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Identifying Valuable Potential Subscribers Through Data With Der Spiegel

Presented by Alex Held, Data Scientist, Der Spiegel

About this Webinar

How to identify the most valuable potential subscribers and encourage them to take action is the focus of this INMA Smart Data Initiative Webinar featuring Alex Held, a data scientist at Der Spiegel in Germany.

By now, we’ve explored and heard about many different attempts at identifying propensity to pay in potential subscribers, helping publishers increase their subscriber rolls by segmenting and engaging differently. But there is another question leading into the purchase of a subscription: what are the actions that get non-subscribers to buy?

Alex will join us to share some of the work he and his team have done to identify the most valuable potential subscribers and define how (and how much) to encourage them to take actions to subscribe.

Alex will also share insights from Der Spiegel’s tests of the model with their potential subscribers, adding another layer of data to understanding how we can use propensity models to both identify interesting user groups, but also encourage actions that can impact our businesses.

This Webinar is for fans of deep technical dives, but also folks who work in audience engagement and marketing.

About Der Spiegel

Der Spiegel is Germany's leading news magazine and most up-to-date news Web site. Its journalism is characterized by in-depth investigations, reliable quality and its commitment to investigative journalism. More than 14 million people use content from Der Spiegel each week, online and in print.

About INMA's Smart Data Initiative

INMA's Smart Data Initiative aspires to provide a blueprint for revolutionising publishers’ value propositions, and operating and monetisation models, while maintaining their missions and values. The initiative, led by Ariane Bernard, aims to transform the online news business and make journalism sustainable by helping publishers analyse and act on data in new and creative ways.

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