Financial publication Talouselämä introduces digital weekly edition as print alternative

By Johanna Suhonen

Alma Media

Helsinki, Finland


The financial news publication Talouselämä started 2023 with a renewed site and new concepts for its subscribers. The project took almost a year to complete, and we are very happy with the initial results.

Talouselämä, founded in 1938, is the largest weekly financial news publication in the Nordics and very well known among high-educated businesspeople in Finland. Its subscribers love the weekly print magazine, which is often described as a quality treat for Friday evenings, to be enjoyed with a glass of great red wine.

Stories for Talouselämä Week are gathered throughout the week and appear as a complete digital publication on Friday.
Stories for Talouselämä Week are gathered throughout the week and appear as a complete digital publication on Friday.

But Talouselämä is also a financial news site with a top 10-level audience reach in Finland. It covers breaking financial news and provides sharp analysis on it. The hot economic themes close to everyone’s wallets — like energy prices and mortgage interest rates — result in hundreds of thousands of pageviews.

However, we have an ongoing problem with the delivery of the print magazine, which is becoming unreliable and increasingly slower in Finland. Print subscribers complain they can’t have their traditional Friday moment with Talouselämä if they don’t get the magazine on time. Simultaneously, the younger readers just want the stories and not the printed publication at all.

One of our main goals when we started to plan the new online version of Talouselämä was to invent a relevant alternative to the weekly printed Talouselämä. We needed to create an enjoyable reading experience as pleasant as the print version offered with all the advantages of digital so readers would still want to grab their phone or tablet after a long workweek in the front of the screen.

The alternative to print is now a digital edition called Talouselämä Week. The stories for Talouselämä Week are gathered throughout the week by editors who choose the most important and interesting stories. This means people can read the edition on Wednesday, but on Friday the edition is completely ready. It also gets a cover with the main headlines.

Talouselämä Week has a beginning and end, and readers can swipe through the stories like they are holding a print edition. They know when they are done: When they have read everything worth knowing about the financial and business events of the week. Hopefully, along the way, they have experienced that great feeling of serendipity typical to print media: I didn’t know I wanted to know this!

Now subscribers can read Talouselämä Week every Friday, regardless of the delivery issues. And it really is every Friday: 52 times a year, not 46 as is the case with the printed version. The digital edition is more current as the stories are gathered through the week; obviously the printed version goes to printer much earlier in the week.

If people don’t have the time to read last week’s edition on Friday, they can do it later. The stories don’t aren’t drowned with new news, which often happens online. People can always go back to read a certain week’s edition.

The Talouselämä Week is still in its early days, and we are eager to see how readers like it. We are promoting the new site with free, two-month trial subscriptions, so hopefully Talouselämä finds new subscribers with this refreshed concept.

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