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What INMA Custom Services can do

If only the world were "plug and play." INMA Custom Services help you deal with your unique challenge or maximize the return on your opportunity. We take the time to understand your needs and provide a customized solution that is best for your situation. Let INMA be your knowledge-based concierge.

Strategy research
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Strategy development
Strategy assessment
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Strategy testing

Some custom ideas

  • How best to organise print and digital advertising sales teams
  • How to develop an e-mail newsletter for subscribers, readers, and influencers
  • Engage INMA in assessing a new market, introducing the right people and arranging meetings with them
  • Create a private study tour (and get INMA to lead it)
  • Identifying key INMA members who are expert in digital subscriptions and developing a deep dive interview or in-person seminar
  • Assess and recommend the best way to create and launch marketing services that provide advertisers value
  • How to standardise back-office operations
  • How to recruit, evaluate, and hire the “right” advertising sales people