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Moving content helps Courier-Mail tell advertiser’s story, build brand, donations

18 May 2016 · By Belinda MacPherson

News Corp Australia Courier-Mails execution of its Legacy Brisbane 2015 Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) Gallipoli Centenary campaign is a successful example of the power of an in-house creative collaboration.

With the aim to share stories, honour ANZAC heroes, and engage commercial partners such as Legacy Brisbane, the publishing house created a multi-channel campaign encompassing deep, rich content that was interactive and engaging.

News Corp shares Legacy Brisbane's support of fallen heroes and those they left behind.

The proactive opportunity with a six-month sales cycle began with a phone call, and resulted in Legacy Brisbane achieving its largest acquisition of new donors on record. The brief that unfolded was simple: to pull on ...


Financial Times increases click-through rates 30% with new digital ad format

16 May 2016 · By Alexis Jarman

Engagement has long been a marketing watchword, but brands and marketers are still constantly evolving the ways in which they drive engagement.

It’s been just over six months since Financial Times launched FT², our content marketing suite. The launch saw our commercial team increase its focus on content creation, data analytics, and new digital tools with a single goal: to connect the FT’s sought-after audience with advertisers in a way that delivers the best possible reader experience.

How have we and our clients fared in those six months, and what have we learned?

In September 2015, we introduced our Paid Post format — clearly marked advertising content that features on the homepage. We launched Paid Posts after extensive customer research showed ...


Večernji list exercise classes reflect audience interests, bring in new revenue

15 May 2016 · By Mark Toner

For the last several years, Večernji list had been focused on creating new revenue streams by creating a community of fans around its niche media platforms (print and digital platforms). It has done so not only by producing relevant and useful content, but with non-publishing projects that complement its core products, according to Petra Ivičević-Bakulić, the company’s media solutions sales director. 

As part of a needs analysis, Večernji list concluded that across all age groups, readers are most interested in running/jogging, or in Nordic walking among the 50+ age group. Recognising a growing trend among all generations to participate in outdoor activities, Večernji list decided in early 2014 to launch a niche bi-monthly magazine GoOUT with an accompanying digital platform. 

GoOUT launched in 2014 with an accompanying digital platform, reaching out to readers interested in outdoor activities like running.

At the same time, a market analysis showed that sufficient capacity did not exist in ...


Toronto Star consumable sample packs deliver Millennials, advertisers

11 May 2016 · By Mark Toner

To college students, the clear plastic bags handed out at 35 campuses across Canada in late 2015 represented some free samples suitable for a midnight snack or a load of laundry. But for the Toronto Star, the sample packs represent crucial inroads into two difficult-to-reach segments: young adults and consumer packaged goods (CPG) advertisers. 

“We were looking for a way to target the Millennial audience and monetise it,” says Julie Murtha, director of audience development and innovation at the Toronto Star. 

Toronto Star distributed these campus survival kids at more than 35 colleges when school started.

Consumer marketing managers at the Star came up with the idea of creating the sample packs, in part, to leverage the newspaper’s existing distribution relationships on college campuses. Along with better reaching a Millennial crowd that doesn’t gravitate to traditional newspapers, the sample packs — dubbed “campus survival kits” — provided an opportunity to win business from ...


Sunday Telegraph breaks youth mental health stigma with forums, content

05 May 2016 · By Claire Nance

In late 2014, when The Sunday Telegraph editor Mick Carroll first heard that schoolchildren as young as 12 were taking their own lives, he knew he had to do something.

Eighteen months later and that something is The Sunday Telegraph’s “Can We Talk” campaign, an initiative which aims to break the stigma around youth mental health by encouraging conversation and providing practical advice to parents and young people.

The campaign, especially in its early stages, was bold and brave. Mainstream media had not previously covered youth suicide or mental health in the way that The Sunday Telegraph was — on the front page of a major metro newspaper.

Sunday Telegraph front page announces campaign to address youth suicide crisis

The response to the initial coverage was phenomenal, with The Sunday Telegraph inundated with personal stories of grief and loss from families, and also the stories of families terrified about their young people’s mental health. Parents were being left out of ...


Hindu Group engages youth, educators with subscription learning portal

04 May 2016 · By Chari Vijayaraghavan

Young World Club, a fun-filled, interactive education portal, was launched recently by The Hindu Group, a leading media house in India. 

The Young World Club digital space provides a platform for offering young audiences visual and interactive experiences, without being bound by geography. After a one-month free trial, subscribers are offered a variety of paid options to suit their needs.

The portal is an extension of The Hindu Group’s popular print publications The Hindu Young World and The Hindu in School, which cater to junior and senior students and reach about 500,000 subscribers.

Young World Club caters to different student groups with content organised in age segments and tiered subscription pricing. The online portal extends the reach of a print publication of the same name, targeting students during the school day and at home.

Children today are exposed to diverse social and cultural elements from around the ...


Events at Independent Media transition from marketing to revenue builder

03 May 2016 · By Mark Toner

For South Africa’s Independent Media, a highly successful high school quiz competition has grown from a marketing venture to a considerable source of revenue. Its initial success in the events space has also opened the door for other, larger-scale ventures with public institutions. 

“What started as a humble marketing initiative — ‘Let’s get youth into the newspaper’ — developed into a highly monetised venture,” says Sandy Naude, group executive for direct advertising and community newspapers. “Where we see opportunities to grow revenue is events.” 

The Cape Argus School Quiz began in 2008 as a fairly typical youth marketing programme — with 19 secondary schools participating and sponsors lined up to purchase newspapers for students to study in preparation for the competition. 

Over the years, more schools and students signed up to participate — 148 teams from 52 schools in 2015. Larger sponsors, including a supermarket chain and insurance company, underwrote the ...


Washington Post focuses on revenue, audience opportunities of vertical video

02 May 2016 · By Micah Gelman

It may have started with Apple’s FaceTime, or perhaps it was Google Hangouts. Sometime between the introduction of the video-enabled smartphone and the arrival of Snapchat, the world shifted from a century-long tradition of horizontal moving pictures (first the movie screen, then television) to today’s gold rush into vertical video.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t hung my television sideways in the living room (yet), but I do shoot and consume a great deal of vertical video on my iPhone.

And The Washington Post, along with countless other publishers, is moving headlong into vertical video as a new format and ...


Helsingin Sanomat markets its data storytelling tools for native advertising use

27 April 2016 · By Pietari Korhonen

As a part of the digital development of Helsingin Sanomat, the largest subscription newspaper in Finland, we’ve been exploring new digital storytelling methods.

These efforts are led by seasoned journalists who are rethinking the traditional, one-way communication model of newspapers — distributing pieces for a passive reader — in favour of a modern digital environment.

One of our most innovative initiatives is creating a set of “data journalism” tools and templates, which our journalists can use to quickly produce unique storytelling visualisations, such as charts and graphs, interactive timelines, or maps.

These unique pieces of content add value for readers, and enhance online storytelling by allowing us to represent rich, complex data in effective, entertaining ways.

After our journalists used these tools for a few years, we realised they might also be used commercially. Like many newspaper companies, we still draw certain lines between journalistic content and commercially created content, so it took us awhile to ...


A.H. Belo’s new company proves value of print ads with performance-based pricing

26 April 2016 · By Richard Jones

Proven Performance Media (PPM), owned by A.H. Belo Corporation, is driving significant revenue (seven figures) in new business for our publishing partners, leading with newspaper print ads. Yes, PRINT ads!

We do this by leveraging data insights, pay-per-action pricing models, and cross-platform campaigns to maximise advertiser performance. And it all started six years ago with a customer challenge.

The challenge is all too familiar to those of us in the newspaper industry: You have a meeting with your client to discuss their business. The client says: “We aren’t sure print is working. We are considering moving all of our print dollars to digital through our digital agency.” Translation: The small amount of digital dollars going to you are about to get reduced even further.

Recently when an important client said they were canceling their print because they didn’t know if it worked, The Dallas Morning News asked the question: “If we can prove it works, will you pay us on the sales we generate?” The client agreed, and it was the start of ...


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