6 simple ways to boost your newsmedia app downloads


Good ratings of your app can be important. For little cost and some basic common sense, you can achieve great things when trying to increase the number of people who will want and download it. Sometimes, major above the line marketing can be wasteful, when simple, basic tools are available which can achieve same, if not better results, by targeting and focussing on what’s important and what will affect the situation.

I offer some fundamental tips on how to make sure you get the most from yours.

  1. First step, before developing your app, you need to research the app’s sector. Develop the app with your USP at front of mind. Why would someone want it? What makes it stand out? Is it needed among your audience(s)?

  2. Take time to make sure you describe the app well in the store. You should describe what the app is about in easy to understand terminologies. But be creative! Think “stand out!” Even the icon in the store is important. Use it creatively even though it’s limiting in space. The App Store can do much of the work for you, if you get it right.

  3. PR. Publish/circulate a press release about your app. Discuss its features, what experts say about it, etc. Then look to highlight it on mobile-related forums. Use Google and Yahoo! groups to promote it, and maybe also create a separate discussion group.

  4. Consider creating a promotional video for your app and publish it on various social media sites like YouTube.

  5. Consider creating a free trial to users and industry experts, trade press and the like. You need evangelists!

  6. Don’t forget social media to get your promotion to market such as the obvious Facebook and Twitter.

Like most things in this space, the above is not rocket science, however not enough attention is even given to such matters and it’s so easy to forget to consider the above points.

Also some general mobile market news I found interesting and thought you would, too:

  • The iPad is the only tablet that matters, according to comScore. It says the iPad has over 95% of all tablet traffic on the web. (30% of all mobile traffic is via tablets now).

  • A new iPad tablet (v2.2 or v3) is on the way? The latest Apple rumour is that the next iPad will launch in March, being even thinner and sporting an improved battery life. On top of that, indications are that the new device will be considered an upgraded iPad 2, not a full-fledged iPad 3 (a la iPhone 4S versus 5). A true iPad 3 is reportedly in pipeline for Q3 or Q4 of 2012 with a faster processor and a high quality retina display. We shall see.

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