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Did you miss the deadline for INMA Global Media Awards?

21 January 2016

The INMA Global Media Awards represent the pinnacle of success in the media industry. News media companies from around the world are honoured for:

  • Energising their news brand.

  • Creating new products.

  • Engaging and monetising audiences.

  • Growing advertising revenue.

  • Developing customer insights.

  • Instilling innovation.

By entering the INMA Global Media Awards competition by the January 29 deadline, you will unlock the door to a new world of ideas, innovation, and creativity. If that isn’t enough, we offer three more ...

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INMA’s top 10 stories from 2015

29 December 2015

revenue generating business models for digital journalism

As the clock ticks the last days of the year away and we start to look ahead to 2016, here’s a look back at what shaped the industry during the past 12 months.

The following are the top 10 most-read posts on from our team of 60+ bloggers writing for 21 blogs. We hope you enjoy this look back, and we can’t wait to see where 2016 takes us.


1. 6 pillars of a revenue-generating business model for digital journalism

revenue generating business models for digital journalism

If the old business model works only for print, what’s the next step for news media companies that must keep revenues coming in? Here are six pillars of the new media value chain from a Columbia University research ...

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INMA report focuses on revenue diversification beyond traditional media

17 December 2015

Diversifying a publisher’s revenue streams beyond traditional print and digital media is the focus of a new report released by INMA. 

“Revenue Diversification Beyond Traditional Print and Digital” zooms in on the stories of 14 news publishers in 10 countries that are seeking new value from the assets they have or creating adjacencies to those assets. 

“There is a rising belief in the news industry that, despite all the talk to the contrary, digital revenue will never replace print revenue and preserve the journalism scale for which publishers expect,” said Earl J. Wilkinson, executive director and CEO of INMA. “This invaluable new INMA report surfaces the scramble to create new revenue streams beyond traditional print and ...

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Big Data For Media Week will focus on revenue, audience, journalism applications

30 November 2015

How to apply next-generation data analytics to engage audiences and grow revenue is the focus of Big Data For Media Week April 11-15 in New York – the most comprehensive series of conferences and study tours for media industry executives worldwide.

Produced by INMA and the World News Media Network (WNMN), Big Data For Media Week will feature four activities: 

  • Big Data for Media Conference, April 14-15, at Thomson Reuters in Times Square. This fourth-annual conference features the world’s foremost experts on Big Data analytics science and technologies and will focus on case studies from the top media companies. 
  • Data Analytics Study Tour, April 12-13, of four companies immersed in Big Data strategy, organisation, technology, and business development. 
  • Data Journalism Study Tour, April 12-13, of four major media newsrooms to hear from top data editors and data journalists about techniques and strategies. 
  • Data Journalism Conference, April 11, at the Associated Press will illuminate the best strategies and tactics for ...
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New INMA strategic report highlights global media innovators

19 November 2015

Innovation is a pressing topic at news media companies around the world. More than merely implementing innovative ideas, the most progressive companies are implementing innovative processes.

“How Media Companies Embrace the Process of Innovation” aims to surface the best examples of outcome-based design thinking – inspired by the road map created at Stanford University’s

The INMA report looks at media company innovation in three ways: 

  • Innovation as a seedling for ideas: Case studies from Berlingske Media, The Dallas Morning News, The Economist, Gannett, La Presse, Toronto Star. 
  • Connecting your brand to innovation: Case studies from Chicago Tribune, The Irish Times, Sanoma Oyj.

  • Innovation as a cultural accelerator: Case studies from El Colombiano, Die Welt, Expressen, Fairfax Media, Independent News & Media, MittMedia, Storyful, The Times of India. 

The report caps more than two years of deep investments by INMA into surfacing the nascent innovation programmes that ...

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Front pages tell horrific story of Paris bombings

15 November 2015

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INMA launches 2016 Global Media Awards with new categories

29 October 2015

INMA has launched its Global Media Awards competition, rewarding the best ideas to innovatively grow audience, revenue, and brand of media companies.

Highlights of the competition include:

  • Deadline for entries: January 29, 2016.

  • Web site:

  • Awards ceremony: May 24, 2016, at Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

The INMA Global Media Awards competition aims to reward news media companies that:

  1. Energize brands.

  2. Create new products.

  3. Grow, engage, and monetise audiences.

  4. Grow advertising revenue.

  5. Develop customer insights.

  6. Instill innovation.

“The INMA Global Media Awards represent our industry’s best foot forward in engaging with the changed media landscape,” Earl J. Wilkinson, executive director and CEO of INMA, says.

“How do we add new life to news brands? How do we stand out in the ...

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INMA offers scholarship for Berlin School of Creative Leadership MBA programme

15 October 2015

For a second year, INMA invites industry professionals to apply now for its €20,000 scholarship to the Berlin School of Creative Leadership executive MBA programme. 

The INMA scholarship recipient will receive €20,000 (about US$25,000) tuition support for the Berlin School Executive MBA in Creative Leadership programme starting March 6, 2016, in Berlin, Germany. Up to three additional finalists may be eligible to receive €10,000 in partial tuition support.

The initial INMA Scholarship was won by digital entrepreneur George Nimeh, who until recently was the Chief Digital Officer of KURIER in Austria. Additional finalists also obtained smaller scholarship amounts and enrolled in the EMBA programme. 

“The Berlin School’s academic programme strikes a perfect balance between conceptual and applied learning in an unparalleled and highly motivating international environment,” Nimeh says. “The learnings from just the first module of my MBA have already made a measurable impact on my ...

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7 years of INMA video history

20 August 2015

We all know video is where it’s at. So here’s a reminder of all the INMA video available to you on INMA’s YouTube channel — from formal conference presentations to quick chats on the hottest topics, like this one from INMA CEO/Executive Director Earl J. Wilkinson on the print vs. digital question in ...

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INMA report on media smartphone apps shines light on rapidly shifting discussions

27 July 2015

The trials, tribulations, and aspirations of media companies trying to make smartphone apps work for their most loyal readers are the focus of a report by the International News Media Association (INMA), titled “Smartphone App Lessons for Media Companies.”

The report offers 19 case studies of media companies in Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and the South Pacific, aiming to sync smartphone app plans to their local digital ecosystems.

Over and over across the case studies, media companies ...

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