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Data scientists at Schibsted start locally, stay connected at corporate level

26 May 2015 · By Jeremy C. Fox

Schibsted Media Group is a leader in using data to guide its interactions with consumers.

Edoardo Jacucci, vice president of strategy and data analytics for Schibsted, leads a unit of data scientists and conversion rate optimisation experts who work with the company’s central leadership as well as with its many subsidiaries.

Each team member working on conversion is embedded within a subsidiary and is focused on solving its problems, but team members all share their knowledge across the entire system.

When developing solutions for one of its companies, Schibsted’s data scientists build new features centrally so that they can be applied to any of the corporation’s other properties. And while the building of user profiles for advertisers was once done by each property at the local level, the company is now working to build profiles across all properties in a given market, enabling it to provide rich profiles to advertisers and deliver more relevant ads to users. 

Schibsted has traditionally collected a great deal of user data from Web site traffic and from interactions with its classified ads, and it has run analytics on site performance and on purchases and subscriptions, Jacucci says. Its subsidiary companies have progressed at different rates, though, with some developing far more sophisticated programmes than others, he says. 

In 2014, Schibsted started collecting data more systematically, with a short-term goal of ...


Kompas partners with mobile marketing specialists for e-commerce efforts

21 May 2015 · By Shelley Seale

E-commerce is a challenging new market where a publisher can directly meet the audience through digital channels, says Hardanto Subagyo, business director for Kompas. It also provides a broad opportunity to market new journalistic products derived from traditional news products.

To take advantage of this opportunity, Kompas developed its own online store selling an ePaper ( It also joined forces with large digital media stores that specialise in the mobile market, such as Scoop and Wayang Force, to market the Kompas ePaper to the Asian market, with plans to expand to worldwide distribution.

The KOMPAS e-commerce strategy consists of these key components:

  • Producing digital versions of the print edition (ePaper, news site, and mobile content).

  • Investigating the ability to market special digital content to mobile companies such as Samsung.

  • Creating a digital hub where KOMPAS can market, and at the same time meet its print audience digitally.

  • Experimenting with numerous digital payment services from a range of credible banks in Indonesia.

  • Developing a digital bridge containing e-mail and payment accounts of ...

Khaleej Times benefits from its customer-centered history as it embraces innovation

05 May 2015 · By Yomna Kamel

Growing up in the Middle East, you learn it is not just a big giant region, but one that is made up of several different and unique subcultures and societies. I have been living in the Middle East since I was one-and-a-half years old and, although I am Italian/Egyptian, for me, the Gulf is home.

I have lived in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for more than nine years now, and this has become another home for my family and me. I always used to tell me friends and visitors you have not seen Saudi Arabia (where I grew up) unless you really live there for a few years. It is unique in its own way and it will just grow on you.

The UAE is different and even more unique. Born through the discovery of oil and sea trade and then its unification in 1971, it is now home to more than 200 nationalities. You see the developments of this country as you see how a little baby grows to become a toddler, then suddenly a teenager, and then a mature adult.

The cyclone of infrastructure developments, and the tornado of new attractions is unimaginable. At this stage, in my opinion, I would plot the UAE at the same stage of a teenager trying to ...


News Corp’s e-commerce strategy focuses on rewards programme, 3 core elements

03 May 2015 · By Shelley Seale

Like any digital technology or consumer-oriented experience, e-commerce has evolved over the years. Today, purchasing products and services online is convenient due to its constant availability, global reach, and ease of customer service, says News Corp Australia’s Adam King, general manager of consumer commerce. 

“I think that the term e-commerce really stems from a time where having an online transactional capability was a point of difference,” King says.

“Ultimately however, I believe that the nirvana for any consumer-oriented business is when consumers incorporate products and services deeply into their lives. Considering the strong heritage we have with our traditional media products and audience, this has formed the basis for our own approach at News.”

The Internet and mobile technology have transformed news, and subscribing to services over purchasing products is gradually gaining momentum globally. In this space, News Corp has long been a service provider of meaningful and relevant content that enriches readers’ lives.

The online subscription model continues to be important for News Corp consumers, and the organisation has also introduced a rewards system for ...


Revenue at Fairfax’s real estate business up 56% this year

30 April 2015 · By Tony Blamey

Australia’s leading real estate media and services business, the Domain Group, has undergone a dramatic transformation from a print only real estate classifieds business to a high growth, multi-channel real estate media and services business. 

As recently as five years ago, 80% of Domain Group revenues were generated in print. Today, 80% of revenue is digital, and the growth curve is impressive, with group revenue up 56% in the current year. 

Domain Group is the Real Estate Media Division of Fairfax Media, and runs a number of real estate print sections and magazines in various markets as well as a leading online property portal, property data businesses, and a real estate CRM business. 

Fairfax Media is, of course, Australia’s oldest publisher, with a 180-year history and three of Australia’s most powerful mastheads: The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and The Australian Financial Review. The business was funded by the so-called “rivers of gold” related to classified advertising ...


De Standaard targets college students with touring quiz event

29 April 2015 · By Emmanuel Naert

From September onwards until the end of the year, media marketers and their budget controllers often quarrel about marketing campaigns with great out-of-pocket expenses. 

Surely experience marketing, brand activation, and organising events are among the most criticised expenses on the marketing budget. And even more suspicion is raised when that money goes to events for 18-to 25-year-olds — a target group where, apart from bottom fare student subscriptions, there is little to nothing to gain. No sales, no margin, no loyalty.

But there are reasons to invest energy and money in young adults.

In an era of recession and declining sales, media have an opportunity to target a new and farm-fresh audience — those who have just started to consume media. They hardly know why editors print news once a day and what that looks like, let alone spend an hour reading it.

That’s why De Standaard organises Het Grootste Licht. 

Het Grootste Licht – the brightest bulb — is best translated as “the sharpest knife in the drawer.” It’s a touring quiz event in different rounds, taking places in major university cities ...


Largest online shopping site in Finland at center of Sanoma’s e-commerce ecosystem

27 April 2015 · By Shelley Seale

E-commerce has many definitions – maybe too many, says Marja-Leena Tuomola, COO of Sanoma Digital. “In Sanoma, with e-commerce we usually mean the sale of physical or digital products and services through digital sales channels.” 

She defines a “sale” as one in which the product is ordered and paid online, but the delivery in the case of physical products (or consumption of a service) is a separate action offline.

There are also “borderline” sales, such as when the product is either ordered online and paid for and picked-up offline in the store or postal office, or is ordered and paid for online in an e-commerce retail store and then delivered to the home.

For the sake of clarity, Sanoma’s e-ecommerce revenue is defined in its financial reporting so that it does not include the sales of Sanoma’s own media products (print/digital). Therefore, sales of Helsingin Sanomat digital and print subscriptions via digital sales channels are not ...


Condé Nast takes global approach to e-commerce strategy

21 April 2015 · By Shelley Seale

While Condé Nast U.S. and Condé Nast International are accustomed to communicating with each other and sharing ideas, the new e-commerce division marks the first time the two units have collaborated on an undertaking of this scale, says Jonathan Newhouse, chairman and CEO of Condé Nast International: “The nature of e-commerce is global and brand-based, and we thought it was a wise course to take a global approach.”

Condé Nast broke into the e-commerce game in late 2013 on a global basis. Condé Nast in the United States and Condé Nast International have launched a new division devoted to e-commerce, naming ...


Ekstra Bladet sees e-commerce as a multi-platform strategy

15 April 2015 · By Shelley Seale

Defining e-commerce as “revenue driven business on digital platforms,” Anders Ovesen says that Ekstra Bladet does not differentiate between commerce on various channels — for example, mobile app or Internet — because its customers expect the same high level of service, regardless which platform they are using.

“Our approach is to be innovative and open-minded, having a ‘let’s try it’ attitude to all possible e-commerce revenue streams,” says Ovesen, mobile sales manager. “Of course, we are not just testing everything blindfolded. We do analysis and create a business plan and model for each initiative.” 

The company has launched several projects and partnerships, from investing in digital project and apps to ...


5 ways Gazeta do Povo meets readers at their interests

08 April 2015 · By Axeu Aislan Beluca

We are going through such a relevant change that it certainly demands a moment of reflection. We are maybe living the greatest of all revolutions: the new dynamics in producing, consuming, and sharing information.

This revolution has become a major challenge for brands that need to reinvent how they connect with customers, expand the ecosystem between product and service, and reinforce the meaning of their brand.

Today, the “customer” is no longer passive; he has become the co-author of the large social conversation happening around contents distributed by “traditional methods.” He fully produces in a participative and hyper-connected culture.

The common citizen has incorporated new habits, noting that he ...


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