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Benchmarking Your Media Brand's Digital Footprint

Presented By Carola York and Alex Davies, Jellyfish

About this Webinar

Carola York helps media brands understand their digital IQ relative to their competition using an apples-to-apples comparison.

  • Where is your traffic coming from compared to your competition's traffic?
  • Who has more of a reliance on organic versus paid sources?
  • What does this reveal about your competitor's acquisition strategy?
  • Do site engagement metrics raise alarm bells or highlight opportunities?

In this member-only INMA Webinar, York (vice president of publishing at Jellyfish and mentor at Durham University) and Alex Davies (vice president of analytics at Jellyfish) will showcase the key metrics every senior executive needs to know to understand consumer experiences and perception of their brand, how to access where their competitors are investing digitally, and where a brand is growing or losing market share.

Are these metrics you need to know? If so, join us!

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