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INMA World Congress San Francisco in photos

15 May 2014 · By Dawn McMullan

As we head our different ways — some home, some touring around San Francisco, Napa Valley, and other U.S. sights — here’s a fun look back at our time together.

Enjoy the photo slideshow! See you in New York City in May, 2015!


INMA World Congress wraps up with discussions on Big Data, ad strategies, RTB

15 May 2014 · By Western iMedia

The 84th INMA World Congress continued Tuesday with a series of presentations from top media and innovation leaders.

The third day of the congress featured presentations about Real-Time Bidding, Big Data, and re-imagining advertising strategies. Audience members were asked...


World Congress takeaway: Innovation is a process, not an idea

13 May 2014 · By Western iMedia

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Earl Wilkinson, executive director/CEO at INMA, gave the final speech at the 84th INMA World Congress on Tuesday afternoon. Reflecting on the conference and his travels to different media organisations around the world, Wilkinson discussed one of the major themes that struck him.

“Innovation is a process, not necessarily the next idea,” he said.

Wilkinson touched on “emerging digital value propositions,” with the focus of moving toward a mobile platform with content, which has been a topic of the conference this week. 

“There are new strategic frameworks I heard this week meeting these digital needs,” he said. 

As mobile becomes larger, companies are working on...


5 steps to creating your Big Data strategy

13 May 2014 · By Western iMedia

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In a pre-World Congress survey, INMA community members said “data analytics” is the third most important issue at their media companies. Making data actionable was a recurring topic during the final day of INMA’s 2014 World Congress. 

Lutz Finger, author of Ask, Measure, Learn and co-founder of Fisheye Analytics, conducted an experiment with the conference’s audience. By using LinkedIn, Finger gained knowledge about the attendees from their profiles. 

“Now I have some data,” he said. 

Finger’s data showed statistics he gathered from the conference audience, such as earliest adopter of LinkedIn, most connected person, and most popular person.

“It means you get the most page views and you are most looked at,” Finger said about INMA president Yasmin Namini. The collected data showed she was the most popular profile in the audience.

Finger showed the importance of data in the form of


Native advertising is key to digital strategy at New York Times

13 May 2014 · By Western iMedia

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The role of native advertising can be effectively utilised in correlation with the change in print media to digital.

Michael Zimbalist, senior vice president for advertising products and research and development at The New York Times, spoke to the 2014 INMA World Congress about native advertising in digital media. 

“The essential role of advertising has been lost,” Zimbalist said. 

In the past, advertisements told stories and entertained viewers. Now,


Gannett’s list of change initiatives starts with advertiser satisfaction

13 May 2014 · By Western iMedia

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Gannett is creating a new edge as the company looks to a list of change initiatives to become a better organisation.

Having a strong focus and pursuing a title of being a top sales organisation is something Michelle Krans, senior vice president of strategy at Gannett, said the company is working toward.

“The objective is roughly still the same,” she said. “To make your sales force a competitive distinction.”

With customer satisfaction being a lead in the company’s goals, Krans said Gannett is being helped by its market position: “Because of our dominant position in the marketplace, we are very successful.”

Gannett conducted qualitative and quantitative analysis, including time on the phone with local businesses to discuss their needs. The analysis revealed seven out of 10 businesses believed leadership was not being provided by their media partners.  

“Most of the findings were not surprising to us,” Krans said. 

Gannett set out with a value proposition to its customers in order to deliver


Future of journalism, media revenues depend on programmatic buying (no pressure)

13 May 2014 · By Western iMedia

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A panel discussed the rise of programmatic buying at the 2014 INMA World Congress in San Francisco, saying RTB allows for direct selling techniques.

“It does not matter if you want the world to be programmatic,” said panel member Jeff Green, chief executive officer of The Trade Desk. “It will be whether you want it or not.”

Programmatic buying is the system where digital ad impressions are bought or sold and “optimised in an automated environment,” said Kirk MacDonald, executive vice president/sales for Digital First Media and panel moderator.

A concept that is connected to the media industry, media executives will see an increase in RTB and programmatic buying.

“The future of journalism largely depends on the people in this room understanding these concepts,” Green said. 

Premium content — focused on producing quality journalism and a scaled audience — is on the forefront of


New York Times launches new app to increase revenue, appeal to new, current subscribers

13 May 2014 · By Western iMedia

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The New York Times has introduced new products to their existing paid product strategy.

David Perpich, general manager/new digital products for The New York Times, presented at the 2014 INMA World Congress in San Francisco, highlighting the introduction of the new app, NYT Now

NYT Now will contribute to the company’s current revenue model, increasing subscribers and providing more “enhanced access” for existing loyal customers, according to Perpich.

“We are creating new product price points,” he said.

The app will appeal to a younger target market while allowing current customers to upgrade to the core package, establishing more digital subscribers, according to Perpich. Customers who had regular access can now upgrade for free to new, improved access.

“There are people who really, really love the Times, and we can offer


Financial Times relies on reader behaviour data to focus digital strategy

13 May 2014 · By Western iMedia

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Mobile usage for news content must be taken into account when it comes to data, said Tom Betts, head of data analytics at the Financial Times. He showed the audience at the 2014 INMA World Congress why this is true.

“We have more digital subscribers than we do print circulation,” he said.

Financial Times focuses on gathering data about consumers using all forms of its content, Betts said: “It’s key because the FT puts customers at the center of everything it does.”

Betts showed a graph that included his own behaviour with content as a developed programme called Customers DNA. By using this, Betts can better understand readers and what sort of content they are interacting with.

“It stores the kind of content I’m


“Strategy for the New Growth Path” presentations raise questions on news media companies staying relevant

13 May 2014 · By Western iMedia

The 84th INMA World Congress continued Monday with a series of presentations from top media and innovation leaders.

The second day of the congress featured presentations about news brands, culture innovations, and accelerating transformation. Audience members were asked


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