Latest INMA report shares strategies to continuously transform your newsroom

By Dawn McMullan


Dallas, Texas, USA


A new report released by INMA today focuses on how news media companies can continuously transform their newsrooms.

“Strategies for Continuously Transforming Your Newsroom” delves into:

  • Building a flexible and adaptable culture.

  • Research on journalists, metrics, and KPIs.

  • Understanding audience through the user needs framework.

  • Reorganising to position newsrooms for the future.

  • Focusing less on print to unlock capacity for digital.

  • Adapting journalism and formats to what the audience wants.

  • Cultivating a relationship with your reader.

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The report offers seven lessons for newsroom transformation, which its author, INMA Newsroom Transformation Initiative Lead Amalie Nash, argues is a never-ending process.   

DPG Media uses a “Headline King” tool to help journalists write headlines based on the user need of their story.
DPG Media uses a “Headline King” tool to help journalists write headlines based on the user need of their story.

“Strategies for Continuously Transforming Your Newsroom” focuses on how to position newsrooms for the future and get comfortable with the concept that transformation isn’t something news companies complete but rather something they need to instill into their muscle memory.

The report details what a future in the newsroom could look like and why transforming the newsroom is essential. 

According to Nash, audience needs will continue to evolve, as will the data to understand how content is performing. Additionally, she points out, the news industry is at the infancy of understanding how generative AI will change their businesses. And the platforms by which journalism is delivered will morph in ways news leaders have yet to plan for or predict.

The report asserts that media companies will bring newsrooms into the business of news by:

  • Focusing on what audiences want.

  • Following data.

  • Providing news in the formats people prefer.

  • Reorganising newsrooms to serve the company’s highest priorities.

In doing that, Nash says, newsrooms will become more responsive to the needs of users, more focused on business outcomes, and more fluent in the key performance indicators that drive results.

Included in the report are global case studies from Omroep Brabant, Berlingske Media, DPG Media, Stuff, The Times and Sunday Times, Aftenposten, Politiken, Alma Media, and Hearst.

“Strategies for Continuously Transforming Your Newsroom” is available for free to INMA members and for purchase by non-members at

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