VG launches TV channel, targets young audience with unique campaign

VG’s goal is to be available to everyone, regardless the platform.

Along those lines, the news media company launched a TV station. Linear TV, however is not a “normal” TV station. It is designed to appeal to the Internet generation.

Watch the video above for the whole story.

Linear TV was marketed to this younger audience through traditional, as well as new and innovative marketing campaigns. The TV commercials promoting Linear TV, which ran on TV, cinema, and during the World Cup finals, used young people in the campaign. Instead of a traditional advertisement, the commercials showed a live broadcast from the actual TV channel.

VG’s goals with the launch were to:

  • Increase awareness among Norwegians that VG is launching a TV channel from 0% to 30%.

  • Increase top-of-mind at VG’s new channel from 0% to 7%.

The results were impressive:

  • Awareness of the TV station from the general population of Norway increased from 0% to 49% (63% more than expected).

  • Awareness from Canal Digital, on which the station launched, customers increased from 0% to 58% (18% more than the general population).

  • An increase in top-of-mind among the general population of Norway went from 0% to 11% (57% higher than expected).

  • In week one, 70% of viewers were between the ages of 15 and 49.

  • 55% of those who watched the TV adverts have since visited Linear TV.

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