2020 print ads take aim at COVID-19

By Hannah Ohm Thomas


London, United Kingdom


2020 has been tough for many, with businesses having to adapt their messaging and products to better serve their consumers during the pandemic.

Every week, the Newsworks team selected its favourite ads from the newspapers and shared them with our audiences.

The ads tell a story of how drastically things have changed this year, from Paddy Power encouraging people to stay home to give the National Health Service (NHS) better odds to Talk Sport urging people to put away the cake mixture because football is back on TV.

Here is a selection of my favourite ads:

Paddy Power

The bookmaker asked readers to give the NHS better odds by staying at home. Paddy Power appealed to sports fans when the lockdown had just set in, encouraging them to do their part during the pandemic.


Whether it’s conference calls in your pyjamas or yoga in the living room, TalkTalk kept everyone connected at a time when we were apart.


Passengers gave thanks to Uber drivers who continued to accommodate everyone despite increased concerns over health and wellbeing back in May.


The milk is made from oats and not cows, and the brand offered a fun distraction in the middle of the COVID lockdown.

But if your brain doesn’t remember that because it isn’t a catchy old school jingle, dial the Oatly Jingle Hotline at 0800 130 3532 or watch the video below.



The cleaning brand had a message of positivity for the future as it pushed its COVID-19 profits into eco-start-ups.

Talk Sport

Put the box sets back in the drawers and put away the cake mixture. Football is back on TV!


Coronavirus has caused the fast food chain to rethink its “finger lickin’ good” promise, asking people to ignore what they have been saying for 64 years. Back to the drawing board!

Wilkinson Sword

With people heading back to the office, the personal hygiene brand told commuters not to forget to stay sharp behind your mask. This is a great contextual ad in the Evening Standard!


As the Tesco slogan goes: “Every little helps.” And in this time of need, it certainly does. The supermarket has donated two million meals to help those who are struggling.

All these ads prove COVID will not stop creativity!

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