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Ekstra Bladet

Copenhagen, Denmark

Category Artificial Intelligence

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Overview of this campaign


We are excited to introduce MAGNA, our online platform that utilizes generative artificial intelligence (AI) to support the staff at the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet. The purpose of MAGNA is to simplify work processes and expand journalistic capabilities to save time on repetitive tasks and free up resources to do high quality journalism. MAGNA's automation of routine tasks allows journalists to focus on creative and analytical aspects of journalism, thereby enhancing the overall quality of media production. 

MAGNA includes:

1) automatic production of articles in housing, business, and smiley reports

2) editorial tools that enable the use of generative AI in various ways in working with 

A) articles: In the "Articles" category, MAGNA is designed to assist journalists by acting as a "sparring partner". To date, we've developed eight features, each tailored to meet the specific needs that journalists have identified for their everyday tasks.

B) live coverage:  MAGNA supports our live events - which is an engaging process between the reader and the journalist - by generating key points and headlines from readers' input.

C) the article archive: From the semantic search, various Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) tasks can be performed, such as generating a fact box, a summary of the case, or a draft article. In the free text field, you can decide which task to perform. The task is performed solely based on the content of the articles that appear in the search.

 Magna's features are aligned with our editorial values: Human in the Loop for oversight, automated fact-checking for accuracy, and adherence to strict editorial guidelines to maintain journalistic integrity and quality. 

MAGNA is a vivid illustration of the transformative impact of AI in journalism, symbolizing a critical step in the industry's evolution and our dedication to navigating the future of news.

MAGNA stands as a prime example of innovatively using generative AI to enhance internal operations in the newsroom and improve the quality and discoverability of news production.

Results for this campaign

 Throughout the development and implementation of MAGNA at Ekstra Bladet, there has been a significant convergence of journalists and developers in terms of workflow knowledge. The development of specific tools was a collaborative effort, conceptualized in workshops that included staff from both journalism and programming- MAGNA has resulted in a meeting of different expertise, making journalism and programming work together to improve internal operations and external products  

Although we are in the early stages of implementation, we are already seeing signs that MAGNA is making a noticeable difference in our daily operations. In October of 2023, we began testing MAGNA to assist journalists with live coverage, article generation, research, and generation of story elements such as fact boxes and case summaries.  

We see that our editorial team is increasingly utilizing MAGNA. Testimonials show us that our journalists are particularly engaging with MAGNA’s improve and proofreading feature and shorten article feature, which showcases the tools’ function as a coworker. The use of' ask the archive (Semantic Search with RAG) further enhances the coworker-role of MAGNA - as one of our journalist says: "MAGNA is extremely easy to navigate,", emphasizing how swiftly he can locate the articles he needs for his work by the semantic search. 

We've also observed that our journalists are increasingly engaging with MAGNA's summary-generating tool, recognizing that readers are more inclined to engage with articles that present key points in the beginning of the live chat  

Our automated local news project successfully produced unique and routine stories, providing insights often overlooked by editorial staff due to resource constraints. This included distributing inspection reports for restaurants, cafeterias, and supermarkets, highlighting key details and alerting editorial staff for potential follow-up articles, thanks to MAGNA's monitoring. 

Our observations and testimonials support MAGNA’s purpose which is to simplify work processes and expand journalistic capabilities to save time on repetitive tasks and free up resources to do high quality journalism.   


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