2024 Finalist


The Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia, United States

Category Brand Awareness Campaigns

Overview of this campaign


Like virtually every newspaper in America, The Philadelphia Inquirer (AKA The Inquirer) has been mired in years of declining readership, fading relevance, and staring down a future very much in doubt. With the stakes set at life or death, we were tasked with making a bold stand for Local Journalism through a provocative, disruptive creative campaign. We had to give Philadelphians, who subscribe to other news sources (ie., The New York Times) a bold, provocative, complacency-shaking reason to subscribe to The Inquirer.



For a citizenry famed for a sizable shoulder chip, a fondness for underdog status, and a fanatical local pride, we asserted the fundamental, essential role of the Philadelphia Inquirer: To Feed Your Philly Bias. The one bias every Philadelphian can rally behind. Bias towards our Sports teams, our restaurant scene, our communities, our cultural institutions, and our active role as citizens holding power and corruption to account. A perspective and value add they won’t find reading the New York Times, Washington Post or any other outsider news subscription. And then we asked people to subscribe to the Inquirer in ways only Philly people could appreciate, with a contrarian swagger all the city’s own.


We asked them to UNSUBSCRIBE.


Unsubscribe from the cliches, stereotypes and BS of outsider perspectives on our city, sports teams, and local culture. Unsubscribe from what THEY THINK they know about local journalism and The Inquirer. And TO SUBSCRIBE to what only The Inquirer delivers. An Always Philly-First point of view and voice. The one newspaper that puts Philly and its people first.


Results for this campaign

Launched in Q4 2023, the campaign has already been embraced by the city and turned into a meme-engine of evergreen, uniquely Philly relevance.


Key equity attributes like Intelligent, Practical, Visionary, and Premium have all increased 25%+.


Overall brand equity as measured by the Harris Poll is up 12.5%.


Score one for Local Journalism and Philly.



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