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Newscycle Solutions brings to INMA members worldwide a Webinar series featuring the association's strategic reports for 2013-2014. These recorded Webinars are made available exclusively to INMA members. Newscycle Solutions is a Partner In Business of INMA, enabling new publishing business models that grow audience and revenue across digital media channels.

Next Webinar: January 14, 2014, for “News Media Outlook 2014: Navigating the Minefield.”

News Media Outlook 2015: Re-Imagining the Transformation
Original broadcast: March 17, 2015
Length: 59:21
Nearly a decade into the accelerated reinvention of legacy newspapers and magazines, new digital media companies have become the new benchmarks for audience engagement and monetisation. At the same time, those digital media companies are beginning to re-think their value propositions more in line with legacy publishers. In a way, it's like two flames at two ends of a rope burning toward each other. Click here for the report from which this Webinar is based.

INMA Media Outlook 2015

Click here to access the webinar

The Smartphone Choices for Media Companies
Original broadcast: November 26, 2013
Length: 58:17
Developing products, audiences, and monetisation strategies for the fast-rising hand-held mobile device is the focus of this INMA Webinar, “The Smartphone Choices for Media Companies.” Key subjects covered in the Webinar include smartphone market opportunities for publishers, emerging smartphone strategies for publishers, a profile of the smartphone audience, trends in smartphone product development, and smartphone advertising opportunities via mobile Web and applications. Click here for the report from which this Webinar is based.

The Revenue-Driven Mandate for Portfolio Development
Original broadcast: July 23, 2013
Length: 51:47
As news publishers look to fill the revenue hole left by the shift of print advertising, a continuous product pipeline is one of those lifelines. In this Webinar, INMA looks at why it's important to organise today for continuous new product development, who the best practice companies are in the field, and emerging guidelines for ideation, creation, managing, and killing products. The presentation also looks at creating a corporate culture to continually drive innovation — the key to making continous product development near the core and away for the core work for publishing companies. Click here for the report from which this Webinar is based.

Making Video Pay Off For News Publishers
Original broadcast: April 23, 2013
Length: 47:14
This Webinar examined the exponential uptake of video as a consumer medium, plummeting costs of video production, developing scale and creating segmentation for video inventory, global best practices in creating “TV channels” on publisher Web site, the economics of online video advertising, the range and evolution of publishers in video development, and how to position video among a publisher's storytelling tools. Click here for the report from which this Webinar is based.

News Media Outlook 2013: The Print + Digital Dynamic In Exponential Times
Original broadcast: February 6, 2013
Length: 50:24
The Webinar covers the key issues in the emerging print + digital ecology, the revenue opportunities most likely to replace print advertising, an honest assessment of where print fits in multi-media plans, the transformational mobile moment confronting us, the exponential times of abundance in which we live, leading the hybrid news industry in a time of extraordinary change, and what happens to journalism and brands in this age of transition. Click here for the report from which this Webinar is based.

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