Vía País joins Google Showcase, sees jump in organic traffic, revenue

By Gabriel Pérez



Vía País, a prominent Argentine digital news platform, joined Google Showcase last March. This strategic move not only boosted Vía País’s organic traffic but also opened new revenue streams and expanded its audience reach.

We want to share the details and benefits of the multi-faceted partnership between Vía País and Google Showcase, and what it offers to digital media outlets.

The partnership

Google Showcase is an initiative launched by Google to support journalism, providing a new way for news publishers to present their content. It allows news organisations to curate high-quality stories and features within Google News and Google Discover.

Vía País saw a 20% increase in traffic from two strategic, geographic audiences after joining Google Showcase.
Vía País saw a 20% increase in traffic from two strategic, geographic audiences after joining Google Showcase.

This curated approach enhances the visibility of publishers’ content. It also ensures users receive trustworthy and engaging news directly from the source.

One of the most significant advantages Vía País experienced after joining Google Showcase is an increase in organic traffic.

By leveraging Google’s extensive reach, Vía País’s local curated stories are now more accessible to a broader audience. We noticed a 20% increase in traffic from two strategic audiences — users from Cordoba province and users from Buenos Aires.

New revenue streams

Joining Google Showcase has also opened up new revenue opportunities for Vía País.

Through Showcase, publishers can monetise their content more effectively, benefiting from Google’s advertising model and revenue-sharing mechanisms. The increased traffic and enhanced visibility translate to higher ad impressions and, consequently, more significant ad revenue.

We don’t offer a subscription model to our audience, so it’s very important to maximise profits from other sources.

The inclusion of Vía País in Google Showcase has had a positive impact on organic traffic, the ability to reach new audiences, and the introduction of new revenue streams. These underscore the benefits of this strategic partnership.

For Vía País, this is just the beginning of a promising journey toward greater visibility, engagement, and financial sustainability.

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