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Synthesising, simplifying, recommending

Digital Platform Initiative

Digital platforms impact the financial sustainability of news media. The Digital Platform Initiative aims to assist and empower the news industry and INMA members in dealing with these challenges.

Scope of the Initiative


Decode the issues facing the news industry as a result of existing and emerging digital platforms such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, and more


Consider taking a position on key issues impacting the prosperity of journalism and news media companies


Recommend a commercial playbook for members: best practices in dealing with digital platforms, having consideration for ad-funded vs. subscription-funded business models


Consider the potential remedies that individual editors and CEOs can consider advocating for


Digital Platform Initiative Lead

Heading the Digital Platform Initiative for INMA is Robert Whitehead, an Australia-based disruptionist, advisor to and investor in start-ups, and long-time executive with Fairfax Media. Robert has served on the INMA Board of Directors and moderated INMA conferences and study tours around the world.


The INMA Digital Platform Initiative was approved by the association’s Board of Directors and implemented January 1, 2019. The Board believes INMA can play a role in synthesising the myriad of developments with the major platforms internationally and shine a light on positive ways to cooperate as well as areas of improvement.