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Funke Media Group: 1-Year-Checkup on Print to Digital Transformation

Presented By Dr. Ruth Betz, Head of Digital Transformation, Funke Mediengruppe

About this Webinar

One year ago, Funke Media Group started the digital transformation path for its 12 regional brands.

Dr. Ruth Betz, leader of digital transformation at Funke, will take INMA members on an honest review about this courageous leap into the future:

  • What worked?
  • What didn't?
  • How important is cultural change?
  • And why does the digital transformation team at Funke care about article score and newsletters?

Dr. Betz, who has an interesting perspective from her time at Google, Airbnb, and publisher Bauer, will provide insights into the challenges and developments that accompany Funke's change process. 

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