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How will ad blockers change mobile advertising?

26 July 2015 · by Lorna White

Ad blocking is nothing new. It has been developing popularity for about five years. The recent rapid growth in uptake, however, means the threat to the advertising industry is increasing. As mobile advertising is consistently rising with increasing consumer use, mobile ad blocking specifically is a risk the industry needs to pay close attention to.

The recent announcement from tech giant Apple, outlining that ad blockers will be allowed in the next version of Safari mobile browser alongside Adblock plus creating their own browser, means the mobile industry needs to ...


M-payments, micro payments: an opportunity for media

19 July 2015 · by Mark Challinor

Having spoken on behalf of the print media industry earlier this month at the m-payment summit in London, I am returning to this important subject today in this blog post.

Readers today consume content anytime and anywhere, and the plethora of ways to do so grows by the minute. But let’s take a long view for a minute. Let’s look at the landscape they find themselves in.

The coming Internet of Things makes it a truly connected world 24/7, where we are now identified by geolocation or an IP address.

In fact, one to “watch,” so to speak, is what do we all do regarding wearables? There are many implications here for print media, mainly in engagement ...


App designers share advice on creating news media smartphone apps

15 July 2015 · by Sarah Riley

Arguably the most important piece of real estate for news media companies measures just 5 to 5.6 inches across.

Researchers at GfK, Germany’s largest market research institute, report that the average smartphone screen size will break the 5-inch barrier this year with the most common landing somewhere between 5 and 5.6 inches.

Smartphones may be growing before our eyes, but even at 5.6 inches, the average screen is still a relatively narrow visual playing field — and one under a lot of pressure. In the mobile arena, UX/UI (user experience and user interface) designers have become integral to unlocking ...


Ad blockers are latest challenge to news media revenue

06 July 2015 · by David Murphy

In addition to having to prove the value of mobile as an advertising channel, the mobile advertising industry is facing a number of challenges right now to secure more budget from advertisers so the massive imbalance between user time spent in the channel and the proportion of ad spend that goes to it is redressed.

Until recently, there were three key issues to which advertisers were seeking answers:

The first was viewability: When my ad is served on a mobile site or in a mobile app, how likely is it to be seen?

The second was fraud: If it is seen, how likely is it to have been seen by a human being, which is good, or by a bot, which is very bad, especially when I’m paying for the impression?

The third issue was in regard to brand safety: Assuming my ad is viewable, and that when it’s viewed, it’s viewed by a human and not by a bot, is it appearing in a place that ...


Apple, Google, Facebook lead digital media transformation

28 June 2015 · by Dirk Barmscheidt

Over the last few weeks, there was a lot of discussion about the publishing industry’s transformation. And the surprise was that the publishers did not start the discussion, but rather tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Apple did.

The message for each publisher and for the whole industry is a slap in the face: You are not able to transform to digital successfully on your own!

And this is not ...


How analytics should inform your media company’s smartphone app creation

21 June 2015 · by Sarah Riley

When it comes to digital platforms, we shouldn’t have to convince you that smartphones lay claim to the “fastest growth” title. But just in case you need proof, here are some numbers to prove the mobile screen has now surpassed television as North America’s primary display:


How to make peace between your re-designed mobile app and its users

17 June 2015 · by Chuck Blevins

So, you’ve released a major re-design to your app. It’s prettier, more functional, and addresses lots of prior complaints. The focus and user testing groups have loved it. It’s all around better.

Then the hate mail starts rolling in.

Why don’t the users see that the new version is better? How do they not recognise you made things easier? Have they suddenly forgotten their complaints?

Major design/interface and architectural changes, while cool and shiny, are fraught with problems for users. The changes usually cannot be transparent as they might be with incremental fixes. Big changes, even for the better, are big changes. And existing users will be thrown by them, even if new users have no issue diving in.

“In most cases, people hate change because they don’t like to suddenly become stupid,” writes User Interface Engineering’s Jared Spool in a 2012 post. Not because they don’t like change, but “because of the changes, you suddenly find yourself ...


VG partners with 3 advertisers to test location-based app

15 June 2015 · by Padraic Woods

At Verdens Gang (VG) we have been experimenting with offering location-based advertisements in our VG app.

The goal is to deliver relevant advertisements to the users at the right time and in the right place. Smartphones have provided the opportunity to serve more relevant information based on a user’s current physical location or locations previously visited.

There are different ways of identifying the location of a user. The green triangle in the diagram above displays the accuracy of the location technology used, and the blue triangle displays the reach of that technology.

So a location determined from IP addresses has a high reach but isn’t very accurate. iBeacon solution using Bluetooth technology has high accuracy, but relatively few users have Bluetooth turned on and are in the vicinity of an iBeacon.

Modern browsers have a geo-location API for determining the current location of a user. Users, however, have to accept location sharing every time the browser wishes to look up the users location. An app, on the other hand, only needs to ask for the permission once.

Current browsers do ...


What does the new Apple News app mean for media companies?

11 June 2015 · by Sarah Riley

You can probably imagine the flurry of excitement in the creative tech industry this past week, hotly anticipating Apple’s keynote at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco. Apple TVs in boardrooms everywhere — including ours — streamed it live.

WWDC turned out to be especially relevant to publishers — not least of all because Newsstand (launched to lots of fanfare in iOS 5 but languishing in popularity since then) got the axe. 

Consider it a welcome act of quietly putting an app past its prime out to pasture. While it once had earnest intentions of making mobile media consumption easy for iPhone users, the app ultimately hide publications away once downloaded. Worse, it locked publishers into a no-win scenario where moving the app out of the faux folder meant losing your in-app subscription base and starting from scratch. 

Newsstand to pull a disappearing act, replaced by News

Expect Newsstand to morph into a regular folder, and for its apps to now appear as ...


Mobile connections mean media advertising will never be the same

02 June 2015 · by Lorna White

Advertising systems are made more powerful with increased integration of mobile. With the future becoming more connected, what does this mean for consumers and brands?

Change has never happened this fast before, and will never be this slow again.

How consumers are connected now

Mobile has been the driving force behind a number of different digital innovations as the functionalities of smartphones enable different interactions. Introducing more devices means that this will continue.

Although voice search hasn’t quite taken off in the United Kingdom, in the United States, 41% of consumers are using this. Smartwatches will continue to fuel this, providing a seamless experience without having to use a phone at all, which may be the tipping point for the UK.

Video advertising is now prolific on mobile, however, advertisers need to make sure ...


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