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Barriers to Grow Local Digital News Subscriptions

Presented By Dr. Dietmar Schantin, Founder, Institute for Media Strategies

Originally presented: 11 December 2019

Local publishers have an online reader revenue strategy, but they are not satisfied with the execution, according to an in-depth benchmarking study of Austrian and German publishers by INMA Researcher-In-Residence Grzegorz “Greg" Piechota and Founder of Institute for Media Strategies Dietmar Schantin. Analysing strategy, organisation, and performance of 10 local and regional news publishers — with a range of active print subscribers between 28 and 190,000 — the researchers found roles, responsibilities, and resources often did not follow the success factors as identified by the companies themselves. The organisations were not aligned towards their goals. They concluded: Local news content is digital already but the companies are not. Print-rooted culture is still strong. Learn more from the co-author of the study and an upcoming INMA report Dr. Dietmar Schantin, founder of the London-based Institute for Media Strategies. Dr. Schantin is a digital transformation consultant working with the world’s leading media companies such as Ringier, Telegraph Media Group, and The Wall Street Journal.