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Le Monde: Reader Revenue Strategies and Milestones

Presented By Lou Gasser, Director of Subscriptions, Le Monde

About this Webinar

When Lou Grasser spoke at INMA’s Reader Revenue Symposium a few months ago in Hamburg, she emphasised doing whatever can be done to establish a relationship with news audiences rather than focusing on the business transation.

“One of the problems with digital this year is we didn’t talk enough to our subscribers. We talk to readers and subscribers only through articles.”

In an upcoming INMA-member Webinar, Grasser will focus on reader revenue issues, detailing the next milestones in Le Monde’s digital transformation with respect to revenue and digital products. She will also explain when Le Monde plans to reach these milestones.

In addition, Grasser will highlight the key performance indicators and targets Le Monde uses to manage its business, grow audience revenue, and track towards those goals.

If reader revenue is part of your professional purvuew, you don’t want to miss this one.

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