How VK Media Used Predictive Analysis to Increase Ad Revenue and Digital Subscriptions from Articles Gone Viral
2024 Finalist

How VK Media Used Predictive Analysis to Increase Ad Revenue and Digital Subscriptions from Articles Gone Viral

VK Media

Umeå, Sweden

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign

VK Media recognized an opportunity amidst a challenge:

VK´s content was going viral thanks to Google, yet this did not correlate with an increase in paywall conversions. The objective was to capitalize on this trend to boost both advertising revenue and paywall conversions. This viral sensation was a beacon, illuminating a path VK had not fully explored. The challenge was clear yet invigorating: VK's content was reaching unprecedented heights of visibility, but this newfound fame wasn't translating into tangible gains through our paywall system. The strategy that unfolded was both bold and innovative. The strategy centered around the deployment of Article Horn, an innovative and predictive alert system. This tool was designed to inform the editorial and sales teams about the virality potential of articles based on Google traffic, enabling swift and strategic adjustments in content management. For us, the importance in fast identifying potential viral articles, became the key to optimizing revenue in both advertising and subscriptions effectively. It's vital that the analysis tool can, through its metrics, accurately predict articles on the verge of going viral. The objectives of this campaign were woven with ambition and foresight, to capture the surge of Google-driven traffic and transform it into a smart advertising revenue stream. Each viral article was seen not just as content, but as an opportunity to redefine VK's revenue model and during our journey, to create a dynamic, responsive content strategy. 


Results for this campaign

The key challenge for VK before the Article Horn implementation, was to find the optimal balance between leveraging paywalls for subscriber growth and utilizing high-traffic content for advertising revenue. The need to strategize the use of locked content versus access became a focal point in our ongoing efforts to maximize the digital revenue streams effectively.

In terms of advertising revenue, VK saw a remarkable 45% increase in revenue post-alarm, surpassing the initial goal of a 20% increase during our test period. This was partly due to a 14% rise in advertising revenue from articles shifted from locked to frequency access following an alarm. This strategy not only enhanced immediate revenue but also contributed to an 8% overall increase in VK's total advertising revenue on articles alarmed by the Article Horn, a testament to the effectiveness of the Article Horn system. By strategically keeping certain articles locked, VK successfully garnered 70 new subscribers, which is an amazing increase by 367% in paywall conversions on viral articles after the launch, also resulting in a CLV revenue gain of 28,061 SEK. Moreover, the introduction of Article Horn influenced VK's editorial approach. Articles with high engagement potential were developed further, leading to more captivating and relevant content, which in turn helped in retaining and attracting a wider audience. Additionally, VK made strategic decisions in real-time about leveraging social media platforms for specific articles, thus maximizing content reach and engagement across various digital channels.

In conclusion, the introduction of the Article Horn marked a significant shift in VK’s content strategy. It not only enabled the maximization of revenue through both advertising and subscriptions but also enhanced overall user engagement. The success of this initiative underscored the critical role of agile decision-making and data-driven strategies in the evolving landscape of digital media. 


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