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Google and the Privacy Sandbox: What Publishers Need to Know

Presented By Chetna Bindra, Google

About this Webinar

Citing privacy concerns, Google announced it planned to stop using technologies that identify individual Web users and track them as they browse across multiple Web sites.

Cross-site tracking is the basis for individualised advertising. As an alternative, Google promised to develop a set new technologies called the Privacy Sandbox. In a nutshell, they clusters users based on interests and target ads in a browser on the user’s device, keeping individuals anonymous to advertisers. 

Considering Google’s market position — 30% share in the 2020 U.S. digital ad spend, 63% share in worldwide browser usage, and 85% share in smartphone operating systems — this move signals a profound change in the digital advertising ecosystem.

The development of this new technology is closely followed by regulators, such as the UK Compeition and Markets Authority, industry bodies setting standards, such as Internet Advertising Bureau, and news publishers themselves.

At this INMA Smart Data Initiative’s online meet-up, meet in person Google’s Chetna Bindra, Group Product Manager, User Trust and Privacy, and discuss the implications for news publishers:

  • What’s the Google’s vision for the privacy-first digital advertising in 2022 and beyond?
  • How does the interest-based targeting using Google FLOCs actually work? How market ready is the technology as of today? How is the testing going across the world and what are the first results?
  • How could news publishers prepare for implementing this new technology? What changes, if any, in the tech stack, or products, or organisation should they plan for?
  • Many publishers have invested in building direct relationships with users and with advertisers, and offered ads targeted based on the first party data. Will they be able to use the Google ad tech stack in the future to sell the targeted ads? 
  • The advertising and publishing industries have been working on a number of alternatives for tracking Web users across sites. What’s the Google’s view on those initiatives? Will targeting using segments build with new  identifiers, such Unified ID 2.0, be possible using the Google ad tech stack?

The meet-up will be moderated by INMA’s Researcher-In-Residence Greg Piechota.


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