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Your Revenue Or Your Readers?

Presented By Desmond Farrelly, Head of Audience and Insights, DMG Media and James Laver, Strategic Partnership Executive, Marfeel

About this Webinar

In digital advertising, there’s a tipping point on revenue and reader engagement. That tipping point can mean the difference in positive revenue outcomes and the sacrifice of engaged readers.

In this Webinar, Desmond Farrelly, head of audience and insights at DMG Media, and James Laver, strategic partnership executive at Marfeel, will discuss how to create a reader-focused monetisation system that will boost revenue while also improving your reader engagement metrics:

  • Identify when monetisation begins to have a negative effect on revenue.
  • Use established monetisation techniques for optimum impact.
  • Understand how bidder numbers, page speeds, ad latency, and ad techniques affect your readers.

Join us for this INMA Webinar to learn more about how you can stop choosing between your revenue and your readers and pivot to serving both.


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