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The argument for vertical mobile video advertising

04 October 2015 · By Mark Challinor

Audi recently reported seeing an 80% higher ad completion rate.

Yes, you read that right: 80%.

How? Video per se is increasingly important for publishers.

Why? Because of the way video has evolved and the way we use it.

There᾿s a growing linkage between consumers, (mobile) technology and storytelling, and the way people are consuming video. This has changed dramatically in past five years (look at the ever-growing uptake on platforms such as YouTube and Vine).

Consumers are now getting a better experience.

As a result, publishers are using video for a variety of things: the extension of a story, maybe to illustrate features before a text story is written, or as a stand-alone product inside its own channel for consumers and advertisers.

Content and context are vital to consider here. Remember, the mobile phone is still a very personal device, and we have to make sure we get the offering right.

Drilling down further while looking at mobile video, we see a new potentially significant ...


It’s the little things that will change everything about the future of mobile

20 September 2015 · By Chuck Blevins

A touchscreen display integrated on Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

The other day I discovered the existence of such a thing as a “pickle caster,” which made me consider how much consumer market needs change with time and technology, so much so that they are sometimes incomprehensible well before and after their times.

This was later reinforced while sitting in traffic. I noticed the Harley-Davidson next to me, along with its multitude of chrome and pipes. It was also decked out with a touchscreen display.

I don’t know why this surprised me; touchscreens have been common in cars for some time. Not being a motorcycle rider myself, I guess I presumed Harleys to be more “old school” in terms of tech flavouring.

Both these things made me consider the magnitude of changes that are happening under our noses. Sure, we see the big stuff – smartphones, the Internet, WiFi, artificial intelligence, etc. – but it’s the little stuff that is having the most impact.

I’ve said that the next wave, which we’re in now, will be less about ...


Growth in mobile video viewing is game changer for digital advertisers

16 September 2015 · By Lorna White

Changes in consumer behavior from traditional media to online consumption.

Last year I wrote about the growth in mobile video. This trend has continued throughout the year and is fueling ad spend in mobile.

Video consumption on mobile is also affecting other media channels. Brands therefore need to approach video as a cross-screen application, and consider different strategies to the traditional 30-second reach driving spot.

Brands need to understand changes in consumer behaviour. As technology advances and devices become more engrained in consumers’ lives, every aspect of media consumption is changing.

Opportunities to consume video have exploded with smart televisions, smartphones ...


New Apple technology opens engagement, design opportunities for media companies

14 September 2015 · By Sarah Riley

Apple's iPhone 6 integrates new technology allowing publishers to create high-quality contents.

If you have any starry-eyed Apple acolytes in your office (and even if you don’t), chances are you’ve heard about or can hardly wait to get your hands on the host of the hotly debated, new technology announced by the company last week.

At first glance, recognisable Apple themes like “bigger is better” were common. There were some surprises though, including a few innovations publishers, in particular, may want to note.

The biggest one? The incredibly smart new 3D Touch feature.

This one cool little upgrade is, in fact, a huge game changer. Apple can now boast a UI that additionally senses force and distinguishes between short and long presses. Tap-and-swipe only screens have been rendered effectively passé. Where we could once only ...


Online content is a cash cow, but mobile is your star

10 September 2015 · By Dirk Barmscheidt

BCG matrix shows Mobile web and app with the highest growth rate and market share.

Maybe you are reading this blog post on your mobile device.

Every day, we hear this piece of advice from editors-in-chief and leading publisher managers: mobile first. All of them are quite right. Users are using their mobile devices, smartphones, and phablets as the first and last screen to read, bookmark, or share news.

Currently mobile devices generate 30% to 45% of news traffic. Some special interest channels like sports have passed the 70% line. Next year, mobile usage will be higher than desktop/fixed line.

But is this statement meant seriously? Is this really the mission statement of the leading news companies, the self-named leading quality content producers? Or, is it more the first part of the strategy of “mobile – first copy online?”

To be fair we need to split this in to two mobile areas: apps and ...


Are in-car apps the next platform for news media companies?

24 August 2015 · By David Murphy

After online, then mobile, and now watches and other wearables, could cars be the next battleground for the publishing industry?

It’s a question I’ve been pondering for a while, and that came to mind again with the rumours that surfaced recently about Apple’s plans for a self-driving car.

With a self-driving car, of course, you wouldn’t actually need a dedicated in-car app for your favourite newspaper. Freed from the chore of actually steering the thing and only having to hit the brakes from time to time, you could simply sit back, fire up your tablet of choice, and catch up with the latest world events while the car moved you seamlessly from point A to B.

But while the self-driving car exists in prototype form and has proven to be far safer than anything with a human being at the wheel, it’s likely to be a good few years before it’s commonplace on the streets of London, New York, or anywhere else for that matter.

So what’s available now for car drivers eager for their news fix? As far as I can see, not a lot, if anything at all. Ford has been one of ...


How app linking in Android M, iOS9 will increase app engagement

19 August 2015 · By Padraic Woods

New functionality available in the next version of both Apple and Google mobile operating systems (iOS9 and Android M) will have dramatic consequences for publishers trying to get users to use their apps instead of a mobile Web browser.

The next version of the iOS and Android operating systems will take deep linking to a new level. Both Apple and Google have worked simultaneously on improving app linking, essentially blurring the lines between content displayed in an app and content on a mobile Web site.

I’ve written about deep link strategies before, and the challenges and tactics employed for linking to and searching for content available in apps: Facebook developed App Links, a protocol designed to address this problem. Twitter Cards make it possible to link directly to your app from a tweet. Google App Indexing makes it possible to display app links in Google searches. iOS8 extensions allow apps to specify what actions they support. The smart app banner promotes a Web site’s app and can link directly to content within that app.

Web sites that implement Apple’s universal links function new in iOS9 and Android’s app links function coming in Android M can specify that ...


Slow smartwatch growth today may develop into overwhelming use tomorrow

18 August 2015 · By Sarah Riley

Several months after its debut, the Apple Watch’s history is still being written. Smartwatches have been around for several years now, but with the Cupertino giant’s foray into the category, you could argue that wearable technology has firmly emerged as the new mobile darling.

Love them or hate them, it seems smartwatches – at least in ambition, if not yet in practice – are poised to become as ubiquitous as smartphones.

Apple’s been understandably cagey about the general sales figures for the watch to keep us guessing on how many actually bought in. But UBS analysts aren’t overly optimistic in forecasting its performance for 2016, halving their estimates for total sales of the watch from 41 to about 20 million units.

Still, 20 million watches is a lot – about US$10 billion of revenue for Apple to be exact – and a growing (glowing?) addition to early adopter gadgetry around the world.

That means several Apple Watches have invariably found ...


Why there is no mobile customer

10 August 2015 · By Chuck Blevins

“Do not try and bend the spoon, that’s impossible. Instead, only try to realise the truth: There is no spoon. Then you will see it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.”  — Spoon Boy, The Matrix (1999)

Each year, new, spec-rich devices – watches, phones, phablets, tablets, large tablets, laptops, desktops, hybrids, wearables – churn through the market. As a result, the average consumer has become a digital omnivore consuming content in habitual patterns across a range of platforms and devices throughout the day.

Consider ...


How will ad blockers change mobile advertising?

26 July 2015 · By Lorna White

Ad blocking is nothing new. It has been developing popularity for about five years. The recent rapid growth in uptake, however, means the threat to the advertising industry is increasing. As mobile advertising is consistently rising with increasing consumer use, mobile ad blocking specifically is a risk the industry needs to pay close attention to.

The recent announcement from tech giant Apple, outlining that ad blockers will be allowed in the next version of Safari mobile browser alongside Adblock plus creating their own browser, means the mobile industry needs to ...


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