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4 proactive plans for navigating the mobile doldrums

27 January 2015 · by Chuck Blevins

So far, 2015 appears to continue 2014’s trend of no major disruptions in the mobile space.

While Apple’s forthcoming watch is generating excitement, there is little expectation that it will shift the wearables market other than mainstreaming it.

Given that tablet sales are expected to slump thanks to a saturated market and that few manufacturers are doing more than bumping hardware specs, 2015 isn’t shaping up to a ground-breaking year.

“Flagships won’t be differentiating on hardware as much as they will software, so 2015 might be the year manufacturers double down on developing the best end-user features they can,” says Techspot’s Tim Schiesser.

It’d be wise to take ...


What 2015 holds for media opportunities in mobile messaging

20 January 2015 · by Mark Challinor

Mobile messaging is the ability to reach readers (and consumers at large) on a one-to-one basis via their mobile device. The process, though, presents a unique challenge for media marketers interested in developing integrated reader experiences.

In 2015, as new ways to mobile message begin to emerge, we can expect to see more integrated campaigns, more clever targeting, and more creativity, but also much confusion as to what the best way is to target mobile users from the options available.

But let’s first take a step back.

Is SMS still relevant?

SMS, for example, is still a powerful mobile channel for many wanting to reach a range of users. But newer options such as push notifications inside news apps are emerging.

So, in getting closer to our readers, we need to consider how the mobile media landscape is going to change in the foreseeable future to identify the most effective ways to reach therm.

While location technologies are very likely to change the mobile advertising market significantly, the purchasing path is a still ...


Cross-device targeting may be key in 2015

13 January 2015 · by Lorna White

Increasingly, advertisers need to find ways to grab the attention of their audience. This is often done through the creation of creative ads but also through media placement, delivering the right message at the right time to the right person.

This is where mobile comes into its own.

With a number of the largest media owners pushing mobile and now developing cross-device targeting, it could be that digital marketing is taking a huge step in losing the silos (desktop versus mobile) that have developed through the quick advances of technologies.

The idea of cross-device targeting means that advertisers can not only provide tailoured messaging (i.e. sequentially target users based on their previous interaction with ads), but it also enables advertisers to reduce waste.

This means that if a user has been delivered an ad on desktop, the advertiser has the ability to identify them as the same user on a mobile device and decide not to ...


Aggregator apps: Friend or foe to publishers?

07 January 2015 · by Padraic Woods

Aggregator apps are changing the way news is discovered, consumed, and packaged.

The popularity of aggregator apps varies largely from country to country. A quarter of the top 20 apps in the news category on both the United States’ Google Play store and Apple’s App store are aggregator apps.

More and more, publishers are understanding the need to have a presence wherever their readers or potential readers are consuming content.

Some have chosen to work together with aggregator apps like Flipboard, SmartNews, and Yahoo News Digest to capitalise on this relatively new distribution channel.

The way publishers are distributing digital content is ...


20 questions for a 2015 mobile health check

05 January 2015 · by Stefan Savva

Two words that publishers are going to stress more in 2015: mobile disruption.

With publishers acknowledging their total mobile audience has skyrocketed over the last few years, their focus heading into 2015 needs to be on executing a rock solid strategy of mobile engagement and monetisation or risk having their businesses becoming terminally ill due to the advance of mobility.

Here are 20 questions to help you diagnose if mobile is likely to make your publishing business sick in 2015:

  1. What percentage of your audience is viewing your content on a smartphone? Now compare that figure to ...

’Tis the season to celebrate a mobile Christmas

21 December 2014 · by Lorna White

The United States phenomenon of Black Friday has also landed in the United Kingdom. Media coverage showed this event in the high street and supermarket stores with people going mad for heavily discounted deals, but also having to endure crowds of other people fighting for the same deals.

E-mail inboxes were also bombarded with retailer offers along with Cyber Monday deals. But these “event days” might not continue to have the same impact on Christmas purchasing, so opportunities for advertisers may also change.

Will the increase in devices affect the time-old trends that we have become accustomed to as advertisers?

In the United States, an IBM study showed that Thanksgiving Day mobile traffic accounted for 52.1% of all online traffic with an increased percentage of total online sales (up 28%). Considering the huge consumer shift to online, advertisers need to ensure ...


Why tracking your Facebook, Reddit readers isn’t as easy as it sounds

17 December 2014 · by Chuck Blevins

In The State of Dark Social in 2014, an update to his 2012 post, Dark Social: We Have the Whole History of the Web Wrong, Alexis Madrigal provides some clarity to dark social.

In short: Facebook.

“Dark social” describes Web traffic that appears to have no referrer – Web links shared via e-mail or instant message, in forums, or through other means. This traffic often shows up in metrics as “direct” – much like if it was bookmarked or entered into a Web browser manually – and can’t be tracked ...


Media companies are missing mobile coupon opportunities

14 December 2014 · by Mark Challinor

The number of “e-coupons” redeemed by consumers is expected to double over the next three years, largely driven by the smartphone explosion.

This, in turn, is changing how consumers (and therefore readers) search for, capture, and redeem “smart offers.” (This is according to 2014 research by Juniper Research).

Millions of people now have, in essence, a mini computer in their pocket. These location-based, mobile devices can quickly find more relevant, more personalised information to help your readers make more informed decisions.

Mobile coupons have been gaining value for a number of years and now finally seem destined to rocket due to the growing adoption of smartphones and the way consumers are integrating mobile more and more into their everyday lives. (Juniper in fact, says the number of e-coupons redeemed will exceed 31 billion by 2017, nearly double that of this year).

Vendors and third-party app developers continue to make more coupons available on mobile while also honing ...


Programmatic forecast for 2015: Advertising world domination

07 December 2014 · by David Murphy

In 2014, there’s been an awful lot of hype around programmatic advertising, which, at its most basic, involves automating the process of buying advertising inventory.

It looks set to continue into 2015.

Programmatic has reshaped the mobile advertising landscape, with many mobile ad networks reinventing themselves as demand side platforms (DSPs), focusing on their advertiser clients, and looking to the exchanges for their inventory.

After all, so one of the arguments goes, in the world of programmatic buying, it doesn’t really matter where your advertisement appears as long as it appears in front of the right person. It’s the algorithm’s job to find them.

So if your 50-year old Daily Telegraph reader also happens to be an avid Candy Crush player on the commute home, it’s just as easy and probably less costly to reach him via an ad between levels of Candy Crush than it is to reach him with a banner on the Telegraph’s mobile site.

Some of the stats and forecasts around programmatic are ...


And the winner is ... the phablet!

02 December 2014 · by Dirk Barmscheidt

In 2014, the discussion about which way mobile journalism will move is re-opened. The first half of the year it seemed to be clear that the smartphones (mainly 4.7-inch displays) would have killed the tablet.

But with the massive new phablets in end of Q3 2014, companies like Samsung (Note 4), Apple (iPhone 6 plus), or Motorola (Moto X) pushed the market increase dramatically. IDC and Gartner are sure: The phablet will dominate the mobile increase for ...


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