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What INMA Consulting Services can do

Whether helping you deal with a challenge or maximize the return on an opportunity, INMA is a trusted and unbiased resource focused on helping you succeed through direct consulting or consultant recommendations and referral.

We all need a little help. Sometimes an outside voice can help. Go with the trusted association in our industry.

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Allow us to leverage our knowledge from the Readers First initiative to help guide your choices with media subscriptions
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Let INMA guide you through culture change in your company with seasoned executives who have been through the battles
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Permit INMA to navigate through the muddle of ownership, management, and employee expectations
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Retool your company with unbiased, extensive, global expertise from INMA
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Ask INMA what resources are at our disposal on the hottest issues of the day: subscription models, new revenue streams, the transition to digital, marketing services

Tired of trying to vet vendors? Don’t know who to turn to for solutions?

INMA's relationships with the leading global companies that support the news media industry are unparalleled. Save the time, hassle, and staff expense of going through the vendor RFP and vetting process. Let INMA connect you with the right companies to help you with your challenges.

Unbiased perspective, global experiences, and quantified success stories and recommendations from our network of members ensure we will connect the right companies with you for your needs.