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Austin American-Statesman holiday campaign drives engagement, helps local families

26 August 2014 · By Shannon Cockrell

The 2013 “Season for Caring” campaign by the Austin American-Statesman raised more than US$549,000 in monetary donations and US$124,000 in in-kind donations, for a grand total of US$644,000, making it one of the most successful campaigns since the programme began in 1999.

During the month of December, the newspaper featured 12 families, all of whom had been nominated by local non-profit agencies. Those families were featured in daily stories and ads, drawing a response from more than 2,500 readers and local businesses that reached out, contributed, and ...


Audience, advertisers embrace Die Welt’s Augmented Reality special edition

24 August 2014 · By Ulf Poschardt

One of the golden rules of journalism is to focus on one’s obligation as a chronicler. After all, in our wonderful profession, prophecies are regarded as rather dubious. Our specialty can be the present, at best.

All the better when these conventional rules are left aside for a day for good reason, and instead a pair of binoculars are provided with which to set one’s sights on tomorrow.

That is precisely what we dared to do for the first time in 2013.

The result was a special issue called “Die Welt der Zukunft” (“World of the future”) – supplied from all our desks, which dared to make forecasts, ranging from quite futuristic to frighteningly realistic. And because we as journalists also form part of a unique transformation in terms of both technology and structure, we thought about “how” to perform our work in the future. 

We came up with the idea while reflecting on our role as a newspaper in all the ongoing discussions on the future. How can we report the future? How can we analyse its challenges? 

With the help of multi-media storytelling and Augmented Reality, we were able to supplement the conventional print edition ...


Winnipeg Free Press increases revenue from travel partner by 10 times with revamped relationship

19 August 2014 · By Laurie Finley

Having previously fostered a successful relationship with a local homebuilders’ association, staff at Winnipeg Free Press began looking for more such opportunities.

We found one with Travel Manitoba, the local tourism arm for our region. 

In 2010, we were created a small publication with Travel Manitoba. We encouraged them to sit down with us and explore how we could help them not only revitalise their publications, but find ways to save money.

During our research, we discovered Travel Manitoba had six publications, many of which had overlapping information. After several discussions, we were able to eliminate ...


New York Times increases readership with holiday discount subscription campaigns

18 August 2014 · By Tom Kulaga

Holiday weekends have long been known for the shopping excitement — and sometimes frenzy — that traditionally accompanies them.

For several years now, The New York Times has sought to capitalise on these opportunities by custom designing unique promotions and marketing approaches created to drive incremental subscription orders.

The New York Times began promoting holiday sales on Cyber Monday 2011 and continued throughout 2012. Encouraged by the results, the company extended these efforts even further in 2013, promoting sales during six key holiday sales periods: Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and December holidays. The efforts continue in 2014.

The offer for the holiday sales throughout the year is usually ...


Gazeta do Povo improves image, social media presence with political involvement campaign

17 August 2014 · By Axeu Aislan Beluca

Politics is not a monster or exclusively the domain of dishonest people. It’s an activity that everyday citizens can participate in on a daily basis. To do so, you just have to know the operation of public offices and understand the existent tools that allow you to take political action in society. 

With this spirit, Gazeta do Povo has launched its “Política Cidada” (“Citizen Politics”) campaign. 

The main goal of the campaign is to turn citizens into main characters of politics. Gazeta do Povo showed stories of people who act politically without even realising it.

The campaign also presented news pieces that show how public institutions work, and that explain how every citizen can contribute and monitor the government (without debating partisan politics). 

With this campaign, Gazeta do Povo aimed to create a wide communication platform focusing on people, informing them and seeking to inspire actions with ...


Chronicle Herald re-designs itself for iOS 7, bringing new revenue, praise from Apple

13 August 2014 · By Jill Kenny

The Chronicle Herald has been delivering news to Nova Scotians since 1824. Still independently owned and operated today, it has become a leader in delivering local, national and international news, business, and sports to its readers through multiple digital platforms.

Most recently, that expanded to include a newly redesigned app for iOS 7.

The design and development of the application was a team effort between The Chronicle Herald and MindSea Development, experts in mobile design and app solutions and based locally in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Chronicle Herald, like many regional newspapers, struggles with ...


3 ways 24sata increased digital audience, engagement

12 August 2014 · By Helena Vince

As the leading Croatian multi-media brand, 24sata has the No.1 Croatian daily newspaper, the No. 1 Croatian Web site, a range of special interest sites around it, mobile apps, the No.1 Croatian Facebook page in media segment, and the TV-channel 24sata TV.

This allows us to reach 1.5 million users, which is 33% of the Croatian population, across all our platforms every day.

However, we wouldn't have so many No. 1 products if we hadn’t realised one of the most important ingredients in our formula for success: the constant communication with our readers and their involvement in the creation of content.

Luckily, we realised this in time — before our launch. This three-pronged strategy — along with a unique concept and innovative and creative ways of implementing it — are ...


News Corp Australia’s local shopping app gives advertisers, shoppers easy options

11 August 2014 · By Elizabeth McDonald

In November 2013, News Corp Australia launched Local Shoppa — a free location-based smartphone app, featuring special deals by advertisers.

News Corp introduced the app in a geographical footprint serviced by one of its local community newspapers, The Manly Daily. The objective was to ...


Mobile platform aggregates user-generated content, unites Jornal do Commercio audience

07 August 2014 · By Veronica Barros

ComuniQ is a mobile platform to bring the audience closer to the newsrooms of Sistema Jornal do Commercio de Comunicação (SJCC), a conglomerate of TV, newspaper, radio, and Internet news portal companies in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil.

This large variety of media channels and outlets needed to gather news-related content submitted by the local citizens in a more organised way. The methods previously used by the journalists were e-mail and social networks, but the major problems were the lack of content flow control and the inability to output the high amount of content received every day.

To resolve this problem, SJCC TV, newspaper, radio, and Internet executives teamed up with i2 Mobile Solutions, a local company specialising in ...


Metro photo competition brings in revenue, engages photo-sharing demographic

06 August 2014 · By Jeremy Bryant

2013 marked the ninth edition of the Metro Photo Challenge, which broke previous records of successfully implemented and highly engaging print, digital, and social media campaigns. And all this in 40 days!

The Metro Photo Challenge (MPC) was initiated nine years ago in Sweden, and launched globally for the first time in 2007. It has become a truly credible event for amateur and professional photographers, engaging more than 18.5 million daily Metro readers with a fun, interactive, and challenging competition.

Using the platform, people can upload, share, and vote for their favourite photos in six globally chosen categories. The strong social sharing features of the platform means that people stay longer and return more often. 

The 2013 (MPC) captured more than one million unique visitors on the Web site — equating to more than 25,000 each day. That is a very large number, even compared to the Ellen DeGeneres selfie media storm. 

MPC also registered 39,000 participants from 204 countries, who uploaded a total of ...


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