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How Vulnerable Is Your Paywall To By-Passers?

Presented By Grzegorz (Greg) Piechota, Researcher-In-Residence, INMA

About this Webinar

Clearing a cookie jar alone can bypass 75% of the metered and dynamic paywalls, found a 2019 study of 491 paywalled sites worldwide. Switching to “private browsing” circumvented two-thirds of paywalls! The rise of paywalls inspired the emergence of the first paywall blockers. 
In this meet-up featuring INMA researcher-in-residence Grzegorz (Greg) Piechota, learn how should publishers respond. 
Other topics to be covered in the meet-up include content supply and demand analysis: a new tool of newsroom management, best practices in finding subscribers on Facebook: acquisition best practices, and when and how to unbundle with sports-only and other niche subscriptions. 

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