The AI Transformation at Omni: This Is Why We Let Our Journalists (And Not Our Devs) Build Our AI Tools
2024 Finalist

The AI Transformation at Omni: This Is Why We Let Our Journalists (And Not Our Devs) Build Our AI Tools


Stockholm, Sweden

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Overview of this campaign

Since the launch of Omni 10 years ago, we have redefined the Swedish media market and transformed the way a newsroom operates. Omni is now one of Sweden's largest news services, and our publishing tool is used by all of Schibsted's news media outlets. Now, we're embracing generative AI, positioning ourselves again at the forefront of media transformation. For us, generative AI is more than a tool; it's a transformative force, a superpower of sorts.

Our goal is to integrate every Omni team member into this AI-driven journey, developing future-facing AI-tools. With skilled application, this technology offers unmatched potential, elevating our journalistic reach and redefining what's possible. This requires a radical shift in our approach, a challenge our editors are ready to meet.

Our AI transformation involves several key initiatives:

Education: Every Omni employee will complete a bespoke AI program, becoming proficient in AI usage and prompt crafting through lectures, workshops, and practical assignments.

Tools: We're training everyone to not only use AI effectively but also to develop their own advanced tools. This is in partnership with AirOps, a sophisticated AI tool builder, utilizing cutting-edge models like GPT-4-turbo and Claude2. The underlying philosophy is that if we, as journalists, create our own tools instead of having them provided for us, the likelihood that we will actually use them increases significantly.

Goals: A key goal for Omni in 2024 is to ensure that each team member allocates at least 5% of their time to AI-related activities, focusing on education and development. We expect this percentage to increase substantially as we continue to integrate AI more deeply into our operations.

Expectations: Our journey, initiated in spring ‘23, aims to instill a belief in limitless possibilities. Our guiding principle is that AI is the most pivotal development in media since digitalization, and it will be a crucial aspect of your career.

By embracing this AI-centric ethos, we're not just adapting to change – we're leading it.

Results for this campaign

The momentum of our AI transformation continues to build. Key achievements in 2023 include (see the attached timeline for more details):


  • We rolled out an ambitious new training program aimed at elevating all Omni editors to the level of AI virtuosos and Prompt Masters. This program is mandatory for everyone at Omni and will be completed before the summer.

  • We conducted a comprehensive survey among our journalists, inquiring about areas in their work where AI integration could be most beneficial. From this, we compiled a list of potential functions or processes for AI application tailored to the actual needs of our users – our editors. The survey results also highlighted the overwhelming positivity of Omni's editors towards incorporating AI into their workflows.

  • We embarked on a partnership with the innovative AI tool development platform, AirOps. This collaboration enables us to construct complex workflows utilizing cutting-edge AI models, including GPT-4-turbo and Claude 2.

  • We have now reached a pivotal stage where we are beginning to introduce a few of these exceptional AI tools at the newsdesk.

    • One that can develop one or more Omni-customized factual add-ons for articles through workflows in Airops. The basic level involves summarizing the key developments in a news story into a few bullet points or a fact box. The tool retrieves information from a news story or a topic tag in Omni. You then have the option to choose the number of Omni articles (be it five or five hundred) that the factual add-on will be based on.

    • A tool capable of transcribing lengthy podcasts, identifying and highlighting the most impactful quotes, and even cataloging all mentioned companies. As a news curation service, Omni will greatly benefit from this tool. It will not only save us a considerable amount of time but also unlock a new range of sources, such as business podcasts, for us to explore.


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