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Helsingin Sanomat’s “Land of the Free Press” Campaign: From Execution to Long-Term Impact

Presented By Veera Siivonen, Marketing Director, Helsingin Sanomat

About this Webinar

The INMA Global Media Awards competition’s 2019 “Best in Show” went to Finland’s Helsingin Sanomat for its bold “Land of the Free Press” multi-media campaign touting the impact of journalism during a global summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. 
In this Webinar, learn how this campaign got executed and for the first time learn about the results – immediately afterward and one year later. What did Helsingin Sanomat gain from the campaign in the long-term? What were the follow-ups in terms of building Helsingin Sanomat’s brand beyond this huge campaign? 
As background, “The Land of Free Press,” was produced by Sanoma Media’s Helsingin Sanomat around the 2018 summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. With both presidents expressing a hostility to media, Helsingin Sanomat rented 300+ billboards along three possible presidential routes and projected messages in English and Russian like, “Mr. President, welcome to the land of free press.”
While it was aimed at two world leaders, the July 2018 campaign sparked an international conversation about the role of the free press, generating 2,500+ articles in 47 countries and more than one million social interactions. Helsingin Sanomat estimates that more than 1.2 billion were reached. Google Trends data suggests a massive spike in interest about the free press. Hundreds of news organisations around the world joined an effort to support a free press.
INMA Global Media Awards judges called the campaign a “gutsy concept that could have ended up being a generic press campaign, but the brand went big and got all the reward locally and internationally.” 

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