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Grupo de Diarios América expands its programmatic advertising reach

16 September 2014 · By Mark Toner

To date, Guido Conterno describes the approach of Grupo de Diarios América’s (GDA) newspapers to programmatic as a “shy” one. 

“There’s been a lot of trial and error in the space to understand how it works,” says Conterno, executive director of the conglomerate made up of 11 newspapers: O Globo (Brazil), La Nación (Argentina), El Mercurio (Chile), El Tiempo (Colombia), La Nación (Costa Rica), El Comercio (Ecuador), El Universal (México), El Comercio (Peru), El Día (Puerto Rico), El País (Uruguay), and El Nacional (Venezuela).

Editor’s note: This is one of 11 case studies featured as part of INMA’s strategic report “Programmatic Advertising Opportunities for Publishers,” released in September.

GDA publishers first looked at programmatic advertising sales in 2013 when its individual newspapers began experimenting with serving advertising inventory to visitors from outside their home countries (“out-of-IP” inventory) on the open exchange. GDA used Google’s AdExchange service.

Yet as a group, GDA has focused on private deals with select advertising networks for the media company’s U.S. and European-Hispanic advertising inventories. Each of the channels has a fixed price. “We’re doing a very manual optimisation of the ...


Times Group reaches lucrative market with wedding magazine

15 September 2014 · By Puneet Sharma

With 10 million weddings happening every year in India, the US$24.5 billion wedding industry is growing at a phenomenal rate of 20% to 25% per annum.

Indian weddings are known to be lavish with multiple ceremonies involving the extended families of the bride and groom, friends and well-wishers.

Wedding Times, a monthly magazine, is a print intellectual property of the Times Group and was launched in January 2013. The editorial content of the publication focuses on a wide variety of reader interests, including trousseau, jewelry, grooming, fitness, wedding and honeymoon destinations, wedding planners, gifting, celebrity marriages and more.

In addition to these topics, the editorial content also touches upon tradition, relationships, astrological predictions, celebrity couples, and interior design. 

Wedding Times is a hybrid ...


Radio spots promote Cape Argus coverage of Olympian’s murder trial

14 September 2014 · By Devin Kennedy

When South African Paralympic champion and Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius was charged with his girlfriend’s murder in February 2013, the people of South Africa were stunned. They were fascinated by the case, wanting to know what was going to happen to their hero.

The four-day bail application for Pistorius was a lengthy court drama, and the trial dragged on at length as investigators debated the details of the case. Despite their interest in the case, not everyone could sit and watch it unfold on television or the Internet. 

To keep people updated on the trial, Cape Argus ...


Dainik Bhaskar helps advertisers, marketers reach “Unmetro” audience

11 September 2014 · By Sanjeev Kotnala

Focusing primarily on customers in India’s major metro areas may be costing marketers critical sales in the tier-2 and tier-3 towns across India. Dainik Bhaskar Group is helping marketers gather critical information about this rapidly changing segment of the Indian population that has been christened “Unmetro.”

Unmetro may be loosely defined as non-metro urban India – urban India outside of the top metro areas. Accounting for 80% of all urban dwellers and more than 70% of all urban consumption of goods and services in the country, Unmetro is an economic terrain that is fast reaching critical mass.

It’s here that the India’s 21st growth story is being written. 

These are about 8,000 cities and towns across the Unmetro, beyond the traditional top metros also referred as to as the rest of urban India, Middle India, or tier 2/3/4 cities. Unmetro includes 45 cities with a population of more than 1 million and another 480 cities with a population of 100,000 or more. 

Unmetro has undoubtedly become the destination for ...


Straits Times reaches teenagers through print

09 September 2014 · By Serene Goh

For more than a decade now, media companies have been mourning the loss of their agenda-setting function in a maelstrom of new media voices howling at younger readers.

So the notion of the unsophisticated broadsheet being used to teach civics in the age of mobile devices seems outdated.

Yet as my team and I sat with teachers tasked with character and citizenship education, we realised their dialogues with students invariably began with the news.

Not just any news, but that which they had read in print editions: the story about the boy who attempted suicide because he couldn’t take the perfect selfie, or the tragedy of the girl who committed suicide after being attacked by cyber bullies. 

If all else failed, the teachers said, any Kim Kardashian/Kanye West story would be worth at least a 20-minute chat. 

So we hatched ...


New York Times creates responsive app with traditional print feel

08 September 2014 · By Tom Kulaga

The New York Times has long been a leader in the media industry’s transition to the Digital Age. At the same time, however, The Times remains committed to delivering its news, information, and entertainment content in ways that meet the needs of all its users, both print and digital. 

In this spirit, The Times decided to develop a responsive app for readers who value the regular schedule, structured composition, and totality of its daily print edition.

On December 5, 2013, The New York Times launched the Today’s Paper Web application. Its fundamental goal is to re-imagine the print reading experience for tablet and desktop subscribers in a way that channels the organisation of the daily newspaper and enables a deeper and more engaged ...


Het Belang van Limburg weekend magazines increase readership, attract younger audience

03 September 2014 · By Dominic Stas

In a climate where the printed word seems to be a dying breed, Mediahuis has witnessed great success in renewing our weekend newspaper, Het Belang van Limburg. Not only are more people turning to online sources for news, but we’ve cast a net over a seemingly impossible target audience — all inhabitants of Limburg of all ages and all income levels.

Our publication has always served the Limburg area, and we seek to maintain a strong market share of 83%. To keep the target market engaged in the publication, in 2013 we launched a new magazine called Hallo, which combined societal news with television programming for the entire week. 

The publication broke new ground in Belgium, where nothing like this had ever been launched before. Other publications — especially weekly magazines and those that publish the television schedule — closely monitored Hallo to see how it would fare in the marketplace.

By numerous measurements, we considered the launch of the magazine a success. After six months ...


Hindustan Times engages community with solutions to Mumbai’s traffic woes

02 September 2014 · By Shantanu Bhanja

In this ever-changing world, the newspaper has continued to be the most trusted medium. Readers rely on the written word and strongly believe in the power of newspapers, from changing governments to lighting up dark streets. 

Hindustan Times has always been one of the most credible newspapers in India and has remained a newspaper for the people and of the people. 

“Unclog Mumbai” was an initiative launched by HT with a mission to ease the traffic woes in India’s bustling commercial capital. Launched soon after adopting the new positioning “Let’s Make News Better” in 2013, this big-ticket campaign aimed at joining hands with readers to ...


Austin American-Statesman holiday campaign drives engagement, helps local families

26 August 2014 · By Shannon Cockrell

The 2013 “Season for Caring” campaign by the Austin American-Statesman raised more than US$549,000 in monetary donations and US$124,000 in in-kind donations, for a grand total of US$644,000, making it one of the most successful campaigns since the programme began in 1999.

During the month of December, the newspaper featured 12 families, all of whom had been nominated by local non-profit agencies. Those families were featured in daily stories and ads, drawing a response from more than 2,500 readers and local businesses that reached out, contributed, and ...


Audience, advertisers embrace Die Welt’s Augmented Reality special edition

24 August 2014 · By Ulf Poschardt

One of the golden rules of journalism is to focus on one’s obligation as a chronicler. After all, in our wonderful profession, prophecies are regarded as rather dubious. Our specialty can be the present, at best.

All the better when these conventional rules are left aside for a day for good reason, and instead a pair of binoculars are provided with which to set one’s sights on tomorrow.

That is precisely what we dared to do for the first time in 2013.

The result was a special issue called “Die Welt der Zukunft” (“World of the future”) – supplied from all our desks, which dared to make forecasts, ranging from quite futuristic to frighteningly realistic. And because we as journalists also form part of a unique transformation in terms of both technology and structure, we thought about “how” to perform our work in the future. 

We came up with the idea while reflecting on our role as a newspaper in all the ongoing discussions on the future. How can we report the future? How can we analyse its challenges? 

With the help of multi-media storytelling and Augmented Reality, we were able to supplement the conventional print edition ...


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