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INMA Awards finalists to be announced later today

01 March 2015

Finalists in the INMA Awards 2015 competition will be announced at 10 a.m. EST (New York) on Monday.

Please check back to for the announcement, including links to ...

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INMA announces 2nd-annual Global Innovation Awards for media companies

05 February 2015

Fostering the idea of “innovating routinely” among news publishers is the focus of the 2nd Annual Global Innovation Awards announced this week by INMA.

The deadline for submitting entries is Friday, March 6. 

Go to for complete rules and information about how media companies can participate. 

INMA created the Global Innovation Awards to shine a light on the expanding body of work news media companies are contributing in the field of structured approaches to innovation: 

  • How do you systematically generate ideas from employees?
  • How to you incubate ideas or start-ups before ...
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INMA News Media Outlook report tracks digital transformation path for publishers

29 January 2015

Pinpointing the trajectory of news media companies moving faster in the digital ecosystem is the focus of the News Media Outlook report released today by INMA. 

Here is how you can get a copy:

Key themes in “News Media Outlook 2015: A New Way of Imagining the Transformation Ahead” include:

  1. Legacy vs. new digital media companies: Legacy media companies and new digital media companies are growing closer together in ...
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Alert: INMA Awards competition deadline is today

21 January 2015

The deadline for the INMA Awards 2015 competition — rewarding excellence among news media companies in growing audience, revenue, and brand — is Friday, January 23. 

Entries may be submitted online in a matter of minutes at

INMA staff members are available to assist media companies with their entries:

  • Global: Raquel Meikle is the global awards coordinator. She can be reached at ...
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INMA launches 4 European Ideas Days featuring 80 industry case studies

13 January 2015

INMA will launch four one-day interactive European seminars this year designed to bolster competencies among media executives in advertising, marketing, newsroom innovation, and digital.

Dubbed “Ideas Days,” each seminar will include 20+ real-world case studies from European media companies. Each presentation will be in “Brainsnack” format: seven minutes, rapid-fire, get-to-the-point style designed for immediate application at companies.

The four Ideas Days are:

April 24, 2015: INMA Ideas Day on Advertising, Radisson Blu at Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris.

Key topics: Boosting mobile advertising sales, programmatic trading, creative print executions, sales team organisation, synergies between print and digital, native advertising, content marketing.

May 22, 2015: INMA Ideas Day on Marketing, Van der Valk Hotel at Brussels Airport, Brussels. 

Key topics: Brand awareness campaigns, ideas to encourage ...

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INMA Awards deadline is January 23

07 January 2015

Just like an inspiring exercise that drives you to gain the right momentum, enjoy the refreshing enthusiasm brought by a New Year to recall your best performances by entering the 2015 INMA Awards competition. 

You know very well how hard you and your team worked in 2014, and now is the time to reward those efforts! Put your award entry together and present your best work to the INMA Awards 2015.

INMA Awards judges will be looking for the best in 15 categories. Ponder the sensitive link between your product, your readers, and your brand: How did you manage to connect these three spots? Explain how you met your consumers’ needs and expectations. 

It doesn’t take long to register. In a PDF presentation you can ...

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Top 10 INMA articles from 2014

29 December 2014


Before we leap forward, as no doubt we will all do next week with the holidays and 2014 behind us, let us take a moment to look back at the articles that garnered the most views.

1. Cross-media study shows print advertising has highest ROI, by Cebuco’s Erik Grimm (February 4, 2014).  

2. Financial Times weighs in on Web vs. native app debate, how technology has shaped its own digital strategy, by FT Labs’ Graham Hinchly (January 20, 2014). 

3. How to get 80,000 digital subscribers by publishing one story a day, by Axel Springer’s Pit Gottschalk (September 8, 2014). 

4. Gannett shares 5 lessons learned by ...

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INMA Mobile Summit for Engagement and Profit precedes SXSW in Austin

16 December 2014

 Leveraging and monetising mobile audiences is the focus of the INMA Mobile Summit for Engagement and Profit, March 9-10 in Austin, Texas.                 

For complete information, including how to register online, go to

Held days before the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Conference in Austin, the INMA Mobile Summit will be held at the Austin American-Statesman. 

Key topics to be covered at the INMA Mobile Summit include: 

  • The future state of mobile, including ...
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Big Data conference in London explores analytics implications of revenue, audience, journalism

11 December 2014

What news media executives need to know today to make money and engage audiences through the leveraging of smarter data is the focus of the Big Data For Media conference, March 26-27 at Google headquarters in London

Click here for complete information on the conference and how to register online. 

Produced by INMA and the World Newsmedia Network (WNMN), the Big Data for Media 2015 conference in London is designed for media executives engaged with data-infused advertising solutions, audience marketing, and journalism. 

Key topics to be covered in the Big Data for Media conference include ...

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INMA Big Data report distills emerging road map for media companies

09 December 2014

The emerging Big Data editorial, audience, and advertising road map for news publishers is the focus of a new report released this week by INMA.

Titled “Making Big Data Smarter for Media Companies,” the new INMA report features 17 profiles of how media companies are implementing Big Data. The report explores the cultural, strategic, personnel, and foundational ramifications of how publishers get their arms around data and make it actionable.

To download the Big Data report: 

Among the report’s highlights:

  • What makes up “Big Data” for media companies in the long-term ...
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