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Reward Your Company’s
Best Ideas To:

Energize News Brands
Stimulate Audiences
Innovate Product Development
Grow Revenue


Entering the INMA Awards 2015 competition shines a light on your company's best sales and marketing activities from the past year. It prioritises and galvanizes. It sets the table for benchmarking: best against best.

Winning the INMA Awards 2015 competition is about recognition, respect, and prestige for your company, your brand, your department, your agency … and you.

Deadline to enter:
January 23, 2015

Enter your company's best work to:

And if judged the best by our global panel of experts, you will bask in the prestige of the most coveted sales and marketing award in the news media industry worldwide.


The INMA Awards 2015 competition will reward marketing campaigns that produce:

  • Results
  • Unique concepts
  • Strong creativity
  • Innovative thinking
  • Winning synergies across platforms

You will be judged against peers of a similar size worldwide

Good Luck!

Enter the INMA Awards 2015 competition, and unlock the door to a new world of ideas, innovation, and creativity.


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