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Wednesday, September 29

Welcome Sandwich and coffee for Seminar Participants

3 Parallel pre-conference Seminars

general timing of seminars
    14:00 – 16:00: Seminar Part I
    16:00 – 16:30: Networking Break
    16:30 – 18:00: Seminar Part II

Sports & Media Seminar
Alfa Room 2 - english only

Moderator: Bernard Asselin, vice-president for marketing and readers sales, The Gazette, Canada

As general interest newspapers struggle with declining circulation and advertising revenue, sports papers are not only holding their own, but growing their audience in print as well as in their online ventures.
The sports section is one of the best read for many newspapers. When important sports events are organised in the newspaper's region, sports become even more important: both readers and advertisers can boost revenue. Therefore we look into the best cases from newspaper companies around the world on how to utilise sports events to increase readership and increase revenue from extra supplements, products and games. It's All About Passion and Using sports news to optimise your revenues!

  • L’Equipe case study: Sports 360, everywhere! How L’EQUIPE shifted from the French historic sports newspaper to a media brand. It has managed to embrace all the changes of readers-consumers needs and habits to deliver news and services in all formats and lengths. Now in several different languages in different parts of the world. Current challenges and threats will also be addressed and will show opportunities that still remain!
    Antoine Vernholes, international editor, L’équipe, France

  • Newspaper, online, radio and web-TV sports journalists AND sports events organizers all work together for the The lessons the Polish publisher Agora learned went it merged all its various sports newsrooms into one and put an editorial and a business commander in charge.
    Marcin Gadzinski, editor-in-chief, (Agora) Poland

  • World Cup brings great sales and marketing opportunities.
    Sandy Naudé, Advertising and Marketing Director, Independent Newspapers, South Africa

  • The 2010 Winter Olympics and the World Cup fever in Montreal. . Last February, The Gazette and their sister newspaper in Vancouver maximized every opportunity linked to the Vancouver Winter Olympics and in the summer it involved readers in the excitement of the World Cup on many levels, from a sticker album to ”superfan” blogs on a dedicated World Cup web site.
    Bernard Asselin, vice-president for marketing and readers sales, The Gazette, Canada

Research Seminar: Low-cost/High-Value Research
Beta Room - english only

Moderator: Irene Fogarty, Research and Customer Insight, The Irish Times, Dublin
  • Presentation of the results from a 2010 survey about how research is being done and sold within the newspaper companies.
    Graham Russel, Research Manager, Johnston Press, UK

  • An overview of recent research conducted on the topic of pricing and the reactions from publishers in the USA.
    Ed Efchak, managing director of Customers by Design LLC, USA

  • Advertising models in print: pay in accordance with the impact of the ad, a new research-based tariff model in Belgium and The Netherlands.
    Ilse Peeters, Research Manager, De Persgroep, Belgium.

  • Multimedia campaign tracking for regional newspapers and media house Norrköpings Tidninga
    The problem is not to measure a multimedia campaign - the problem is to get the media house to act like one. Stop talking about technical terms and start to talk about the advertisers market and opportunities. That's what creates more business for both the media house and the advertiser.
    Per Davidson, CEO, Xtreme Nordic, Sweden

  • Ad Effectiveness. The difference in Print and Web.
    Advertisers are exploring new opportunities with campaigns across channels in print and the web. This presentation demonstrates the fundamentals for ad effectiveness in both media. Print and Web share some similarities and some profound differences. Learn how to maximize the effectiveness of ads; turn ads effectiveness into an effective ROI.
    Bob Busch, Research and Analysis of Media (RAM), Florida, USA

Local Media Seminar - in partnership with MediaRegionalne, part of the Mecom Group.
Alfa Room 1. Includes simultaneous interpretation from English to Polish and Russian.

Moderator: Grzegorz Piechota, Vice-President of INMA European Division, Poland

  • Integration of print and online newsrooms. How does the largest chain of regional newspapers in Poland manage transformation of their editorial processes and how does it involve readers into this change.
    Artur Karda, news websites deputy director, Media Regionale, Poland
    Tomasz Krawczyk, new media deputy director, Media Regionalne, Poland

  • The United Kingdom has 1500 local newspapers. Johnston Press groups 300 local and regional titles; learn about their overall marketing strategy, their strategy to compete with national websites and national papers.
    Chris Pennock, group marketing director, Johnston Press, UK

  • Polish start-up AdTaily expands to UK! Since its launch in 2009 the self-service advertising system for local and niche websites has more than 13.000 registered publishers and its ads attract 1 billion page views a month. An update of an amazing story highlighted at last year’s INMA/OPAEurope conference in Liverpool.
    Jakub Krzych, co-founder & head of Product, AdTaily, United Kingdom

  • Case study of the local Media landscape in Germany. Secrets of the well-established and growing group Verlag Dierichs in and around Kassel.
    Harold Grönke, general manager, Verlag Dierichs, Kassel, Germany

  • Readers love hyper local news, yes – also in print. Dziennik Polski, an independent daily from Krakow, attempts to reconquer readers in the Malopolska region by launching hyper local zone editions in print and products
    Piotr Legutko, editor –in –chief, Dziennik Polski, Poland

Opening Reception to the INMA/OPA Europe Conference 2010
Hosted by the Mayor of Krakow Jacek Majchrowski
The Opening Reception is held in the Medieval City Hall, in the centre of Krakow. This Palace of the Wielopolski family was built in the 16th century and has served, since 1864, as a seat for the Krakow city authorities. Participants are welcomed by Jacek Majchrowski, Mayor of the city of Krakow.

Thursday, September 30

Wise Moderators
Our moderators will challenge speakers, encourage debate and guide the course of this conference. They will make sure you go home with several ideas to implement at your own company.
    Griet Ducatteeuw, Sales and Marketing Manager at Corelio and member of the INMA European Board
    Tomasz Józefacki, Board Member of Agora and President of OPA Europe
    Earl J. Wilkinson, CEO of INMA, USA

Welcome to INMA/OPA Europe Conference 2010
Tomasz Jozefacki, OPA Europe President

Welcome to Poland (in Polish)
Adam Michnik, editor-in-chief of Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland

The New Marketing Game: offline, Online, Full-time (part 1)
Cutting costs is fine - up to a point. Marketing solutions to grow audience and advertising revenue in a multi-media environment will be highlighted in this exquisite tour around the globe of the best marketing cases.

    The Regional Press and Its Digital Future
    David Montgomery, CEO, Mecom, UK

    The Secrets Behind Our Successful Strategic choices
    Kalle Jungkvist, Senior Advisor, Schibsted, Norway

Networking Break

The New Marketing Game: offline, Online, Full-time (part 2)
Cutting costs is fine - up to a point. Marketing solutions to grow audience and advertising revenue in a multi-media environment will be highlighted in this exquisite tour around the globe of the best marketing cases.
    The Jagran Story - Making The Worlds Largest Read Daily
    Shailesh Gupta, CEO, Dainik Jagran, India

    Connecting Users, Advertisers, and Publishers in the Digital World. The Gannett Case.
    Josh will discuss Gannett’s local site redesign strategy and its development of other sites targeting niche audience segments, including the social network for moms and the hyperlocal sports site.
    Josh Resnik, Vice-President, Gannett Digital Media, USA

Inspiring Change For Advertising Strategies
in partnership with Polish press associations Zwiazek Kontroli Dystrybucji Prasy (ZKDP) and Polskie Badania Czytelnictwa (PBC)
  • How To Bundle Different Channels Towards Advertisers
    Paul Farrell, Commercial Director, Irish Times, Ireland

  • mTarget unveils the power of targeted marketing
    Case study of the Polish free newspaper Metro's award-winning services for advertisers ranging from direct marketing, ambient media, custom publishing, mini events to targeted distribution - even abroad!
    Magda Bulak, Innovation Manager, Metro, Poland

  • How An Advertiser and Agency See The Future of Advertising in Print and Online
    Fabrice Dekerf, Managing Director, Germaine Agency, Belgium

  • Inspiring Change for Advertising Strategies
    Gabriele Ronchini, founder and CEO 4wMarketPlace, Italy

  • The Silent Click: Building Brands Online in Europe
    Click-Through Rates are history: there's a better way to measure the impact of exposure to online display ads.
    Amy Porter, Marketing Director, OPA Europe, Paris

  • The Recruitment Advertising Market - Challenges and opportunities for regional publishers.
    Chris Stanley, Managing Director, MatchWork, UK
    David Ratcliffe, Head of Digital, Midlands News Association (MNA), UK

Networking Break

Parallel Sessions:
Integrated Advertising Strategies
Cases of the winners of the Non-Traditional Advertising Awards Competition focusing on promotion, selling, training and price-setting.

Best YET presentation
Best YET is a creative competition for junior creative teams from 10 European countries.
Robert Ray, Marketing Director, The Newspaper Society, UK

Regulation (no interpretation)
Legislation and regulation will definitely have an impact on how the newsmedia business functions in the future. Competition laws and advertising regulation, together with laws on privacy, all have an impact on the business.

  • The State of Play regarding the German regulatory initiative to introduce neighbouring rights for intellectual property for online publishers.
    Florian Nehm, Corporate Sustainability Officer, Axel Springer, Germany

  • 18:30-20:30
    Gala Dinner
    Buses depart from the Park Inn hotel at 18:30.
    Gala Dinner hosted by Marek Nawara, Marshall of the Malopolska region. Join colleagues and peers for a special evening at the Salt Mines of Wieliczka - 125 meters below ground. Participants are welcomed by Marek Nawara, Marshall of the Malopolska region.
    We have opted to hold the Gala Dinner on Thursday night to give everyone an opportunity to join.

    Friday, October 1

    Short introduction of Tinius Trust Annual Report 2010
    Eivind Thomsen, editor of, Norway

    The internet and the news industry: challenges and opportunities online
    Current trends in the news industry, how the internet changes everything and how Google is working with news publishers to build new technologies for online news consumption.
    Carlo d'Asaro Biondo, Vice-President for Southern & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa, Google

    Microsoft and the news industry: challenges and opportunities online
    Peter Bale, Executive Producer, Microsoft, UK and former Online Editorial Director of The Times and The Sunday Times

    How to overcome the crisis: survival of the fittest. (1)
    Surprise! Things are not so bad for publishers in this new ecosystem. There are many opportunities in the transition to digital for the news outlets that decide to play offense. What is working: some evidence so far.
    Massimo Russo, digital Content Director of the Digital Division of Gruppo l'Espresso, Italy

    Networking Break

    How to overcome the crisis: survival of the fittest. (2)
    Transformation of SEGODNYA MULTIMEDIA.
    Guillermo Schmitt will explain how his team transformed a declining, mismanaged and underperforming multimedia business into a high performance company, occupying a leadership position in the Ukrainian Market, both in the print version as in the digital news publishing market and overcoming a 12% drop in GDP in 2008!
    Guillermo Schmitt, CEO, Segodnya Multimedia, Kiev, Ukraine

    How to overcome the crisis: survival of the fittest. (3)
    From regional newspapers to e-commerce platforms. Business strategy of a publisher that has embraced new technologies to make money online on classified advertising, shopping and even IT services.
    Grzegorz Haftarczyk, Vice-President of the Management Board, Polskapresse, Poland


    How To Attract and Quantify Total Audience Across Platforms - Session in partnership with Agora

      Bernard Asselin, Vice-President for Marketing and Reader Sales, The Gazette, Canada
      Koen Meeusen, Manager Sponsoring and Promotion, Corelio, Belgium
      Paul Westhorpe, Managing Director Digital Sales and Strategy, Prisa Digital, Spain
    Tablets, E-Readers, Kindles, iPads: A New Hype or A Great Opportunity?
    • Tablet and mobile apps and how the Internet will never be the same again.
      Diego Cenzano, CEO of Biko and Innovation Consultant, Spain

    • Press Engine from The New York Times and 'The Collective Brain Trust of Publishers'
      Christine Topalian, Director, Technology & Business Development, New York Times, New York

    • Tablets as a new opportunity for multimedia information agencies in B2C strategy. “First hand” experience, research, direction
      A tablet-touching readership has its own ways of perceiving news. How a user of an iPad application consumes news and how to engage with the reader as publisher.
      Natalia Loseva, Deputy Editor in Chief, Multimedia & Start-Up Projects Director, Ria Novosti, Russia
    Introduction to the European Conference 2011
    Alexandre Nilo Fonseca, Head of Marketing, Controlinveste Media, Lisbon

    Conference Concludes

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