The Match Project
2024 Finalist

The Match Project

La Tercera

Santiago, Chile

Category Product Development

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Overview of this campaign

In October 2019, Chile experienced a series of intense mobilizations later referred to as a “social outbreak.” These protests, challenging the status quo and fueled by a pervasive sense of “social injustice” among a significant portion of the population, prompted the political class to propose a new Constitution. This proposal aimed to partially address the issues raised during the movement.

This process, known as the “constituent process,” commenced at the end of 2019 and concluded in December 2023. Chileans, largely unfamiliar with their constitution drafted during the dictatorship, were tasked with selecting representatives for a body responsible for drafting the new Magna Carta. Additionally, they needed to comprehend the topics and concepts to be discussed.

The challenge for our readers was evident: they needed a quick and accessible way to understand the positions of the candidates while educating themselves on Constitution-related issues that had not been part of public debate until then.

To address these concerns, we decided to develop an interactive platform to assist La Tercera's audience in making informed electoral decisions in the midst of strong political polarization. The Constituent Match was born under the concept of creating a “Match” (similar to Tinder) with ideas that users shared with specific candidates. Our objectives were to bring the constitutional debate closer to citizens and help them clarify their voting intentions.

The success of the tool motivated us to develop new iterations for the same constituent process and other elections. These efforts also provided valuable inputs for preparing reports and data visualizations. Over the course of three years, we produced approximately 14 associated products, with the Constituent Match standing out as one of the most successful products in the history of the newspaper La Tercera.

Results for this campaign

The Constituent Match proved to be a resounding success with our audiences right from its initial version, attracting an overwhelming number of visits and reaching a substantial audience that did not traditionally follow La Tercera. Over time, the Match evolved into a recognizable brand, eagerly anticipated and demanded by the public in the weeks leading up to each new election. Audiences not only shared their results on social networks but also created memes and gifs related to the Match. The level of engagement achieved was notably uncommon for our typical social media interactions, to the extent that we became a trending topic on Twitter.

While we always believed in the success of Match, the actual reach exceeded our expectations. Collectively, all products under the Match Project garnered a staggering 17 million page views, surpassing the key performance indicators (KPIs) we had initially set for the product.

Throughout this process, we ensured that each new iteration not only brought improvements to the existing product but also incorporated new "features" into the tool. For instance, during the parliamentary elections, we introduced an "ideological map" that positioned users on a political matrix of left/right and conservative/liberal. To achieve this, we formed alliances with external teams, such as the Data Science Institute at Universidad del Desarrollo. These collaborations were deemed successful outcomes of the project.

In a significant milestone, the Match Project secured the Google News Initiative Innovation Challenge in 2022. The proposal aimed to elevate our interactive tool to a new level, working on a fresh iteration that could serve purposes beyond elections and could be integrated into monetization strategies for our media outlet.


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