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Video campaign increases ad revenue from Fairfax Media’s magazine inserts

06 July 2015 · By Carly Staunton

Due to various magazine closures over the past two years, there was a perception amongst advertisers that newspaper magazine inserts were not a focus for Fairfax Media and revenue was impacted as a result.

While this was not the case, we identified the 30th anniversary for our “Good Weekend” magazine insert as an opportunity to share the strengths of our portfolio with our clients.

While we traditionally use the written word to tell our stories, we wanted to demonstrate our innovative, forward thinking attitude for this campaign. Video was the medium that offered the strongest impact in showcasing the magazine’s iconic style of emotive storytelling and powerful imagery.

We deliberately wove human interaction into the production and delivery of our video devices, placing our stories directly into the hands of our customer. The overwhelming response from our clients demonstrated just how unique this tactic was.

Our objectives for the “Good Weekend” 30th Anniversary campaign were to:

  • Re-ignite interest in “Good Weekend” and use the anniversary to show our commitment to a quality product.

  • Drive advertising revenue into the 30th anniversary issue.

  • Retain existing clients of the magazine and engage new clients by ...

How branded content will transform print media

05 July 2015 · By Dawn McMullan

Neal Zuckerman, partner and managing director of Boston Consulting Group (BCG), shared five ways news media companies can embrace and benefit from branded content as he spoke at INMA’s World Congress in New York City in May.

“Media is in a center of a storm of turbulance,” Zuckerman says. Surprisingly, global newspaper trends in revenue have been relatively stable, with a 1% compound annual growth decline, which he calls “shockingly mild.” 

“Revenue growth is the primary driver of total shareholder return for companies that grow over time. You can spend all your time telling a better story. You can do all ...


Cape Breton Post’s marketing campaign focuses on loyal feel, local photos

01 July 2015 · By Carl Fleming

In October and November of 2014, the Cape Breton Post ran the “We Were There” campaign in print, on our Website at, and on Twitter and Facebook.

The Cape Breton Post traces its origins to 1901 and has a hard copy daily readership of nearly 20,000 and weekly Web site visitors regularly topping 100,000 and occasionally approaching 150,000. Those are impressive figures considering the population of our primary coverage area is about a 100,000. 

The “We Were There” campaign was designed to tap into the strong loyalty that our readers have for the Post and to remind them of the enormous connection the newspaper has had with ...


De Standaard focuses on vital steps after storytelling: marketing to digital readers

30 June 2015 · By Emmanuel Naert

Since we introduced a model for a paid Website, the focus of marketing is not so much on reach but on conversion, activation, and engagement. Our job as digital marketers is to bring as many people as possible to the paywall and convert them.

But that’s not enough.

Once readers take the step of paying for our content, we need to activate them as well. Many new members get a subscription because of a promotion (the iPad that goes with the subscription is quite often more important than the newspaper). Subscribers not only need to have a subscription, they must also use the subscription.

The leaked New York Times memo put it this way: “We are putting less effort into reaching reader’s digital doorsteps than we ever did reaching their physical doorsteps.” At De Standaard, we are looking for ways to market and re-market the content to activate the digital reader as much as possible.

That’s what we did with Tot aan de Ijzer.

This is the first spread of Tot aan de Ijzer, which was debuted ...


The past, present, and future of programmatic advertising

29 June 2015 · By Dawn McMullan

Anecdotally (by a raise of hands), 60% of those attending INMA’s World Congress in New York City in May worked for companies that were doing programmatic advertising. 

Matt Prohaska, former programmatic advertising director at The New York Times and author of the INMA strategic report Programmatic Advertising Opportunities for News Publishers, led the panel discussion on the complicated but vital topic:

 The current benefits of programmatic, as Prohaska outlines, include:

  • Speed of transaction.

  • Audience targeting.

  • Lower CPMs. 

What does the future


Bay Area News Group: 5 tips for creating a sports championship instant book

24 June 2015 · By Erika Brown

When the San Francisco Giants won the World Series in 2014 in a momentous seventh-game victory — making them the U.S. baseball champions — we were ready. In fact, we were armed with a virtual storefront, an instant book, front-page memorabilia, special sections and more —all in anticipation of that final, winning play.

If you asked us to choose the offering that set us apart, it would be our instant book, Triple Crowned, featuring content from the winning season. Why? Simply put, we took into account effort versus results and envisioned the highest ROI for the book sales.

The goal for our 2014 World Series instant book was straightforward: to produce a high-quality keepsake product for Giants fans in our marketing area and beyond. We wanted to match, or beat, the sales of our 2012 World Series book, and to equal, or surpass market share in a highly competitive space. 

Our strategy included running a strong ad campaign from ...


8 articles you should read on Facebook’s relationship with news media companies

23 June 2015 · By Dawn McMullan

The recent take-aways on the continuing co-dependent relationship between Facebook and news media companies?

There are many opportunities, like video ads.

There are many concerns, like Facebook is going to put its best interests above your media company’s.

And there certainly is much to discuss.

Here’s a look at what INMA bloggers have offered on the topic so far this year:


Verlag Dierichs’ revamped digital campaign offers tablet-only subscription

21 June 2015 · By Sebastian Gerhold

All newspaper publishers have the same problem — the age structure of subscribers is very old. Young people are difficult to be inspired by the printed newspaper. The future will be digital. But can you convince even the most long-standing subscribers to use a digital product?

An example of the Verlag Dierichs in Kassel, Germany:

The first Apple launched the iPad in 2010. Since that time, more and more newspapers have developed digital tablet offers. In 2012, Verlag Dierichs launched its first digital tablet offer, with a package including the third-generation iPad and our ePaper.

We launched the package with flyer and ads throughout our circulation area, offering a tablet for the new subscribers and subsidised with €100 from us. Our new subscribers paid €35 monthly for the package (iPad and ePaper). For the smallest iPad-version, they had to pay additional one-time fee of €99.

For existing subscribers, we created a special product: customers pay a monthly subscription price for the iPad ...


Irish Independent answers advertiser’s quest to up its event sponsorship game

18 June 2015 · By Declan Fahy

In May 2013, Liberty Insurance announced a major new partnership with the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) and the Camogie Association, which saw the brand sponsor both the GAA Hurling All-Ireland Senior Championship and the Camogie Championships. This was the first time that the same sponsor has supported both of Ireland’s oldest games.

To raise awareness of its continued sponsorship in 2014, Liberty Insurance approached the Irish Independent with a brief outlining the following objectives:

  • To deliver GAA fans with more editorial, more content, more analysis in an entertaining way for both hurling and camogie.

  • Leverage Liberty Insurance’s sponsorship of the Hurling and Camogie Championships.

  • To deliver a first-to-market, innovative,and collaborative ...

3 principles of Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post

17 June 2015 · By Dawn McMullan

Steve Hills, president and general manager of The Washington Post, gives a look into where The Post goes next with these three principles:

  1. Put the customer first. 

  2. Invest and experiment.

  3. Be patient.

“There’s no right or wrong,” Hills said at the INMA World Congress in New York City. “This is just how we’re approaching it under Bezos ownership.”

The Washington Post has the potential to be excellent in its journalism and its engineering (meaning “to think like a digital product company”), Hills said. 

Hills quoted Bezos during his presentation: “In my experience, the way invention, innovation, and change happen is through team effort. There’s no lone genius who


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