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2024 Finalist

IL Palat

Alma Media

Helsinki, Finland

Category Product Development

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

The aim was to create a new product for Iltalehti’s existing publishing channels – the mobile site and mobile applications – that would leverage social media storytelling techniques.

The product was designed to support narratives based on vertical videos, photos, graphics, and stories comprised of multiple "cards", which users could navigate by swiping on the screen. It was also important to incorporate advertising between stories.

The objective was to boost video consumption within Iltalehti, particularly attracting young users to news content, and simultaneously establish a new, attractive environment for advertisers.

A dedicated, small, four-person team was established for the new service. However, the content needed to be a reflection of Iltalehti's overall current offerings, thereby involving the entire editorial staff in its production. This initiative also allowed for the entire staff to be trained in new storytelling techniques and content conceptualization.

The content and workflows were strategically planned so that IL Palat content could be seamlessly used in social media channels like TikTok and Instagram. This would help to grow their audience numbers and allow IL Palat content to serve as a means of marketing Iltalehti to a younger target demographic.

Results for this campaign

The decision to create a new service was made in December 2022, with technical development starting in January 2023. Content concept planning began immediately, and three new journalists were hired in February.

The product was launched quietly on Iltalehti's mobile website and apps on March 8, 2023.

Following the launch, content development continued, with the presentation of content on the homepage refined based on A/B testing results.

Currently, about 70 different stories are published weekly on the IL Palat product. The content concept includes various formats such as:

  • Explainer news content 
  • Short self-produced documentary content
  • Visually narrated personal interviews
  • Photo compilations of news events
  • News stories told through image posts
  • Viral videos from Finland and abroad
  • Iltalehti’s own studio productions (e.g., on the Ukraine war)
  • Video comments
  • Behind-the-scenes videos from different news events

Usage of the IL Palat service has grown steadily. In January 2024, IL Palat averaged 950K users per week. The service recorded an average of 2.5 million video views and over 5 million page views per week.

Palat has increased Iltalehti's video inventory fot instream advertising by nearly 30 percent. On the traditional service side, Iltalehti has approximately 8.5 million video starts per week.

The weekly audience for Iltalehti's TikTok content has grown from 1.3 million to 2.4 million thanks to the Palat content. Weekly video views on TikTok have increased from 2.4 million to 4.3 million, and the follower count has almost doubled from 88K to 150K.

Iltalehti is now the leading Finnish news media on TikTok, despite competitors like the Finnish broadcasting company deploying significantly more resources to attract the young audience on the platform.

According to brand studies, Iltalehti's top-of-mind awareness has improved among young Finns.


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