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Meredith benefits from its data-driven approach to programmatic advertising

21 October 2014 · By Mark Toner

Having collected rich information on about 100 million consumers, Meredith has long called itself a “database company in media clothing,” says Chip Schenck, vice president of programmatic sales. 

“Different companies have different personalities,” says Schenck, who was hired in late 2013 to lead programmatic sales for the New York-based publishing, broadcast, and marketing company. “Our data-driven approach has important purview in the way we approach programmatic.”

For Meredith, he adds, “data is the business model, programmatic is the medium.”

While Meredith began experimenting with programmatic sales using Google’s AdExchange platform, the company took a “wait and see” approach until ...


New York Times partners with Citi for mobile native advertising solution

20 October 2014 · By Tom Kulaga

In the spring of 2013, amid great fanfare, New York City launched its Citi Bike programme. Operated by NYC Bike Share, Citi Bike is the largest bike-sharing programme in the United States.

This auspicious occasion provided The New York Times with a unique marketing opportunity to create an innovative marketing solution that benefited Times readers, NYC Bike Share, and Citi.

Citi and The New York Times collaborated on a never-been-done-before branding opportunity integrally incorporated into the user experience of The Scoop, a mobile application from The New York Times that aggregates and recommends “the best of New York.” 

The Citi Bike sponsorship of The Scoop app provided additional ...


Dainik Bhaskar researches market potential, expands into new state

14 October 2014 · By Neha Mavani

The launch of the Patna edition brought to the forefront the same rigor and research that has made previous launches from Dainik Bhaskar in Chandigarh, Jaipur, and other key markets a case study on top industry forums, including the Indian Institute of Management and other leading institutes in India.

Thus, after a preliminary check on the city’s demographics and market potential, the company benchmarked the penetration levels of dailies in the city.

The figure they got was 44%, an attractively low level that indicated an opportunity for a new entrant to fill in the large gap and take it to a more normal 60% to 65%. 

With this objective, a team of 650 surveyors fanned out across the city to map the market by ...


Dallas Morning News focuses programmatic strategy on selling audiences

12 October 2014 · By Mark Toner

Editor’s note: This is one of 11 case studies featured in INMA’s strategic report “Programmatic Advertising Opportunities for Publishers,” released in September.

Like many U.S. newspapers, The Dallas Morning News has seen growing competition from online advertising networks for years. But the advent of programmatic advertising sales has created new challenges in the local space.

Programmatic technology has allowed advertising networks to provide highly targeted impressions across a broad range of Web sites, giving them ...


Archant app initiative finds path to audience engagement in print + digital

07 October 2014 · By Wayne Morgan

From the beginning, it was clear that apps offered up a huge opportunity to our business.

Unlimited content, low fixed costs, and low competition meant that every single app gave us a new way to reach the elusive reader and gently tug them away from their beloved printed magazines. 

Within the first year, we launched 30 apps, one at a time. 

The crux of the process was that each iOS app was individually crafted by an external developer. The time and cost involved for custom “native” builds became unsustainable. And with demand increasing within the business, an alternative solution was needed, sharpish. 

The launch of Archant’s new in-house app creation platform in late 2013 was a giant step forward in digital opportunity. Dubbed “The App Factory” for its ability to whizz out apps at a rate of knots, an app could be built and launched within less than an hour — ready to start adding unlimited content. Unlike before ...


Programmatic sales increase after Globe and Mail creates private exchange

01 October 2014 · By Mark Toner

Editor’s note: This is one of 11 case studies featured as part of INMA’s strategic report “Programmatic Advertising Opportunities for Publishers,” released in September.

When The Globe and Mail began exploring programmatic advertising early in this decade, one thing quickly became clear: “The market had adopted the open auction concept. And from what we could tell, the outcome was pretty much a chase to the bottom,” recalls Steve Melles, director of Globe Alliance and the media company’s business development.

“The buy side was using data to understand the value of an impression, but the publishers didn’t have ...


Gannett increases audience time spent with print by extending USA Today brand locally

29 September 2014 · By Maribel Perez Wadsworth

To build a better product, you have to know what people want. At Gannett, by being consumer-centric, we are finding ways to leverage uncovered in-roads to our audiences, seize opportunities born out of the changing media landscape, and re-position what we do to grow our business. 

One such highly successful effort is something we dubbed “Butterfly.”

We knew we had terrific, highly trusted local newspapers and related digital products in more than 80 markets across the country and wanted to build further on our strong connections with our consumers by giving them more of what they value most — which is exceptional, engaging content. 

Here’s a quick primer on what we did to create an outstanding, new news product that has increased consumers’ time spent with the newspaper, enhanced ad recall, and in general made our subscribers very happy while extending the USA Today brand.

Response to the new USA Today local edition was both expected – and unexpected. Our early research indicated this would be effective and the effort continues to ...


South China Morning Post uses anniversary to celebrate Hong Kong

28 September 2014 · By Wayne Knowles

During the sweltering summer months of 2012, the air-conditioner strained to deliver a supply of cool air into our meeting room as we discussed big ideas for our 110th anniversary. Everyone was actively encouraged to put ideas forward as we explored, tested, and built ideas.           

During these preliminary sessions, the team was enthusiastic. Many outlandish ideas were aired with the flair of creative risk-taking. Within the space of a few meetings, we had some award-winning marketing initiatives that typically are used to drive sales. 

Everyone was brimming with excitement. Yet there was a shadow of doubt lurking in the back of our minds. That doubt came from the negative undertones that Hong Kong emanated at the time of planning for our 110th anniversary campaign. 

Doom and gloom, loss of direction … people felt that Hong Kong was no longer competitive in the midst of a fast growing China. We were losing the sense of ...


Danish Publisher Network increases revenue with digital recruitment product

25 September 2014 · By Martin Jensen

As Denmark’s No. 1 job search site, Jobzonen generates a lot of very high-value data about its users. Identifying job seekers for hard-to-fill position like senior leadership, engineering, and finance is a constant requirement for Jobzonen and its recruitment advertisers. 

Jobzonen is an offshoot of Danish Publisher Network, a consortium of 11 leading publishers in Denmark. The initiative is designed to get classifieds ads into digital display marketing by using digital signal processing (DSP) for audience extension. 

Jobzonen transitioned in 2013 from a classic job board to a company that wanted to conquer the technological agenda in the Danish job market with a focus on relevance, mobile recruitment, and use of Big Data. As part of the largest media house in Denmark (P/Politikens Hus or JPPOL), Jobzonen has access to the country’s biggest job audience and thereby largest amount of data.

Simultaneously, DPN was establishing itself as a subsidiary of JPPOL, focused on building the best and largest real-time bidding (RTB) network in combination with data management for managing ad segments. 

Recruitment advertisers who post jobs and advertise on Jobzonen were constantly looking for ...


TMG shifts to advertiser-centered programmatic approach, doubles revenue

24 September 2014 · By Mark Toner

Editor’s note: This is one of 11 case studies featured as part of INMA’s strategic report “Programmatic Advertising Opportunities for Publishers,” released in September.

Like most publishers, TMG Landelijke Media B.V., the Amsterdam publisher of De Telegraaf, has struggled with the decline of print revenue and not-fast-enough growth in online revenue.

To address this, TMG created Publisher Market, an automated-trading initiative that aims to help other publishers implement automated trading and leverage their combined power against giants like Google, Facebook, and Group M/Xaxis.

TMG started with yield management in 2009. That evolved into automated trading in 2010. The goals were ...


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