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Ozone Smart Bidstream: Powering Premium Publisher Programmatic
2024 Finalist

Ozone Smart Bidstream: Powering Premium Publisher Programmatic

News UK, Reach, Guardian Media & Telegraph Media

London, United Kingdom

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

Overview of this campaign

While not a traditionally creative idea for growing digital advertising sales, this one certainly delivers incredible impact for our publishing partners.

Let’s set the scene… Many persistent issues continue to impact publishers across the digital ecosystem. In particular, while programmatic advertising has delivered many ads on site, it has led to editorial environments being valued way below their worth. Publishers needed to redress this imbalance.

Step one in this journey is reducing reliance on open market programmatic (OMP), the key driver of discounted audience access. As switching off OMP presents revenue risk, we created new proprietary publisher technology – Ozone Smart Bidstream – to mitigate against this.

This publisher collaboration focused on:

  1. Maximising publisher revenue through increased OMP addressability, optimising bid request presentation with greater publisher distribution controls.

  2. Maintaining reader privacy through publisher controls that manage the flow of their users’ raw data to upstream technologies.

  3. Easy integration by designing as an enhancement, not replacement. for existing publisher setups.

  4. Minimising environmental impact by limiting the number of requests sent out, and only to those with the highest buying propensity.

Ozone Smart Bidstream is built around three core components:

Firstly, IDENTIFY is designed to increase addressability, help publishers monetise unknown users, and significantly reduce data leakage. It means  publishers’ first-party data is never passed upstream to ad partners, while also increasing match-rates from c.40% to 75%+. This means more bids on inventory – especially for non-cookied users.

Secondly, through advanced machine learning, CURATE optimises the presentation of every bid request sent to make it as valuable and attractive to buyers as possible. This shifts buyers' valuation of inventory, meaning more bids, at a higher value.

Finally, in a publisher programmatic first, DISTRIBUTE allows publishers to determine what to sell to whom, where, and at what price. As the technology shows buyers more of what they value and less of what they don’t – while also reducing opportunity for low purchase propensity buyers – this subsequently leads to more frequent, more valuable buyer bidding behaviour.

Results for this campaign

Ozone Smart Bidstream is enabling publishers to generate up to 20% more programmatic advertising revenue from their existing set-ups. Having started 2023 with two trial partners, by the end of the year the technology was live across 27 different Ozone publishers

One of the earliest adopters of Ozone Smart Bidstream is a large global publisher with a sophisticated programmatic strategy. In order to assess the impact of our technology on their total programmatic business, they implemented the detailed measurement framework outlined above and reported exceptional results:

  • 15% increase in total revenue
    Post implementation of Ozone Smart Bidstream, the publisher’s total programmatic revenue grew by +15% (inc. AdX). This includes revenue not being delivered through Ozone.

  • Safari revenue boosted by +40%
    Looking specifically at the revenue impact from the high value Apple browser, the publisher reported a rate of growth 2.5x greater than the impact seen across their overall ad stack.
  • OMP addressability up +67%
    Further internal analysis highlighted Ozone Smart Bidstream increasing addressability by two-thirds – from 46% to 77% meaning more bid requests of value delivered to ad partners.

  • 39% increase in buyer bid rate
    In addition, the average bid value (CPM) increased by +144% – meaning bid value grew at almost 4x the rate of bid rate.

  • Greater parity for Chrome & Safari delivery
    The monetization delta for audiences from these two browsers was halved – from 60% to 30%.

On top of these game-changing results, Ozone Smart Bidstream also delivered a number of key strategic benefits for this publisher. Firstly, it significantly reduced data leakage – no publisher first-party IDs were shared with ad partners, while the volume of third-party IDs shared via the bidstream was reduced by 60% when compared to standard prebid.

In addition, AdX’s share of publisher inventory was reduced by over 40%, while simultaneously maintaining absolute revenue – thus meaning inventory was redeployed to higher value buyers.

Putting all of this into context, Ozone Smart Bidstream represents a multi-million pound annual revenue uplift for this publisher.


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