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Speed matters in smartphone consumption

11 March 2015 · by Chuck Blevins

Consider this:

  • “Just-in-time” cell users (users who use their mobile phones to get information as it’s needed) “amount to 62% of the entire adult population.” (Pew Research)

  • “IDC expects 1.4 billion smartphones to be shipped worldwide in 2015 for a 12.2% year-over-year growth rate.” (IDC Report)

  • “After one second, users get impatient and notice they’re waiting for a slow computer to respond. The longer the wait, the more this impatience grows; after about 10 seconds, the average attention span is maxed out. “ (Jakob Nielsen, on time scales in user experience)

  • “About 60% of smartphone owners are now routinely using ...

Closing in on consumers with location technologies

08 March 2015 · by Mark Challinor

The development of real-time location technology such as iBeacons is growing quickly and has important implications for publishers.

Not surprisingly perhaps, Apple was the first to launch with the Apple iBeacon. Soon after, Samsung launched its “proximity” service as the “mobile marketing platform that connects consumers in places via context-aware technology.”

The potential of this technology is fairly limitless, but it’s made mainly for retail sales. That’s important for publishers as many of their advertisers are indeed retailers.

If we are to offer creative, bespoke advertising solutions in the future based on Big Data extrapolation, we need to look at what location technology can offer for us so we can offer ...


3 solutions to solidify trust in mobile commerce

04 March 2015 · by Lorna White

Mobile payments and m-commerce saw huge advances in 2014. The introduction of new retail technology and the seamless linking of mobile payments into new devices means there is great promise in advancing the mobile market.

However, recent coverage has shown that consumers aren’t necessarily on the same page as those in the mobile industry, because where money goes, crime and fraud seems to follow.

M-commerce technology and infrastructure is now at a point where consumers (particularly Millennials) would expect a company to have the option to complete a transaction on mobile. Unfortunately, with the development of a new channel, fraud often develops to expose any loopholes.

Mobile Ad news found that the fraud rate for mobile purchases rose 70% in 2014, and is well above the rate of e-commerce. This is due to ...


4 ways mobile has changed the world

16 February 2015 · by Stefan Savva

In case you have been living under a giant Blackberry bush for the last eight years, guess what? Mobile has changed the world.

With just over seven billion people on the planet, there will soon be more than four billion smartphones … and counting. This staggering number of units will dwarf the PC population (a mere 1.5 billion) – but it’s not just raw numbers that are important.

Evidence tells us that smartphone owners are glued to their devices during every waking hour, checking the tiny rectangular screens from 100 to 150 times a day. And, as we all navigate the steep tech innovation curve, it will mean more opportunities for use and greater user dependency.

So what does this mean for the business of news publishing and what has changed for ...


Mobile advertising: A dismal tale of deflated dreams

10 February 2015 · by David Murphy

We’re living through a brave new world of mobile advertising where inventory is traded on an impression-by-impression basis. Consumers can be targeted with unerring accuracy and precision, and rich media advertisements can engage and entertain audiences with beautiful images and video.

Even those companies that never got around to making a dedicated mobile version of their Web site can now tick that particular box by using responsive – or, better still, adaptive – design on their full Web sites so they will render accurately and pleasingly on whatever device the consumer happens to be using to access them, whether that’s a small-screen smartphone or a PC with a 30-inch monitor.

All of this, you would imagine, is good news for publishers, and for the advertisers looking to reach out to their audiences accessing their content on-the-go on ...


Ride the wave of the mobile future for media companies: smartwatches

04 February 2015 · by Dirk Barmscheidt

Watch the news!

2014 ended with a major shift from online usage to smartphone and phablet usage for most news Web sites. The user decides where and when he wants to use a content offering, a media brand. And the user will switch the source if the offering is not suitable for mobile or for personal usage.

If we are honest, do we live and feel in the mobile world? Or do we still stick in the online world?

As you can read on multiple blogs about this channel, mobile content is totally different to fixed online Internet content. Editors have to think and write differently, and the time stamp is ...


4 proactive plans for navigating the mobile doldrums

27 January 2015 · by Chuck Blevins

So far, 2015 appears to continue 2014’s trend of no major disruptions in the mobile space.

While Apple’s forthcoming watch is generating excitement, there is little expectation that it will shift the wearables market other than mainstreaming it.

Given that tablet sales are expected to slump thanks to a saturated market and that few manufacturers are doing more than bumping hardware specs, 2015 isn’t shaping up to a ground-breaking year.

“Flagships won’t be differentiating on hardware as much as they will software, so 2015 might be the year manufacturers double down on developing the best end-user features they can,” says Techspot’s Tim Schiesser.

It’d be wise to take ...


What 2015 holds for media opportunities in mobile messaging

20 January 2015 · by Mark Challinor

Mobile messaging is the ability to reach readers (and consumers at large) on a one-to-one basis via their mobile device. The process, though, presents a unique challenge for media marketers interested in developing integrated reader experiences.

In 2015, as new ways to mobile message begin to emerge, we can expect to see more integrated campaigns, more clever targeting, and more creativity, but also much confusion as to what the best way is to target mobile users from the options available.

But let’s first take a step back.

Is SMS still relevant?

SMS, for example, is still a powerful mobile channel for many wanting to reach a range of users. But newer options such as push notifications inside news apps are emerging.

So, in getting closer to our readers, we need to consider how the mobile media landscape is going to change in the foreseeable future to identify the most effective ways to reach therm.

While location technologies are very likely to change the mobile advertising market significantly, the purchasing path is a still ...


Cross-device targeting may be key in 2015

13 January 2015 · by Lorna White

Increasingly, advertisers need to find ways to grab the attention of their audience. This is often done through the creation of creative ads but also through media placement, delivering the right message at the right time to the right person.

This is where mobile comes into its own.

With a number of the largest media owners pushing mobile and now developing cross-device targeting, it could be that digital marketing is taking a huge step in losing the silos (desktop versus mobile) that have developed through the quick advances of technologies.

The idea of cross-device targeting means that advertisers can not only provide tailoured messaging (i.e. sequentially target users based on their previous interaction with ads), but it also enables advertisers to reduce waste.

This means that if a user has been delivered an ad on desktop, the advertiser has the ability to identify them as the same user on a mobile device and decide not to ...


Aggregator apps: Friend or foe to publishers?

07 January 2015 · by Padraic Woods

Aggregator apps are changing the way news is discovered, consumed, and packaged.

The popularity of aggregator apps varies largely from country to country. A quarter of the top 20 apps in the news category on both the United States’ Google Play store and Apple’s App store are aggregator apps.

More and more, publishers are understanding the need to have a presence wherever their readers or potential readers are consuming content.

Some have chosen to work together with aggregator apps like Flipboard, SmartNews, and Yahoo News Digest to capitalise on this relatively new distribution channel.

The way publishers are distributing digital content is ...


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