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Straits Times attracts digital audience with e-books app, in-depth content

01 October 2015 · By Chew V Ming and Shefali Rekhi

The Straits Times STAR e-books app that offers digital-only content and re-purposed print articles.

The Straits Times STAR e-books app for users of iPad and Android devices is an elegantly designed gateway to the Straits Times’ expanding universe of digital content.

Launched in June 2014, it offers e-books with both exclusive digital-only content, as well as re-purposed print articles, for readers who are consuming more content than ever on their mobile devices. The app has been downloaded more than 200,000 times.

According to Associate Editor Sumiko Tan: “Our approach in ST Star is to re-imagine storytelling. The digital space allows us to create beautiful, exciting experiences for our readers, and we hope they will join us in this journey."

To date, Straits Times has launched two e-books on Singapore’s founding prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew; 13 issues of the monthly e-magazine The Life; two fitness e-books; and a few other titles. The total number of e-book downloads has crossed 500,000.

The app’s debut offering was the e-magazine, The Life, packed ...


Telegraph increases student circulation with scrapbooking programme

30 September 2015 · By L. Carol Christopher

The Telegraph Genius programme ad that attracts young readers to participate through scrapbooking activity.

As a challenger in the market of the Indian state of Odisha, ABP’s The Telegraph implemented a plan to increase circulation numbers enough to eventually move it from No. 3 to No. 1 in the market by encouraging younger people to become habitual newspaper readers and a dependable part of its audience as well. 

Ambitiously, ABP also sought to remedy a predictable seasonal drop in circulation and to generate an additional revenue stream. The beauty of this educational programme is that it reduces those circulation drops, even during exams and summer and winter breaks. 

The solution? Scrapbooking. 

Scrapbooking encourages family involvement with The Telegraph and can make learning a fun-filled exercise. By meeting several criteria for which a scrapbook was the core, students could be a Telegraph Genius.

The requirements were to: 

  • Be a student in one of seven schools in Bhubaneswar or in one of three schools in Rourkela in the state of Odisha. 
  • Show competence in the fields of general knowledge, current affairs, and self-development over a three-month span by scoring above 50% on randomly held classroom quizzes. 

After meeting those criteria, students faced additional challenges: 

  • Maintain a scrapbook with articles mentioned in a message board appearing in ...

Jang Media grows ad revenues in difficult market with advertising app

29 September 2015 · By Fatima Zakir

Jang Media mobile and desktop advertising tool that provides advertising strategies for media companies.

In the course of 24 hours, nearly 35 million Pakistani consumers read, watch, listen, or browse a brand owned by the Jang Media Group. Jang Group enjoys 50% of total readership in Pakistan and total advertising revenues of the group account for almost 34% of total ad spend in Pakistan.

The Group is now the largest and the fastest growing media group in Pakistan with a diversified portfolio of media properties. With eight newspapers, two weekly magazines, five TV channels, and number of digital properties, Jang Media Group is by far the largest and the leading media conglomerate in the country. 

And it does not stop there. Jang Media Group knows what it takes to keep its audience and readers engaged – innovation. It is after all the soul of every field.

For this purpose, Jang Media Group keeps adding new properties to its portfolio that are reader friendly and user friendly. This innovation is not restricted to the content and layouts but targets advertisers and their requirements, too. It is for these advertisers that media has ...


From market saturation to 4 smartphone apps, how Dallas Morning News is adapting

27 September 2015 · By Jeremy C. Fox

Variety of apps by The Dallas Morning News that were built around specific audience needs.

Editor’s note: This is one of 19 case studies featured in INMA’s strategic report “Smartphone App Lessons for Media Companies,” released in July.   

The Dallas Morning News spent 2014 and this year shifting its app strategy from one of market saturation to a focus on just a few apps that serve its audience and extend its brand.

In the app boom of 2011 and 2012, as developers across the tech industry were pushing out new apps for anything and everything, the news media company developed about 30, says Christopher Williams, digital strategist for the newspaper. 

“The strategy here at the time was, let’s build 100 apps and let’s really start to kind of fill the shelves of the App Store and take over that way, by saturation,” Williams says. “And by pure network size, maybe we’ll start to garner audience.” 

But while it is easy to come up with many ideas for apps, not all of those ideas will find a place in the market. And the maintenance of two or three dozen apps is a ...


Kleine Zeitung expands audience, brand with multi-media storytelling

23 September 2015 · By Claudia Gigler

Kleine Zeitung Akademie was founded in 2012. Its main goal is to present “Wissen für Leser,” which is to offer our audience knowledge that goes beyond the print and online daily news.

Two projects gained a lot of attention. The first project was related to history in general, but was quite regional and touched people’s personal experience.

A project by Kleine Zeitung that offers knowledge beyond daily news through history storytelling.

Word War I: Cross-media storytelling

An upcoming event, the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I, was expected to have broad impact on the audience of Kleine Zeitung. Our goals were to:

  • Find new ways of cross-media storytelling.

  • Present historical research in a popular way.

  • Increase our benefit by reusing our content and extending our reporting towards new products.

  • Stimulate our current audience and attract a new audience, especially young people, by connecting generations and being ...

Revamped Aftenposten app triples paying digital audience

21 September 2015 · By Even Teimansen

Aftenposten+ app that aims for paid subscriptions.

Aftenposten+ is a premium news app for iOS and Android, developed and published by the leading Norwegian national newspaper Aftenposten. It is used by almost three times as many readers, daily and weekly, as our previous native iPad app.

Aftenposten+ is aimed at paying subscribers. It can be downloaded and browsed for free, but readers need a paid subscription to read its content. The application was developed in the context of Aftenposten transforming its digital business model from free to paid subscriptions. The challenge in that respect was twofold:

  1. To transform existing print subscribers to digital.

  2. To recruit new subscribers.

The aim was to offer Aftenposten subscribers an all-inclusive, premium, digital app. The app was to digitize the essence of the Aftenposten brand experience — presenting thoroughly edited lean-back editions with in-depth articles and analysis.

In addition, the app needed to target serious news enthusiasts who appreciate classic, detail-oriented, and in-depth coverage as part of a truly digital presentation. To make the app even more appealing, we published the next day’s newspaper edition at 10 p.m. in the app, while our print readers get ...


Globe and Mail smartphone apps are key to bringing in high-value ad revenue

20 September 2015 · By Jeremy C. Fox

The Globe and Mail's general and Globe Investor smartphone apps.

Editor’s note: This is one of 19 case studies featured in INMA’s strategic report “Smartphone App Lessons for Media Companies,” released in July.  

The Globe and Mail sees its smartphone and tablet apps as “a key touchpoint for our most dedicated readers” and a “pillar of our overall audience strategy,” says Matt Frehner, senior editor of mobile and interactive news. 

The Globe and Mail’s distinctive editorial content is its app’s top selling point, Frehner says, citing its leading coverage of Canadian business and politics, as well as its robust foreign and national bureaus.

“This means delivering great long-form and investigative journalism, and also paying a lot of attention to the design of our products, and experimenting with data and interactive journalism,” he says.

The company designs content to work across all platforms, with the goal of making its journalism available to readers however they consume news — whether by mobile, desktop, or print. But it also considers audience behaviour, Frehner says, “so we are heavily focused on ...


Ekstra Bladet relies on ad revenue, unique content for success of 2 smartphone apps

15 September 2015 · By Jeremy C. Fox

Ekstra Bladet browser interface, which accounts for 92% of its mobile traffic.

Editor’s note: This is one of 19 case studies featured in INMA’s strategic report “Smartphone App Lessons for Media Companies,” released in July.  

In Denmark, Ekstra Bladet has a strong Internet presence, behind only Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, and Wikipedia as of June 2015, according to Internet rankings site Alexa.

Its mobile strategy is to focus on its browser interface, which accounts for 92% of its mobile traffic. Users have free access to content; revenues come from advertisements that are connected with the company’s browser ad strategy. 

The media company’s two mobile apps, which contain its ...


10 can’t-miss posts on Apple and the news media industry

14 September 2015 · By Dawn McMullan

Everyone’s eyes were on Apple last week, as the company introduced its 3D touch iPhone 6S/6S+ and iPad Pro. INMA bloggers have been talking about Apple all year. Here are some of their best contributions on the headline-making, future-determining company:


New Apple technology opens engagement, design opportunities for media companies

summary of new apple innovations for media

From Sarah Riley, MindSea/The Chronicle Herald: Apple’s new technological innovations — 3D touch iPhone, huge iPad Pro, Apple TV update — allow publishers to create high-quality content on the go and shortcuts to in-depth material on mobile devices. Go to Article ->


The era of frenemies: Can media leaders re-define their relationship with Apple?

Frenemies relationship between Apple and media publishing industry

From Nikolay Malyarov, PressReader: Big media players like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook can afford to remain competitive with each other, which means they hold the power to dictate the future of news media as we know it.
Go to Article ->


What does the new Apple News app mean for media companies?

Apple News app replacing Newsstand at Worldwide Developers Conference

From Sarah Riley, MindSea/The Chronicle Herald): Media companies will keep 100% of self-sold ad revenue from Apple’s News app, which replaces its Newsstand app, with Apple earning ...


How one Sveriges Radio broadcast reached every young person in Sweden

14 September 2015 · By Yasmine El Rafie

Musikhjälpen broadcast venue that aims to engage young people.

Have you heard of Music Aid (“Musikhjälpen” in Swedish)? 

If you are a Swede between the ages of 15 and 34, chances are almost 100% that you have, according to our surveys. 

Here’s why: 

Step 1: Make it appealing. 

The concept might seem simple at first – put a studio/concert venue in a central square in a city somewhere in Sweden. Throw three show hosts in the mix that broadcast around the clock on radio, TV, the Web, and social media for a total of 144 hours. Season it with an annual fundraising cause, and then welcome guests on the show to take part in the fundraiser. 

However, Musikhjälpen isn’t your average fundraiser. It is a fundraiser where the main focus isn’t the money. 

Step 2: Focus on what matters. 

Since it began in 2008, Music Aid has been driven by ...


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