Relationship between reader, site type dictates push notification strategy

By Karina Arkhangelskaya


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The Internet is home to millions of content publishers. However, when online users navigate to a Web site, they do so to find specific topics. As a publisher, you know how important it is to focus on producing high-quality content. The fact that content also impacts the level of success your push notifications will have makes it even more important.

Push notifications have gained a reputation for helping publishers generate recurring revenue from the traffic they’re already getting. This offers the possibility of turning one-time visitors who come from search engines into frequent readers. However, it’s also crucial to understand the relationship between the type of site you have and the performance of the push notifications on your site.

There is a wide variety of content that might be appropriate for using push notifications.
There is a wide variety of content that might be appropriate for using push notifications.

4 stages of the digital subscription journey

When coming up with your push notification content, you need to keep in mind the users’ journey with your content. Luckily for you, there are only four big stages:

  1. Consideration: This is the stage where you should introduce new reading material relevant to users browsing through your content. You can also introduce even more high-quality journalistic content through paid subscriptions.
  2. Conversion: When users are on the check-out page, close the deal by reminding them of your most important benefits. And try to make everything measurable: Use numbers, verified facts, and logical elements. Also, identify the users who left the check-out page without finalising the digital subscription. You can retarget them to come back and finish what they started. But surely you should be focusing on the value that the reader gets in the first place.
  3. Engagement: Once they get your paid subscription, make sure to remain consistent. Inform readers of the exclusive content they subscribed for. This is also the step where it’s good to introduce additional communication methods like e-mails, newsletters, apps, and promotions.
  4. Retention: This is the golden phase. People are already subscribed and fully updated on your content, so this is when you mostly need to take care of them. Demonstrate your continuous dedication. Keep up the good work and consistency in your content notifications. Remember that it’s not all about identifying the users who intend to leave and reminding them of the values that got them here in the first place. It’s also about investing in your Web site’s first line of ambassadors. This stage is also known as the “delight” phase of the funnel. Your push notifications really need to wow them, so they tell others about your Web site.

Web site types and push suggestions

The ideal type of push notification should be customised to a Web site’s purpose and type. These are seven common Web site types, and push notification suggestions that can improve the results of each type of platform.

Media outlets and news platforms: News platforms and media outlets benefit most from new content. Publishing a lot is good, but sending content updates every time might be annoying. So, make sure to target your push notifications. This is where audiences come in handy.

Best types of push content:

  • Breaking news and updates.
  • Quotes from reliable sources.
  • Interesting facts.
  • Listicles.
  • Analytics articles.

Of all these categories, the best of the best for you is actually the one that really matches your users’ interests. Identify the best performing push type and that which can be matched using retargeting tools.

Entertainment and social sites: Entertainment and social sites cover engaging topics that are perfect for push subscribers because these users tend to favour practicality and ease of use.

Best types of push content:

  • Teasing content using questions.
  • Famous recipes stars are following.
  • Exercise routines with hard-to-reach coaches.
  • How-to instructional content.
  • Celebrity news.

E-commerce Web sites: E-commerce sites are all about generating conversions in the form of leads or sales. Push notifications can help boost both of these metrics dramatically.

Best types of push content:

  • Sales.
  • Seasonal promotions.
  • New arrivals.
  • Last promotion days.
  • Style guides and fashion trends.

Web games: Push notifications are used for in-game purchases, player retention, and to increase play time. This type of push is extremely effective for Web games.

Best types of push content:

  • New game teasers.
  • Upcoming releases.
  • New version updates.
  • Social posts from game developers.
  • New types of games.

Service Web sites: Service sites act as a digital gallery that allow users to learn new information about niche services. These can be solely informative or commercial in nature. These include, for example, Web sites connecting patients with healthcare providers, sneakers resellers, quiz creators, and online assistants.

Best types of push content:

  • Tip of the day.
  • Tutorials.
  • Listicles.
  • Free trial alerts.
  • Promotions.

Education platforms: Education platforms can teach either specific or varied skills to visitors. It’s also common for these sites to use push notifications for practical purposes. They help make users more receptive.

Best types of push content:

  • New course additions.
  • Updates about certification programmes.
  • Class- and subject-specific alerts.
  • New scholarship programmes and other news.
  • Career guidance.

Business sites: Business sites are similar to e-commerce Web sites, however, business sites don’t allow users to purchase goods directly through the interface. Companies also use business sites to promote their goods and advertise their solutions in detail and at a low cost.

Best types of push content:

  • Company news.
  • Recent product releases.
  • Upcoming promotions.
  • Corporate event dates and reviews.
  • Content about the company’s services.

Improve your results

There are a few features and settings you should prioritise when looking for the best push service provider for your Web site.

Category checkbox prompts: Checkbox prompts give users the ability to select which topics they want to receive news and updates about.

WordPress plug-ins: WordPress plug-ins can help simplify the entire push notification creation and management process. Make sure to choose a platform where this option available.

Push notifications are only effective if developed strategically.
Push notifications are only effective if developed strategically.

Easy and quick push creation: Increased efficiency can result in a higher ROI. Ensure you can easily and quickly create push ads on your platform of choice.

Multi-channel consistency: It’s normal for publishers and other players in the affiliate marketing ecosystem to use multiple channels to promote goods. However, using specific tools to track and measure each channel can be challenging. Instead, make sure to work with a provider that helps you maintain continuity throughout all the channels.

Test competitors head-to-head: As a publisher, it’s important to ensure you’re always working with the best provider. Find a platform that allows you to run head-to-head comparisons with competitors. This can give you more information when making a final decision.

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