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What does the man who helped create the first Apple mouse have to say about media innovation?

09 April 2014

Here are a few things you should know about David Kelley, founder and chairman of IDEO and the keynote speaker at INMA’s World Congress in San Francisco next month. 

Cooler than your average guy, to be sure.

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Gannett, Fairfax, MittMedia, BCCL judged regional winners of INMA Global Innovation Awards

02 April 2014

Four regional winners in the INMA Global Innovation Awards were announced Wednesday, signifying excellence in media company innovation programmes. A global winner will be announced May 13 at the INMA World Congress in San Francisco.

The regional Global Innovation Awards recipients are:

  • Best in the Americas: Gannett, United States, for “Gannett Innovation Grants Program.” In this initiative, Gannett employees were invited to propose new product ideas that could receive funding.

    Eight ideas were selected from 70 entries, ranging from digital and mobile projects to new potential revenue streams. The programme included mentoring, subject matter experts, high-level pitches and judging, and was described by participants as a “mini-MBA.”
  • Best in Asia/Pacific: Fairfax Media, Australia, for “Real-Time Working: The Media Model.” The Real-Time Working project at Fairfax is a metrics-focused series of technological strategies aimed at enabling more efficient and flexible work by individuals and teams.

    In implementing Real-Time Working, Fairfax aimed for more agile and responsive business operations and an inspiring and collaborative workplace that embodied its brand.
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90 finalists chosen for INMA Awards 2014, signifies best in media marketing

03 March 2014


The International News Media Association (INMA) today announced 90 finalists in the INMA Awards 2014 competition that rewards global excellence in the marketing and sales of media brands.

The INMA Awards 2014 competition garnered 560 entries from 149 media companies in 37 countries. Some 28 judges from media and advertising worldwide judged the entries.

The Times of India led all companies with seven finalist entries, followed by The New York Times and South China Morning Post with five each. Aftenposten, Aftonbladet, mX, and VG were named finalists in four categories.

First-place recipients will be announced at the INMA Awards Dinner on May 13 at the conclusion of the 84th Annual INMA World Congress at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. In addition to 30 first-place awards, the San Francisco INMA World Congress dinner will be capped by the presentation of the “Best In Show,” representing the top sales and marketing campaign by a media company from the past year.

The World Congress theme is “Fast Track to Innovation,” and features the news industry's most innovative programme geared to business model transformation, revenue generation, and corporate culture change — with a particular emphasis on digital acceleration given the conference’s location of San Francisco.

The INMA Awards 2014 competition entries were divided into two groups so that companies were judged against peers of similar sizes. For this year, Group 1 was for brands under 300,000 print circulation or 3 million unique digital visitors per month, while Group 2 was for brands above those thresholds.

Created in 1935, the 79-year-old INMA Awards competition captures the heartbeat of the global news industry’s efforts to energise brands, stimulate audiences, innovate in product development, and grow revenue — today, in transformational times.

“The clear theme from this year’s entries centered on media companies explaining to their stakeholders — readers, advertisers, employees, shareholders — their differentiating value in the emerging multi-media landscape,” said Earl J. Wilkinson, executive director and CEO of INMA. “To see that storyline play out among media companies in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia/Pacific, South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa is fascinating to see in this year’s entries.”

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INMA launches Global Innovation Award for media company initiatives

04 February 2014

INMA today launched the Global Innovation Award, a competition that rewards the best innovation programmes at media companies. 

The deadline to submit entries is March 4, 2014, and can be done at

The INMA Global Innovation Award is designed to shine a light on the emerging structured programmes aimed at encouraging innovation, business model transformation, and corporate culture change at media companies.

The award will be one of the news media industry’s first to bring transparency to initiatives sweeping the publishing world and driven by CEOs, human resources departments, corporate development departments, and innovation and transformation departments.

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INMA Awards deadline today: Will you make the cut?

30 January 2014

As hundreds of entries to the world’s premier media sales and marketing competition pour in, a clear theme is emerging: how to communicate the essence of the multi-media brand.

Deadline to enter INMA Awards 2014 is today (Friday, January 31), though entries will be submitted throughout the weekend.

Click here for complete information on INMA Awards 2014 and how to enter.

Submitting entries for the INMA Awards competition is done online and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

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Google, U-T San Diego, NASCAR among late speaker additions to INMA Miami Advertising Seminar

29 January 2014

Re-thinking advertising sales across platforms — its value proposition, revenue-generating capabilities, and multi-platform possibilities — is at the heart of the INMA Advertising Seminar February 20-21 in Miami. Early registration deadline is Friday (January 31).

Click here for the complete program and to register online

Among recently booked sessions are:

  • Adam Jones, business development manager/channel sales for Google, will focus on optimizing sales at the “zero moment of truth” and connect with shoppers in new ways.
  • John Lynch, vice chairman and CEO of U-T San Diego, will share his company’s repositioning and revenue diversification story.
  • Eric Bright of Deseret Digital will talk about one of INMA’s 2014 priority subjects: e-commerce and the race for digital revenue — specifically the company’s virtual marketplace.
  • Brian Herbst, director of content rights and partnerships with NASCAR, will explain how NASCAR itself has become a digital publisher and storyteller of big cars in big ways.

Under the theme “Revenues, Revenues, Revenues,” the outside-the-box programming for the INMA Advertising Seminar promises to show the intensity behind advertising sales and advertising creativity and the reinvention of value in the media industry.

Tablet sales, mobile revenue possibilities, diversifying revenue streams, print excellence, Augmented Reality, and paywalls are among the many subjects to be covered in the INMA Miami seminar.

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New INMA report says acceleration of business model transformation key in 2014

11 December 2013

INMA today released its 13th annual News Media Outlook report that looks at transformation, moving beyond  “print + digital” in revenue diversification, foundational elements required for the year ahead, and treatment of the new hybrid news brand.

“News Media Outlook 2014: Navigating the Minefield” is:

The new report will include free access to an accompanying PowerPoint overview and a Webinar, both to be released January 14.

Complete information on the News Media Outlook 2014 report, including a free executive summary, is available by clicking here.

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INMA releases “Smartphone Choices” report, focused on monetising mobile for media companies

06 November 2013

INMA today released “The Smartphone Choices for Media Companies,” a strategic report that looks at developing products, audiences, and monetisation strategies for the fast-rising hand-held mobile device.

To access the INMA smartphone report:

Based on 18 case studies of media companies on six continents, the INMA report synthesizes best practices in smartphone development into a storyline of choices: 

  • Are smartphone products designed to build new audiences or add value for existing audiences? 
  • Is the smartphone a complement to other platforms or its own unique experience?
  • Is the company objective to build audience volume or fill up a tightly defined audience niche? 
  • Will the smartphone be used for the core news brand or the development of smaller passion niches?
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LinkedIn INMA chat: How do you measure loyalty?

29 September 2013

INMA would like to invite you to this week’s LinkedIn INMA Chat, focused on measuring loyalty and lead by Frank Horvath, vice president of circulation and membership at LA Times Media Group. Horvath will be joined by other industry leaders in the discussion as we count down to INMA’s upcoming Audience Summit.

“Every business looks at loyalty differently,” Horvath says. “Is it all about retention? For legacy print subscribers, I believe that should be the major driver. Are we looking to drive brand advocates? This should be our core print subscribers as it goes hand in hand with retention.

“If you have a loyalty programme, what behaviours are you trying to drive? If it’s a digital consumer you are trying to attract, it should be all about engagement with your products and brand. How do you incent behaviour and what ways are you measuring your results?”

All INMA members are eligible to join our page; just ask and we’ll approve you as quickly as we can.

The Audience Summit is October 10-11 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the last week to register for this popular and informative gathering. Click here for registration details.

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LinkedIn INMA chat: Monetising outbound traffic

15 September 2013

INMA would like to invite you to this week’s LinkedIn INMA Chat, focused on a presentation by Sean Duckett, business development manager/digital at The Gazette. Duckett, who will ask questions and create a poll, will be joined by other industry leaders as we count down to INMA’s upcoming Audience Summit.

Most major publishers have been offered the opportunity to generate additional revenue by linking to content on external sites. A typical arrangement will see the publisher collect a percentage of the revenue generated on a cost-per-click model.  

While some publishers are more than happy to bring in more revenue this way, others cite concerns such as a discomfort in sending traffic off-site and control over types of content and sites readers are led to, as reasons to steer clear.

The conversation continues on LinkedIn throughout September, leading up the INMA Audience Summit in October, at which all four LinkedIn participants are speaking. Other LinkedIn discussion dates on the topic are:

  • September 23: Engagement.

  • September 30: Loyalty, brand development, and affinity marketing.

All INMA members are eligible to join our page; just ask and we’ll approve you as quickly as we can.

The Audience Summit is October 10-11 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Click here for more details.

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