Amar Ujala hosts Independence Day event to create brand awareness, engage readers

By Neha Sikri

Amar Ujala Limited

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India


India’s independence was long and is famous for being largely non-violent. On August 15, 1947, India woke up to its freedom. Today, 73 years later, India’s Independence Day continues to be revered and celebrated with full fervour and enthusaism across the country. 

Though this year’s event may be effected due to COVID-19, the event remains an emotional one that the city awaits every year, and thousands participate to showcase their love for the country. It brings an incredible sense of connection and purpose, and it has meaningful returns for our company, our readers, and our business partners.

The annual newspaper-sponsored event includes several activities to engage community members, including an art competition for children.
The annual newspaper-sponsored event includes several activities to engage community members, including an art competition for children.

Established in 1948, just eight months after India’s independence, Amar Ujala (a daily newspaper in India) has always been more than just a newspaper. It is the voice of the people, and it carries the responsibility of being a change agent and a mirror for society and the administration alike.

To promote national integration, harmony, and solidarity on Independence Day, Amar Ujala launched North India’s most coveted event, Maa Tujhe Pranaam (“salute to the nation”), which occurs annually on August 15. 

Maa Tujhe Pranaam has been the flagship event for Amar Ujala for more than 14 years. We realise the relations, generations, and emotions associated with our publication, and Maa Tujhe Pranaam celebrates the achievements and sacrifices of, and pays tribute to, the bravehearts associated with the freedom movement. This event, which encourages equity among the citizens, is a month-long extravaganza celeberating love for our mation and the nation’s Independence Day.

This celebration was started almost 14 years ago. It reaches all age groups and demographics with thousands of citizens participating every year. There are events for children, women, and youth along with a salute to our war heroes and the families of martyrs. The goal is to make every citizen a part of the most coveted event in all of northern India.

Initially, the event started in just one market. However, over the past 14 years, the event has scaled up a lot with a gamut of activities included across various markets.

An event calendar is rolled out under the umbrella of Maa Tujhe Pranaam, culminating in a gala event on 15 August in five major cities of northern India. Activities include a dance competition for students, an art competition for school students, a bike rally for youth, a beauty pageant for the women, a laser show, and an evening with poets.

The most unique aspect of this celeberation is the largest group singing the national anthem. We tell the city’s citizens when and for how long the singing of the anthem will take place, and encourage them to stop whatever they are doing and participate. The whole city is decked out with loud speakers. A finale event is organised in a stadium-like location and thousands of people gather.

The event draws a lot of attention and creates an excellent platform for engagement. It also builds brand equity not only with readers but business partners as well. It is beneficial for our business partners, in particular, to associate with an event with such large participation among all relevant target groups across gender, age, religion, and economic affinity.

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