globe, Malaysiakini share subscription pricing success stories
INMA publishes “INMA Knows Australia and Big Tech” curation category
SCMP changed data culture with an in-house data champions programme
WSJ grows reader trust through news literacy programming
Should time replace pageviews as the North Star audience metric?
These 3 strategies can improve organic subscriptions growth
Nine’s publications get new home page layouts, contextualising top stories
Small, local media leverage automated journalism to drive conversions, pageviews
Bangalore Mirror partners with Volvo to thank doctors with personalised campaign
10 content marketing trends will transition media from 2020 to 2021
Should time replace pageviews as the North Star audience metric?
News publishers try to understand Facebook’s nuclear move in Australia
New INMA report explores economic promise of podcasts for news companies
The Guardian, Aftenposten bring newsrooms into their reader revenue strategies
News Corp Australia, Die Presse, Facebook share circulation growth strategies
How product teams transform from leading change to being the center of it
Research: Subscriptions at top 123 news publishers grew almost 58% in 2020
Facebook and INMA launch Audience Analytics Accelerator for Latin America
Audio news expert shares the why and how of spoken content
Here’s what Google’s big Australian media payment deals mean
Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post share subscription growth strategies
Nine shares lessons in creating a fully collaborative product development team
Research points to nurturing light readers, asking less at registration
4 news media companies share subscription struggles, success
Media organisation alignment builds foundation for future digital subscription success
Il Sole 24 Ore strengthens its platform of trust
How media can use AI to advance long-term strategies
INMA publishes “INMA Knows Trust in Media” curation category
Lessons shared on creating a collaborative product team
Transparency and accuracy in content are pivotal for reader trust
INMA Elevate Scholar: Charnae Harris of McClatchy
Australia’s media code enters last round as a new war of words escalates among Big Tech
Chocolate festival exemplifies 5 must-haves for successful virtual events
European Subscriptions Lab 2.0 looks for 8 publishers ready for transformative work
Netflix, Spotify alumni share subscription lessons for news media
Research shows added value of advertising in trusted news media
ViaPaís applies fact-checking tactics to the breaking news model
Trust, value alignment are key features of successful podcasts
5 ways to add trust to content while covering COVID-19
Research demonstrates power of trust in context with advertising
Adaptable formats, trust offer key to virtual media events
Trust in media can be addressed with control, transparency, communication
Adria Media Group’s community initiative takes root in Serbia
3 ways to use nostalgia to engage audiences
INMA Elevate Scholar: Timothy Rangongo of finweek
INMA Elevate Scholar: Onyinyechi Eze of Business Day
Research: Two-thirds of UK appreciate journalism more since pandemic launches Ark 2.0 to build awareness about climate change
Irish Times initiative boosts advertising partnerships during pandemic
Less is more when quizzing registered users
Google threatens to remove search from Australia as remuneration law seems imminent
INMA Elevate Scholar: Vandana Thakur of Jagran New Media
Research points to nurturing light readers
Expressen grew from 0 digital subscribers to 70,000 in 1 year
Virtual events offer media companies non-linear, personalised opportunities post-pandemic
MediaNews Group increases trust through editorial transparency
Sydney Morning Herald, Age focus on what content doesn’t work to create more of what does
Lockdown 3.0: UK print campaigns educate, nurture, encourage vaccination
INMA Elevate Scholar: Chad Anthony Williams of African News Agency
INMA Elevate Scholar Thivhusiwi (Vhusi) Phadagi of Pretoria News
INMA Elevate Scholar Terrence Agbi of Forbes
Research: U.S. cable news politicises coronavirus coverage
3 things media companies should consider when hiring for brand new roles
SCMP fights fake news, misformation with trust
Empathy, authenticity are key pillars of a strong organisational foundation
4-step process helps news publishers analyse subscriber churn
Printers Mysore uses the pandemic as an opportunity to innovate new products
INMA launches Smart Data Initiative for growing data practices, culture at news companies
How to communicate in a way that makes sense to all media teams
3 news executives share strategies to successfully bring data to the newsroom
At 75, Russmedia’s VN shows it’s more than just a newspaper
INMA Media Subscriptions Summit will dive into 4 big ideas of digital subscriptions in 2021
How Yahoo balances product in a news culture
How a corporate mission inspires digital transformation
How Wall Street Journal uses metrics and engagement to drive digital subscriptions
INMA joins Google, FT Strategies for European Subscriptions Lab 2.0
Data and automation tech are transforming how media companies connect with audiences
How Yahoo balances product in a news culture
As digital subscriptions grow, more publications join the “million-mark club”
El Comercio tackles false news with focus on trust
News media employees must reflect communities to be relevant
3 media product managers share learnings along the product road map
Australia takes aim at Google’s dominance in ad technology
How can news publishers know why a reader stops subscribing?
Q&A: NYT’s director of opinion video speaks about misinformation and social media influence
Jagran introduces Jagran Local, a city-specific news model
How to create a first-party data strategy in the cookieless future
News sites in Hungary crowdfunded more than US$1.3 million in 2020
Registration walls trend worldwide while Hungarian news sites crowdfund
News media companies worldwide are investing in registration walls
No easy answer exists in removing Trump (and others) from social media networks
ViaPaís uses data journalism to report on changing local prices of common items
Newsday marketing campaign touts funding local journalism
In “experiment,” Google removes some Australian news from local search results
Rede Bahia connects with young talent through its Correio of the Future Award
Schibsted Connect buddy programme links students with employees
Irish Times podcasts find perfect pairing with chocolatier
Could mobile marketing be the holy grail for media companies?
Management expert shares 3 methods for hiring better media talent
New INMA report delves into how news media can rebuild trust
Media companies share ways product teams work with tech
Regional German publishers cooperate to solve the challenges of audience analytics
EY India lays out the 2021 playbook for South Asia news media
NRC grew subscriptions by 25,000 in the past year, reaching record numbers
Online conversations are key in retaining digital subscribers
How MediaNews Group creates strategies and buy-in for product teams
How product can work with other teams and tech
INMA Elevate Scholar: Bethany Crowe of Newsquest Media Group
What a product-focused news company is starting to look like
Singapore Press Holdings campaign spurs physical retail shopping for advertisers
WhatsApp offers a potential subscription journey for media companies
11 audience insights remembered from 2020
Strategic direction required as organisations develop digital subscription framework
INMA publishes “INMA Knows AI and the Newsroom” curation category
Readers First agenda includes keeping subscription momentum in 2021
Opportunity to upskill is key to attracting new talent for Indian news media organisations
Questions and answers about subscription, content success
Sunday Times editor reflects on the future of journalism
Regional German publishers share costs of data science to drive reader revenue
INMA Elevate Scholar: Ruby Allen of Gannett
Readers First agenda includes keeping subscription momentum in 2021
SCMP shares best practices for building user loyalty using AI
Personalised product recommendations increase subscriber engagement at Kauppalehti
INMA Elevate Scholar: Nidhi Suresh of Newslaundry
INMA Elevate Scholar: Himanshi Dahiya of The Quint
INMA Elevate Scholar: Nancy Verdezoto of El Comercio
Newsworks shares best print ads of 2020
Die Presse’s accelerated digital launch pays off with subscription spike
FAZ Appetizer uses AI to serve up personalised news feeds, increasing engagement
SCMP Research vertical taps new B2B revenue stream
How INMA will advance transformation in 2021
Daily Beast maximises product resources by valuing agility over perfection
A primer to INMA’s new Product Initiative
Dow Jones CEO shares his vision of what the post-COVID future of news media requires
LNP initiative helps businesses challenged by COVID-19
Dainik Bhaskar finds India’s small cities are leading the economic recovery from COVID
Facebook announces News Tab launch and remuneration as UK legislative agenda progresses
INMA survey shows what media product teams look like
Being aware of reader concerns makes news media indispensible
Among legacy industries, media is heading the disruption curve
VOL.AT becomes first climate-neutral online news platform
Southern Indian news publishers form alliance to increase digital advertising market share
Grupo RBS details its 2-year data-driven journey
Dagbladet keeps commentary in front of paywall for public consumption
Newsletters drive one-third of The Daily Beast’s new subscribers
Make time for honouring, mourning, and reflecting before embracing 2021
INMA 2020: accelerating engagement and creating new communities
Dainik Bhaskar Group launches widespread mask campaign
INMA Elevate Scholar: Lerato Sejake of City Press
INMA Elevate Scholar: Jun-Kai Teoh of Newsday
Consumption habits, digitisation are likely to continue in 2021
Collaborative project uses AI to examine gender bias in media
Top 10 INMA articles of 2020
Tampa Bay Times moves to print publishing twice a week
2 approaches to forecasting pageviews offer insight to advertising targets
A moment to be thankful, personally and professionally, despite 2020’s difficulties
Kleine Zeitung tackles branding, ad and subscription sales in a single campaign
Cross-functional staff roles at The Daily Beast results in clear brand messaging
Newsroom automation moves ahead of schedule in 2020
SCMP video documentary series explores the evolution, emotional depth of Hong Kong protests
Funke Mediengruppe shares 9 tips for hitting newsletter goals
8 executives appointed to INMA Europe Board positions
Grupo Milenio’s “Good News” Christmas project was a gift for audience, advertisers
Sports marketing makes pivot in 2020, advertisers get back in the game
Daily Beast’s conversion strategy revolves around membership
INMA creates Product Initiative for fast-growing community at media companies
Marketing trends and forecasts can help spark ideas in 2021
Power shifts coming in 2021 for news media publishers and digital platforms in UK
In-house branded content agency The Kit proves a creative revenue stream for Torstar
INMA Elevate Scholar: Cherisse Johnson of Las Vegas Review-Journal
Engaged users spend 2 to 10 times longer on news Web pages than unengaged registered users
Times Internet sees 70%+ profit margin from MensXP content-to-commerce brand
INMA Elevate Scholar: Mitzi Natalia Hernandez Cruz of OEM
Small talk: Aftonbladet, Expressen adopt chat features to engage audiences
Stuff holds itself accountable for past racism
Research: Comments section adds value, but platform must be carefully considered
Divya Bhaskar’s “toolkit” puts innovation on display for advertisers
New storytelling platforms need the same rigorous standards as print
New INMA reports shows complexities behind reducing print days for news publishers
Why Dagens Nyheter operates as if print did not exist
Understanding Gen Y, Z, and meaningful diversity is vital for media transformation
INMA Elevate Scholar: Anam Ajmal of Times of India
MediaNews Group launches premium-tier, ad-free digital subscriptions
INMA Elevate Scholar: Naaman Brown of Guardian News and Media
Australia seeks anti-trust settlement path, not copyright, to force platforms to pay
Revamped lifestyle content in Sydney Morning Herald, The Age keeps subscribers engaged
Bergens Tidende keeps holiday tradition alive with digital event
INMA: Sharing Ideas, Inspiring Change
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