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A Cookieless Future Holds Opportunities For Growth: Will You Be Ready?

Presented By Geert Desager, Strategy Director, Mediahuis and Michael Silberman, Senior Vice President Strategy, Piano

Originally presented: 29 April 2020

The demise of third-party cookies doesn’t mean publishers need to panic. In fact, media companies like Mediahuis, a leading European publisher with headquarters in Belgium, have shown that it’s possible to create new opportunities by building on direct user relationships and benefiting from the shift from unreliable third-party data to zero- and first-party data. Zero-party data is information users voluntarily enter into a Web site — e-mail address, gender, age, among others — while first-party data is behavioural data that’s passively collected as users browse. View this Webinar with Geert Desager, strategy director at Mediahuis, and Michael Silberman, senior vice president strategy at Piano, to learn how the user data landscape is changing and how to prepare to benefit.

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