Why Some Media Companies Are Betting Big on Audio

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Embracing audio to provide an opportunity for publishers to grow their audiences while boosting engagement and revenue is the focus of this report.

Key subjects covered in the report include:

  • Six reasons this is audio’s moment
  • The power of podcasts
  • Smart speakers
  • The opportunity of audio articles
  • The economics of audio

“Why Some Media Companies Are Betting Big on Audio” is designed to look at the current possibilities and the promise for the future, allowing media companies to weigh investment opportunities and decide where to place their audio bets.


INMA Product Initiative Lead, Jodie Hopperton

Who should read this report

Media company leaders and professionals in product managemnt

Detailed overview

Per the report, investment in audio is increasing amongst news media companies — adding dedicated audio roles and teams, embedding audio articles into Web sites and apps, and launching stand-alone audio apps for subscribers.

Although audio isn’t new, the report suggests the increasing number of formats coupled with advancements in technology have created the perfect storm for audio to thrive. Further, as younger audiences grow up with audio, the platform can provide access to audiences that print or digital publications may not appeal to — and it has the added benefit of being a format audiences trust.

According to Hopperton, the same factors that make audio appealing to audiences also provide more ways for news publishers to monetise it. And, as the opportunities with audio continue expanding, so will the opportunities for monetisation.

In addition to practical tips and examples across audio from news media companies, the report looks at organisational structures and monetisation strategies. Case studies from Prisa, Funke, VOL.AT, News Corp Australia, Stuff, Kvartal, Stampen Media, and Svenska Dagbladet show how audio is being experimented with, implemented, and embraced throughout the news industry.

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