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Mobile micro-payments: A largely untapped revenue stream for media

19 October 2014 · by Mark Challinor

Newspapers have traditionally been somewhat slow to adapt to new technologies. However, there is now a stark realisation from us all that print is no longer the be all and end all.

Readers consume content anytime, anywhere, and the plethora of ways to do so grows by the minute.

The coming Internet of things makes it a truly connected world 24/7, where we are now identified by geo-location or an IP address.

Media companies now get that they can’t just continue to run their businesses the same way they’ve done so for years. They also realise the role interactive technologies are playing and that they will continue to play a big part in future business models.

The trick, though, is how to monetise this new world.

As print revenues decline, digital monies are not replacing them fully yet. Mobile, for example, is seen by many as an “add on” and not the ...


Digital ad spend assured, time to tackle cross-screen attribution

13 October 2014 · by David Murphy

The latest IAB/PwC ad spend figures for the United Kingdom, released last week, reveal an industry in rude health.

In the first half of the year (H1), mobile racked up US$1.14 billion in advertising revenues, up 68% from the corresponding figure for H1 2013. If last year’s pattern is repeated, where the total 2013 ad spend was 2.3 times the H1 figure of US$689.3 million, then we are heading for a total UK mobile ad spend figure for 2014 of US$2.65 billion.

That would be a 60% increase on the total figure for 2013 of US$1.65 billion, three times 2012’s figure of US$845 million, and 43 times the 2009 total of US$60.4 million.

Mobile now accounts for 20% of UK digital ad spend, compared to 14% a year ago. And of the US$636 million spent on advertising on social media channels, 53% (US$336.8 million) is accounted for by mobile, reflecting (though slightly less than) the proportion of ad revenues that Facebook and Twitter see ...


The importance of app verticals for media companies

05 October 2014 · by Dirk Barmscheidt

The mobile content market started full of colour, with pictures on platforms like i-mode (by NTT DOCOMO) or Vizzavi (by Vodafone) in 2002. The dominant coding was i- or xHTML, presented by browsers.

Later in the 2000s, the first apps, formerly called clients, tried to establish more style, user experiences, and different ways of presenting content. But the HTML solutions always won with respect to production costs, distribution, and availability

When Apple and Google created a standard for the app developer and, at the same time, developed a vibrant market, HTML was on the defense. In 2012 and 2013, HTML5 was the solution, but now ...


7 things to consider when using news-related push notifications

30 September 2014 · by Padraic Woods

There is no doubting the power of push notifications to generate instant spikes in traffic to your app.

Push notifications have proven to increase user engagement and loyalty to a publication. They can help with conversions and customer retention, and they can simply remind the user of how great your app and content is.

According to Localytics, push notifications drive 88% more app launches, 52% of people opt-in to push notifications, and users who enable push have a retention rate that is nearly three times higher compared to those who disable push.

The users who accept push notifications are some of your most loyal customers. Who else would care enough to download your app and give you permission to interrupt their day at a time you deem appropriate with a notification you feel is relevant to them? This even happens when the app is not running and the screen is locked.

This is an incredible act of trust. This trust, if betrayed, is difficult to win back. This is brilliantly portrayed by Breaking News in this video:

Push notifications are an incredibly powerful tool used to communicate directly with your most valuable customers. But with great power comes great responsibility.

A poor push strategy can, at best, result in users ...


Apple Pay could change the face of digital advertising

18 September 2014 · by Lorna White

Digital media has long provided retailers and advertisers a way to encourage users to “add to basket” directly from advertisements, pushing consumers further and further down the purchase funnel.

The beauty of this is that each interaction and eventual purchase can be tracked, therefore impacting future campaign planning and optimisation.

The introduction of mobile into the channel mix, not just for in-store research but also long-anticipated conversion payments through mobile, could spell a huge shift in retail and, therefore, the advertising industry.

The launch of the Apple iPhone 6 and Apple Watch could result in the biggest shift in consumer behaviour to date, as these new devices include Apple Pay. The inclusion of near field communication (NFC) in the devices is likely to boost the mobile payments sector, which so far has not had a huge impact despite the fact that Android, Windows, and Blackberry smartphones have the technology.

Apple has created a ...


10 industries smartphones are radically changing

15 September 2014 · by Stefan Savva

Smartphones disrupt the way jobs, businesses, and entire industries work.

While the publishing industry often tends to focus on disruption within its own ranks, there are many other industries in a similar position.

Some jobs are more vulnerable than others, but even with slow-to-disrupt industries, such as service or experiential businesses, mobile is not just enhancing the experience; it’s completely rebuilding the customer acquisition and retention layers.

Below are just a few examples of businesses being disrupted by smartphones.

  1. Camera retailers — Consumers have firmly shifted their photo-taking preferences away from digital cameras towards more convenient image-snapping products such as smartphones. This shift has slashed revenue from the camera industry and forced a downward trend on sales of compact cameras, leaving the Australian photographic retailing industry declining at ...

Why separating app development from print is key to innovation

07 September 2014 · by Chuck Blevins

In early September, Reddit released an app centered on its AMA (Ask Me Anything) feature. Currently known for leaked celebrity nudes and cat memes, Reddit is a Web site hosting many “subreddits” where users gather to discuss specific topics, ranging from gaming to political philosophy.

The spin-out of a focused app on a specific slice — instead of leveraging viewers to draw eyeballs into other offerings — has parallels for media companies.

We’ve discussed apps focusing on specific content or features from media companies in previous posts, but only in the sense of an individual product’s development.

Newspapers historically have rolled out digital products with the idea that they would increase, or at least better retain, print subscriptions through bundling. And with good reason – that’s where the ...


Will 2015 continue to be the year of the device?

03 September 2014 · by Mark Challinor

Contradicting reports currently abound in the mobile industry as to whether or not next year will see a huge rise in the number of tablets and smartphones being used, or if they (particularly tablets) have had their day, with only a small rise on this year.

Tablets and smartphones will get cheaper and more accessible, so you might think its a no brainer.

But it’s more complex than that. Let’s take a look, as it’s important to the news media industry when predicting next year’s budgets and reader usage on such devices.

Global tablet sales are set to overtake PC sales for the first time in 2015, despite a “relative revival” (Gartner phrase) of the PC market next year. This is according to the research company themselves, Gartner.

It says that in 2015, tablet sales will reach more than 320 million units, and 316 million PC units are expected to be shipped. Thats globally.

But while tablet sales are set to overtake PC sales, the tablet market is expected to ...


4 reasons mobile video ad spend is growing, how publishers should respond

01 September 2014 · by Lorna White

Mobile video is growing massively both in terms of user interaction and, as usually follows, advertising spending in the area. With so many trends that often slow immediately as they become the industry “buzz,” I thought this blog post could explore the aspects that could mean mobile video is here to stay.

What has driven this trend?

  • Smartphone sales. Sales are ever increasing, more people are migrating from their desktops to mobile or tablet screens. As more consumers move towards mobile, brands — and advertising spending — will ensue.

  • Social network changes. Social has a huge impact on multiple aspects in consumers’ lives. Social and mobile particularly go hand-in-hand due to the fundamentally social characteristics of mobile.

    Two giants are improving their video offerings: Facebook autoplay – although not yet for brands – shows users are consuming more video through their newsfeed, and Twitter promoted video, which, the company says, will ...

The problem with re-targeted advertising: It never ends

27 August 2014 · by David Murphy

Re-targeting is often touted as one of the Internet’s success stories.

The ability to track a user’s Web behaviour based on cookies means that if I have shown an interest in a product on a retailer’s Web site, the retailer can continue targeting me online with advertisements for that product long after I’ve left its site and headed for someone else’s.

Note that word “long.”

I’m not sure whether the average Web user realises what’s happening when they start seeing ads on one Web site for something they looked at a few days ago on another. And if they do realise, whether they think it’s clever, useful, or just plain spooky.

Re-targeting is less established on mobile, partly because of the fact that ...


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