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Unlocking Loyalty: Data-Driven Tactics to Keep Your Audience Engaged

Presented by Sam Quirke, Enterprise Account Executive, Chargebee, and Bram Steijns, Growth Product, Cafeyn

About this Webinar

How to use data-driven tactics to reduce churn is the focus of an INMA Webinar, featuring Bram Steijns, growth product at Cafeyn, and Sam Quirke, enterprise account executive at Chargebee.

Is your audience hitting the exit button? Fight back with audience engagement strategies. As customer churn plagues the news media industry, this Webinar will equip you with actionable strategies to keep audiences engaged.

Join this live discussion to learn:

  • When to focus on retention and how retention relates to churn
  • What the different forms of churn are
  • How to act on each kind of churn - tips to reduce churn rates
  • Success stories of media companies who have implemented strategies to reduce churn


  • The difference between voluntary and involuntary churn
  • How Cafeyn is measuring voluntary churn
  • What Cafeyn is doing to retain their churn-risked customers
  • How Chargebee Retention can help

About Chargebee

Chargebee is the leading Revenue Growth Management (RGM) platform for subscription businesses. Their mission is to help businesses of all sizes to grow their revenue by providing a comprehensive suite of solutions, including subscription management and recurring billing, pricing and payment optimization, revenue recognition, collections, and customer retention.

About Cafeyn

Cafeyn has been pioneering the information streaming industry since 2006. Their ambition is to become the go-to platform for accessing information. As a content aggregator, Cafeyn sees content as knowledge that needs to be spread with great care.

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