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  • Clarín, the Great Argentine Newspaper (Clarín, el Gran Diario Argentino)


    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Expect More


    Brisbane, Australia

  • Catch Up

    Gold Coast Bulletin

    Southport, Australia

  • Your Town, Your Paper


    Melbourne, Australia

  • Feels Like Sunday

    Sunday Mail

    Brisbane, Australia

  • Bringing People Together

    Sunraysia Daily

    Mildura, Australia

  • It's got the Coast written all over it

    Sunshine Coast Daily

    Maroochydore, Australia

  • Fresh Daily

    The Advertiser

    Adelaide, Australia

  • The Age. Everyone sees things differently.

    The Age

    Melbourne, Australia

  • The Daily Habit of Successful People

    The Australian Financial Review

    Sydney, Australia

  • A New World Everyday

    The Border Mail

    Wodonga, Australia

  • News You Can Use

    The Daily Mercury

    Mackay, Australia

  • Read your own news every day.

    The Examiner Newspapers (Launceston)

    Launceston, Australia

  • Local news means the world to us

    The Morning Bulletin

    Rockhampton, Australia

  • It's a Newsstand in a Newspaper

    The Sun-Herald

    Sydney, Australia

  • Tomorrow's Paper

    The Sydney Morning Herald

    Sydney, Australia

  • Gotta make time -- to read the Times (So viel Zeit muss sein -- so viel Zeitung muss sein)

    Die Presse

    Vienna, Austria

  • Life Writes Its Own Stories (Wie das Leben so schreibt)

    Kleine Zeitung

    Graz, Austria

  • Who has the survey, has the right newspaper (Wer den Überblick hat, hat die richtige Zeitung)


    Vienna, Austria

  • Strong Voice. Strong Newspaper. (Starke Stimme. Starke Zeitung.)


    Linz, Austria

  • There is nothing more powerful than words (Er gaat niets boven de kracht van woorden)

    De Standaard

    Brussels, Belgium

  • La DH, c'est du direct

    La Dernière Heure/Les Sports

    Brussels, Belgium

  • A Friend to the Community

    Bermuda Sun

    Hamilton, Bermuda

  • The Right Hand of Do Grande ABC (O braço direito Do Grande ABC)

    Diário Do Grande ABC

    Santo André, Brazil

  • A Newspaper Is As Good As the Truth It Prints (Um jornal é tão bom quanto as verdades que ele)

    Jornal Do Brasil

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • You Read, You Know

    O Globo

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • The Paper With PerSunality

    Calgary Sun

    Calgary, Canada

  • A New's' Attitude

    Edmonton Sun

    Edmonton, Canada

  • Serving Fort McMurray daily since 1974

    Fort McMurray Today

    Fort McMurray, Canada

  • The world is changing, keep up with La Presse (Le monde change, suivez le rythme dans LA PRESSE)

    La Presse

    Montreal, Canada

  • Metro Today. It's About Time.

    Metro Today

    Toronto, Canada

  • The News. You have our word on it.

    National Post

    Toronto, Canada

  • Northern Life, It's your life

    Northern Life

    Sudbury, Canada

  • : All the news you need... and more!

    Northern Life

    Sudbury, Canada

  • WOW: whats on where?

    Northern Life

    Sudbury, Canada

  • Local People ... Local Stories

    Robinson - Blackmore Printing and Publishing

    St. John's, Canada

  • It All Unfolds Here.

    The Calgary Herald

    Calgary, Canada

  • The One You Trust

    The Chronicle-Herald

    Halifax, Canada

  • Words matter.

    The Gazette

    Montreal, Canada

  • Inform Your Opinions

    The Globe and Mail

    Toronto, Canada

  • Thought. Emotion. Information.

    The Halifax Daily News

    Halifax, Canada

  • The London Free Press ... Worth Changing For!

    The London Free Press

    London, Canada

  • The Vancouver Sun ... The Story Unfolds

    The Vancouver Sun

    Vancouver, Canada

  • First!

    Winnipeg Sun

    Winnipeg, Canada

  • Your Community Connection

    Yukon News

    Whitehouse, Canada

  • The most complete newspaper in the country (El diario más completo del país)

    El Comercio

    Santiago, Chile

  • El Tiempo, Written Daily (El Tiempo se escribe a diario)

    El Tiempo

    Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia

  • Børsen - made for growth (Børsen - skabt til vækst)

    Dagbladet Børsen

    Børsen, Denmark

  • De Bergske Blade -- A Part of Your Everyday Life!

    De Bergske Blade

    Holstebro, Denmark

  • Dares When Others Don't (Tør hvor andre tier)

    Ekstra Bladet

    Copenhagen, Denmark

  • If You Want to Know More (Hvis De vil vide mere)

    Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten

    Viby, Denmark

  • Worries You, Excites You, Makes You Think (Inquieta, emociona y hace pensar)

    El Caribe

    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

  • Topics of Life

    Etelä-Suomen Sanomat

    Lahti, Estonia

  • Another Look At Your Day (Un autre regard sur votre quotidien)

    Dernières Nouvelles D'Alsace

    Strasbourg, France

  • La Croix, the Spirit of Current Events (La Croix, l'ame de l'actualité)

    La Croix

    Paris, France

  • Le Parisien: better have it as a newspaper (le Parisien il vaut mieux l'avoir en journal)

    Le Parisien

    Paris, France

  • Ouest-France, The Newspaper From Here (Ouest-France, le journal d'ici)


    Rennes, France

  • Picture Your Own Opinion (Bild dir deine Meinung)


    Hamburg, Germany

  • Who Wants to Understand the World Must Read It (Wer die Welt verstehen will, muss sie lesen)

    Die Welt

    Hamburg, Germany

  • There Is Always a Clever Mind Behind It (Dahinter steckt immer ein kluger Kopf)

    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

    Frankfurt, Germany

  • Be nice to each other! (Seid nett zueinander!)

    Hamburger Abendblatt

    Hamburg, Germany

  • Read It and You Will See More

    Süddeutsche Zeitung

    Munich, Germany

  • Journalism That's Independent, Honest, and Dignified (Un periodismo independiente, honrado y Digno)

    Prensa Libre

    Guatemala, Guatemala

  • El Heraldo, la verdad en sus manos. (El Heraldo, the truth is in your hands.)

    Diario La Prensa

    San Pedro Sula, Honduras

  • A Will to the Service of the Mother Country (Una Voluntad al Servicio de la Patria)

    La Tribuna

    Comayaguela, Honduras

  • Morgunbladid -- To the Point (Morgunbladid -- kjarni málsins)


    Reykjavík, Iceland

  • Live Smart

    The Hindustan Times

    New Delhi, India

  • The Masthead of India

    The Times of India

    Mumbai, India

  • The Best Part of the Day

    Evening Herald

    Dublin, Ireland

  • Before you make up your mind, Open It

    Irish Independent

    Dublin, Ireland

  • Get the Real Story

    Kerry's Eye Newspaper

    Tralee, Ireland

  • A Day in the Life

    Sunday Independent

    Dublin, Ireland

  • The Irish Times - For the times we live in

    The Irish Times

    Dublin, Ireland

  • Ha'aretz -- Not What You Thought

    Ha'aretz Daily Newspaper

    Tel-Aviv, Israel

  • The freedom of ideas (La libertà delle idee)

    Corriere della Sera

    Milan, Italy

  • Daily pleasure (Piacere quotidiano)

    La Gazzetta dello Sport

    Rome, Italy

  • Your Stripes. Your Story. Get it Daily.

    Stars & Stripes

    Tokyo, Japan

  • Global Perspective. Local Coverage.

    The Daily Star

    Beirut, Lebanon

  • To Want It Is To Do It

    Diario Cuarto Poder

    Chipas, Mexico

  • The Value of Truth (El valor de la verdad)

    Diario Ocho Columnas

    Guadalajara, Mexico

  • For Those Who Make Decisions That Count (Para quien toma decisones que valen)

    El Economista

    Mexico City, Mexico

  • The Voice, The Strongest Expression (La Voz, la expresió más fuerte)

    La Voz de Michoacán

    Morelia, Mexico

  • The Home of Truth (El hogar de la verdad)

    Periódico El Diario

    Toluca, Mexico

  • Your Daily Newspaper

    Bay of Plenty Times

    Tauranga, New Zealand

  • There's a Lot More To It

    New Zealand Herald

    Auckland, New Zealand

  • Every Issue Every Issue

    The Press

    Christchurch, New Zealand

  • As Waikato As It Gets

    The Waikato Times

    Waikato, New Zealand

  • The Wanganui Chronicle. Do You Get It?

    The Wanganui Chronicle

    Wanganui, New Zealand

  • Your Region. Your Paper.

    Wairarapa Times

    Masterton, New Zealand

  • Makes You a Little Wiser


    Oslo, Norway

  • Strong opinions


    Oslo, Norway

  • Dagens Naeringsliv -- Correct Tools (Dagens Naeringsliv -- riktig verktoy)

    Dagens Naeringsliv

    Oslo, Norway

  • The day isn't quite the same without it ... VG (Dagen er ikke helt den samme uten ... VG)

    Verdens Gang

    Oslo, Norway

  • Dedicated to Its Readers (Comprometidos con sus lectores)

    Noticias El Diario

    Asuncion, Paraguay

  • It's Worth Daily (Te Sirve a diario)

    El Comercio

    Lima, Peru

  • More Attractive Than Ever (Más atractivo que nunca)

    El Peruano

    Lima, Peru

  • Diário de Notíticas, a newspaper at the service of its readers (Diário de Notíticas, um jornal ao serviço de leitor)

    Diário de Notíticas

    Lisbon, Portugal

  • Believe It, If You Read It on Expresso

    Jornal Expresso

    Lisbon, Portugal

  • Público. Mexe consigo (Publico. News that affects you)


    Lisbon, Portugal

  • Your world. Your newspaper.


    Johannesburg, South Africa

  • News worth knowing

    Business Day

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  • News you can use

    Cape Argus

    Cape Town, South Africa

  • News You Can Use

    Cape Argus

    Cape Town, South Africa

  • Now You Know

    Cape Times

    Cape Town, South Africa

  • The People's Paper

    City Press

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Pulse of a Changing Province

    Daily News

    KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

  • Heartbeat of the Helderberg


    Helderberg, South Africa

  • The Paper for the Family


    KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

  • The capital's independent daily

    Pretoria News

    Pretoria, South Africa

  • The paper for the people

    Sunday Times

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  • We get you up

    The Independent on Saturday

    KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

  • The Quality Paper

    The Mercury

    KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

  • The Capital's Independent Daily

    The Pretoria News

    Pretoria, South Africa

  • Tell It Like It Is

    The Star

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  • The Star tells it as it is

    The Star

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Read Volksblad early in the morning and have your say throughout the day


    Bloemfontein, South Africa

  • Always there!

    Worcester Standard

    Worcester, South Africa

  • The newspaper, one step ahead (El periódico, un paso adelante)

    Grupo Zeta

    Madrid, Spain

  • The Answer (Die Antwort)

    Basler Zeitung

    Basel, Switzerland

  • Vite lu, bien vu (Fast read, well seen)

    Le Matin

    Lausanne, Switzerland

  • We Stay Connected (Wir bleiben dran)


    Zurich, Switzerland

  • Because Genevans are like that (Parce que les Genevois sont comme ça)

    Tribune de Genève

    Geneva, Switzerland

  • More Zürich (Mehr Zürich)

    Zürich Express

    Zürich, Switzerland

  • Knowledge Makes You Much More Charming!

    China Times

    Taipei, Taiwan

  • News Before It's News

    Algemeen Dagblad

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • News before it's news.

    Algemeen Dagblad

    Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  • You know the paper, the paper knows you (De krant die u kent)

    Apeldoornse Courant

    Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

  • The newspaper you know and who knows you (de krant die je kent)

    BN/De Stern

    Breda, The Netherlands

  • Open Your World (Sla je wereld open)

    Brabants Dagblad

    's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

  • There Where I Live, I Want to Read About (Waar ik leef daar wil ik over lezen)

    De Gelderlander

    Nijmegen, The Netherlands

  • De Telegraaf - The newspaper of awake/alert Netherlands (De Telegraaf - De krant van wakker Nederland)

    De Telegraaf

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • My world, my paper (Mijn wereld, mijn krant)

    De Twentsche Courant Tubantia

    Enschede, The Netherlands

  • Keep Asking

    De Volksrant

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Open the pages of your world (Sla je wereld open)

    Eindhovens Dagblad

    Eindhoven, The Netherlands

  • There where I live, I want to read about (Waar ik leef daar wil ik)

    Gelders Dagblad

    Deventer, The Netherlands

  • Heartbeat of the city, eyes to the world (Hart voor the stad, oog voor de wereld)

    Haagsche Courant

    The Hague, The Netherlands

  • Amsterdam reads Het Parool (Amsterdam leest Het Parool)

    Het Parool

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Inevitable Fact (Feitelijk onmisbaar)

    PCM Landelijke Dagbladen

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • PZC, newspaper for Zeeland (PZC, krant voor Zeeland)

    Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant

    Vlissingen, The Netherlands

  • Heartbeat of the city, eyes to the world (Hart voor de stad, oog voor de wereld)

    Sijthoff Pers

    The Hague, The Netherlands

  • Maybe the Best Newspaper in Holland (Misschien wel de beste krant van Nederland)


    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • My paper, my world (Mijn krant, mijn wereld)

    Utrechts Nieuwsblad

    Houten, The Netherlands

  • Reliability in Press


    Istanbul, Turkey

  • Reach For a Better Standard!

    Evening Standard

    London, United Kingdom

  • Local and Latest

    Evening Times

    Glasgow, United Kingdom

  • KM Brings Results

    Kent Messenger Group Newspapers

    Aylesford, United Kingdom

  • A Friend Dropping In

    Manchester Evening News

    Manchester, United Kingdom

  • Touching Your Life

    Nottingham Evening Post

    Nottingham, United Kingdom

  • One big paper, one great read!

    The Belfast Telegraph

    Belfast, United Kingdom

  • Equip Yourself

    The Herald

    Glasgow, United Kingdom

  • Worth Looking Into

    Aberdeen American News

    Aberdeen, United States

  • The Newspaper That Pays for Itself

    Abilene Reporter-News

    Abilene, United States

  • Fanning the Flames of Discontent

    Anderson Valley Advertiser

    Boonville, United States

  • Discover What's In It For You

    Antelope Valley Press

    Palmdale, United States

  • If You Don't Want it Printed, Don't Let it Happen

    Aspen Daily News

    Aspen, United States

  • It's Your Life. Read About It.

    Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    Atlanta, United States

  • The Paper of Central Texas

    Austin American-Statesman

    Austin, United States

  • No One Delivers More Choices

    Bergen Record

    Bergen, United States

  • Liked By Many, Cussed By Some, Read By Them All!

    Blackshear Times

    Blackshear, United States

  • Our News is Your News ... For All the News that Touches Your Life

    Brookings Register

    Brookings, United States

  • Get A Read On Life

    Buffalo News

    Buffalo, United States

  • A Local Custom

    Burlington Free Press

    Burlington, United States

  • Wyoming's News Source

    Casper Star-Tribune

    Casper, United States

  • Miss A Day And You Miss A Lot

    Cedar Rapids Gazette

    Cedar Rapids, United States

  • To give the news impartially, without fear or favor.

    Chattanooga Times Free Press

    Chattanooga, United States

  • When The News Breaks, We Put It Together

    Cleveland Plain Dealer

    Cleveland, United States

  • Do You Get It?

    Columbus Dispatch

    Columbus, United States

  • A Tradition of Excellence

    Corpus Christi Caller-Times

    Corpus Christi, United States

  • Get It! Get the Gazette and Get It All.

    Daily Hampshire Gazette

    Northampton, United States

  • We're Erie's Newspapers

    Daily Times and Times-News

    Erie, United States

  • Get The Paper and Get It All

    Denver Rocky Mountain News

    Denver, United States

  • The Best News You'll Get All Day

    Des Moines Register

    Des Moines, United States

  • Utah's Locally Owned Daily Newspaper

    Deseret News

    Salt Lake City, United States

  • Read it Every Morning, Use it Every Day

    Detroit News

    Detroit, United States

  • We Know Where You Live

    Detroit News

    Detroit, United States

  • News That Colors Your Life

    Fargo Forum

    Fargo, United States

  • In Touch With Brevard

    Florida Today

    Melbourne, United States

  • The Difference is News. Today. Always.

    Fon du Lac Reporter

    Fond du Lac, United States

  • First with Today's News

    Gainesville Daily Register

    Gainesville, United States

  • Make The Most Of Where You Live

    Gannett Suburban Newspapers

    Westchester, United States

  • It's The Story of Our Lives

    Grand Rapids Press

    Grand Rapids, United States

  • It Pays to Know the News

    Greenville News

    Greenville, United States

  • Houston's Leading Information Source

    Houston Chronicle

    Houston, United States

  • First in News. First in the Morning.

    Jackson Sun

    Jackson, United States

  • The Ring of Truth

    Joliet Herald-News

    Joliet, United States

  • At the Center of Nebraska Life Since 1888

    Kearney Hub

    Kearney, United States

  • Celebrate The Stars

    Kewanee Star Courier

    Kewanee, United States

  • A Reason to Read. Every Morning. Every Day.

    Knoxville News-Sentinel

    Knoxville, United States

  • Delivering Your Community, Your Life, Your World

    Lansing State Journal

    Lansing, United States

  • Bringing The Community to Your Door

    Leavenworth Echo

    Leavenworth, United States

  • Put It To Work For You

    Lincoln Journal Star

    Lincoln, United States

  • Wake Up to What's Up

    Longview Daily News

    Longview, United States

  • Get The Story. Get The Times.

    Los Angeles Times

    Los Angeles, United States

  • Your Community Paper Since 1869

    Manassas Journal Messenger

    Manassas, United States

  • The Independent Journal Stands for Marin

    Marin Independent Journal

    Novato, United States

  • The Only Newspaper in the World That Gives a Damn About Yerington

    Mason Valley News

    Yerington, United States

  • The Valley's Newspaper

    McAllen Monitor

    McAllen, United States

  • News That Hits Home!

    Muskogee Phoenix

    Muskogee, United States

  • Good News Just Got Better

    Nashville Banner

    Nashville, United States

  • Proud to Read the American

    Odessa American

    Odessa, United States

  • See What's in it For You

    Omaha World-Herald

    Omaha, United States

  • Here Shall the Press, the People's Rights Maintain, Unaw'd by Influence and Unbrib'd by Gain- West Tennessean, Paris, TN May 7, 1828

    Paris Post-Intelligencer

    Paris, United States

  • Take A Look Inside

    Portsmouth Herald

    Portsmouth, United States

  • Everyday Since 1829

    Providence Journal

    Providence, United States

  • Saginaw's Leading Information Source

    Saginaw News

    Saginaw, United States

  • Your Paper. Your Partner.

    Salinas Californian

    Salinas, United States

  • There's No News Like the Express-News

    San Antonio Express-News

    San Antonio, United States

  • The Newspaper for America's Largest County

    San Bernardino County Sun

    San Bernardino, United States

  • One Newspaper Delivers it All

    San Luis Obispo Telegram-Tribune

    San Luis Obispo, United States

  • Pride in the Panhandle

    Scottsbluff Star-Herald

    Scottsbluff, United States

  • The Voice of the Northwest Since 1863

    Seattle Post-Intelligencer

    Seattle, United States

  • A Paper for the People

    Shawano Leader

    Shawano, United States

  • Now You Know, The Times

    Shreveport Times

    Shreveport, United States

  • Cochise County's Leading Newspaper

    Sierra Vista Herald

    Sierra Vista, United States

  • The Pulse of Paradise


    Honolulu, United States

  • News That Hits Home

    Statesman Journal

    Salem, United States

  • Keeping You In Touch

    Tallahassee Democrat

    Tallahassee, United States

  • We've Got News For You!

    Telegram and Gazette

    Worcester, United States

  • There for You!

    Telegraph Herald

    Dubuque, United States

  • To Print the News Without Fear or Favor

    Temple Daily Telegram

    Temple, United States

  • Run With The Sun

    The Baltimore Sun

    Baltimore, United States

  • It's What You Need. To Know

    The Bangor Daily News

    Bangor, United States

  • Your News. Your Schedule.

    The Bellingham Herald

    Bellingham, United States

  • Turn With The Globe

    The Boston Globe

    Boston, United States

  • We're Telling Your Stories

    The Brownsville Herald

    Brownsville, United States

  • The State Newspaper

    The Charleston Gazette

    Charleston, United States

  • Chippewa's Only Daily Record Since 1870

    The Chippewa Herald

    Chippewa, United States

  • The Coloradoan is Fort Collins

    The Coloradoan

    Fort Collins, United States

  • Southern Washington's Largest Daily Newspaper

    The Columbian

    Vancouver, United States

  • Local News. First in the Morning.

    The Courier-News

    Bridgewater, United States

  • The Newspaper of Distinction

    The Dallas Morning News

    Dallas, United States

  • The Independent Voice of Volusia and Flagler Counties

    The Daytona Beach News-Journal

    Daytona Beach, United States

  • Voice of the Rocky Mountain Empire

    The Denver Post

    Denver, United States

  • The Newspaper Iowa Depends On

    The Des Moines Register

    Des Moines, United States

  • The Daily Newspaper of Fairfax County, Virginia

    The Fairfax Journal

    Fairfax County, United States

  • If It Matters To You, It Matters To Us

    The Herald

    Everett, United States

  • Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty

    The Indianapolis Star

    Indianapolis, United States

  • Always Worth Looking Into

    The Janesville Gazette

    Janesville, United States

  • Get The Story. Get The Times.

    The New York Times

    New York, United States

  • Serving Washington's South Puget Sound

    The Olympian

    Olympia, United States

  • The Paper That Wakes Up The City

    The Orlando Sentinel

    Orlando, United States

  • News from Around the World and Around the Corner

    The Plain Dealer

    Cleveland, United States

  • Get in Touch With Every Issue

    The Post and Courier

    Charleston, United States

  • Inland Southern California's Newspaper

    The Press-Enterprise

    Riverside, United States

  • Life. Captured Daily.

    The Sacramento Bee

    Sacramento, United States

  • Utah's Independent Voice Since 1871

    The Salt Lake Tribune

    Salt Lake City, United States

  • Keeping in Touch With You

    The Saratogian

    Saratoga, United States

  • We Deliver!

    The Spectrum

    St. George, United States

  • Wake Up and Read It!

    The Spokesman-Review

    Spokane, United States

  • On Time Or On Us

    The Tennessean

    Nashville, United States

  • If You Don't Get It, You Don't Get It

    The Washington Post

    Washington, United States

  • Your Paper, Your Way, Every Day

    Times Record News

    Denton, United States

  • No Tombstone is Complete Without Its Epitaph

    Tombstone Epitaph

    Tombstone, United States

  • The Times - The Market Leader

    Trenton Times

    Trenton, United States

  • The Citizen is Tucson

    Tucson Citizen

    Tucson, United States

  • We Know The Valley

    Valley Morning Star

    Harlingen, United States

  • Grab A Trib!

    Waco Tribune-Herald

    Waco, United States

  • Bringing the Valley Home to You Since 1869

    Walla Walla Union-Bulletin

    Walla Walla, United States

  • Get Into It

    Wichita Eagle

    Wichita, United States

  • A Daily Part of Your Life

    Yakima Herald

    Yakima, United States

  • We're the Source. We Deliver.

    Yuma Daily Sun

    Yuma, United States