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Gannett increases audience time spent with print by extending USA Today brand locally

29 September 2014 · By Maribel Perez Wadsworth

To build a better product, you have to know what people want. At Gannett, by being consumer-centric, we are finding ways to leverage uncovered in-roads to our audiences, seize opportunities born out of the changing media landscape, and re-position what we do to grow our business. 

One such highly successful effort is something we dubbed “Butterfly.”

We knew we had terrific, highly trusted local newspapers and related digital products in more than 80 markets across the country and wanted to build further on our strong connections with our consumers by giving them more of what they value most — which is exceptional, engaging content. 

Here’s a quick primer on what we did to create an outstanding, new news product that has increased consumers’ time spent with the newspaper, enhanced ad recall, and in general made our subscribers very happy while extending the USA Today brand.

Response to the new USA Today local edition was both expected – and unexpected. Our early research indicated this would be effective and the effort continues to ...


South China Morning Post uses anniversary to celebrate Hong Kong

28 September 2014 · By Wayne Knowles

During the sweltering summer months of 2012, the air-conditioner strained to deliver a supply of cool air into our meeting room as we discussed big ideas for our 110th anniversary. Everyone was actively encouraged to put ideas forward as we explored, tested, and built ideas.           

During these preliminary sessions, the team was enthusiastic. Many outlandish ideas were aired with the flair of creative risk-taking. Within the space of a few meetings, we had some award-winning marketing initiatives that typically are used to drive sales. 

Everyone was brimming with excitement. Yet there was a shadow of doubt lurking in the back of our minds. That doubt came from the negative undertones that Hong Kong emanated at the time of planning for our 110th anniversary campaign. 

Doom and gloom, loss of direction … people felt that Hong Kong was no longer competitive in the midst of a fast growing China. We were losing the sense of ...


Danish Publisher Network increases revenue with digital recruitment product

25 September 2014 · By Martin Jensen

As Denmark’s No. 1 job search site, Jobzonen generates a lot of very high-value data about its users. Identifying job seekers for hard-to-fill position like senior leadership, engineering, and finance is a constant requirement for Jobzonen and its recruitment advertisers. 

Jobzonen is an offshoot of Danish Publisher Network, a consortium of 11 leading publishers in Denmark. The initiative is designed to get classifieds ads into digital display marketing by using digital signal processing (DSP) for audience extension. 

Jobzonen transitioned in 2013 from a classic job board to a company that wanted to conquer the technological agenda in the Danish job market with a focus on relevance, mobile recruitment, and use of Big Data. As part of the largest media house in Denmark (P/Politikens Hus or JPPOL), Jobzonen has access to the country’s biggest job audience and thereby largest amount of data.

Simultaneously, DPN was establishing itself as a subsidiary of JPPOL, focused on building the best and largest real-time bidding (RTB) network in combination with data management for managing ad segments. 

Recruitment advertisers who post jobs and advertise on Jobzonen were constantly looking for ...


TMG shifts to advertiser-centered programmatic approach, doubles revenue

24 September 2014 · By Mark Toner

Like most publishers, TMG Landelijke Media B.V., the Amsterdam publisher of De Telegraaf, has struggled with the decline of print revenue and not-fast-enough growth in online revenue.

To address this, TMG created Publisher Market, an automated-trading initiative that aims to help other publishers implement automated trading and leverage their combined power against giants like Google, Facebook, and Group M/Xaxis.

TMG started with yield management in 2009. That evolved into automated trading in 2010. The goals were ...


Dallas Morning News, ad agency partner on content marketing business

24 September 2014 · By Dawn McMullan

Editor’s note: Two years ago this month, The Dallas Morning News and ad agency Slingshot partnered to create Speakeasy. Here’s a look at the challenges and successes of the endeavor from its president, Mike Orren. 

INMA: What was the greatest challenge in creating this agency?

Orren: The biggest challenge in creating Speakeasy was in figuring out how a newspaper could leverage its assets in a business – running a service agency – where it had no background. By partnering in a joint venture with Slingshot (a traditional ad agency), the DMN was able to create a company that could leverage its sales force, relationships, and content without getting bogged down internally. 

Our model wouldn’t exist without the relationship between the DMN and Speakeasy, but it was critical that the agency be independent and housed separately. Once we got everyone inside the newspaper OK with that idea, we were able to start moving and growing quickly. 

The traditional agency brings us crucial management background and understanding. Just as the DMN wasn’t experienced in running an agency, most of our team came from a content or client-side marketing background. 

I meet with our agency partner weekly and am able to get a lot of wisdom around avoiding mistakes they’ve seen in their 20 years. And with the DMN providing most of our business development and the agency partner providing CFO, billing, HR, IT, and management expertise, our team can spend most of their time just serving clients. That’s a big competitive advantage.

I’d also say that having a scrappy, entrepreneurial agency in the drivers seat creates ...


Helsingin Sanomat uses tablet data to give advertisers print success measurements

23 September 2014 · By Veera Siivonen

“Print doesn’t work” and “print is expensive.” This is what we and probably many other media companies have started to hear when trying to convince media customers to allocate sizeable budgets to print media.

Due to poor measurability, we could not argue against this at all.

So it was really a question of either accepting the quick decline of print media advertising or making print media more measurable. The readers of printed newspapers had not disappeared; it was just the advertisers who were disappearing. 

But we have the data! 

We at Helsingin Sanomat then realised that we do have something that the measurable TV has and more. While we do not have a panel of 1,100 households that report their behaviour like television companies in Finland, we do have more than 7,000 daily readers of our digital PDF version of the printed newspaper.

Statistics about the tablet readers’ behaviour are automatically gathered; readers are identified by their usernames. Therefore, we can put weightings on the data based on gender and age to better reflect the print reader profiles. 

Because reading patterns differ when reading from a tablet versus reading from a print version, we conducted research and found that ...


Grupo de Diarios América expands its programmatic advertising reach

16 September 2014 · By Mark Toner

To date, Guido Conterno describes the approach of Grupo de Diarios América’s (GDA) newspapers to programmatic as a “shy” one. 

“There’s been a lot of trial and error in the space to understand how it works,” says Conterno, executive director of the conglomerate made up of 11 newspapers: O Globo (Brazil), La Nación (Argentina), El Mercurio (Chile), El Tiempo (Colombia), La Nación (Costa Rica), El Comercio (Ecuador), El Universal (México), El Comercio (Peru), El Día (Puerto Rico), El País (Uruguay), and El Nacional (Venezuela).

Editor’s note: This is one of 11 case studies featured as part of INMA’s strategic report “Programmatic Advertising Opportunities for Publishers,” released in September.

GDA publishers first looked at programmatic advertising sales in 2013 when its individual newspapers began experimenting with serving advertising inventory to visitors from outside their home countries (“out-of-IP” inventory) on the open exchange. GDA used Google’s AdExchange service.

Yet as a group, GDA has focused on private deals with select advertising networks for the media company’s U.S. and European-Hispanic advertising inventories. Each of the channels has a fixed price. “We’re doing a very manual optimisation of the ...


Times Group reaches lucrative market with wedding magazine

15 September 2014 · By Puneet Sharma

With 10 million weddings happening every year in India, the US$24.5 billion wedding industry is growing at a phenomenal rate of 20% to 25% per annum.

Indian weddings are known to be lavish with multiple ceremonies involving the extended families of the bride and groom, friends and well-wishers.

Wedding Times, a monthly magazine, is a print intellectual property of the Times Group and was launched in January 2013. The editorial content of the publication focuses on a wide variety of reader interests, including trousseau, jewelry, grooming, fitness, wedding and honeymoon destinations, wedding planners, gifting, celebrity marriages and more.

In addition to these topics, the editorial content also touches upon tradition, relationships, astrological predictions, celebrity couples, and interior design. 

Wedding Times is a hybrid ...


Radio spots promote Cape Argus coverage of Olympian’s murder trial

14 September 2014 · By Devin Kennedy

When South African Paralympic champion and Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius was charged with his girlfriend’s murder in February 2013, the people of South Africa were stunned. They were fascinated by the case, wanting to know what was going to happen to their hero.

The four-day bail application for Pistorius was a lengthy court drama, and the trial dragged on at length as investigators debated the details of the case. Despite their interest in the case, not everyone could sit and watch it unfold on television or the Internet. 

To keep people updated on the trial, Cape Argus ...


Dainik Bhaskar helps advertisers, marketers reach “Unmetro” audience

11 September 2014 · By Sanjeev Kotnala

Focusing primarily on customers in India’s major metro areas may be costing marketers critical sales in the tier-2 and tier-3 towns across India. Dainik Bhaskar Group is helping marketers gather critical information about this rapidly changing segment of the Indian population that has been christened “Unmetro.”

Unmetro may be loosely defined as non-metro urban India – urban India outside of the top metro areas. Accounting for 80% of all urban dwellers and more than 70% of all urban consumption of goods and services in the country, Unmetro is an economic terrain that is fast reaching critical mass.

It’s here that the India’s 21st growth story is being written. 

These are about 8,000 cities and towns across the Unmetro, beyond the traditional top metros also referred as to as the rest of urban India, Middle India, or tier 2/3/4 cities. Unmetro includes 45 cities with a population of more than 1 million and another 480 cities with a population of 100,000 or more. 

Unmetro has undoubtedly become the destination for ...


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