New Horizons: A Guide to Newspapers' Online Advertising Opportunities

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How newspapers are transferring their advertising revenue-generating capabilities to an online landscape is the topic of the INMA report, “New Horizons: A Guide to Newspapers' Online Advertising Opportunities.”

The new report explores the four internet advertising formats with the most promise for newspaper companies:

  • Banner advertising: Is banner advertising old-school display advertising transferred to an internet format, or can advertising principles make this a revenue-generator?

  • Classified advertising: Can newspapers win the battle for market share in the online classified advertising space? What transfers from print to online, or is it a new battle on a new battleground?

  • Search advertising: How do newspaper companies capitalise on the dramatic rise of contextual search advertising and a format that promises to deliver relevant advertising based on users' unique interests? What do newspapers have to learn (and "unlearn")?

  • Video advertising: Pre- and post-roll online video advertising has proved a short-term boon to content-rich companies like newspapers. What is real and what is hype in this new advertising space? Where are the opportunities?

“New Horizons: A Guide to Newspapers' Online Advertising Opportunities” features extensive original interviews with industry thought leaders as well as trends and research from newspaper industry sources and the INMA network.

There are amazing revenue opportunities available to newspapers willing to commercialise their online strategies. This report shows how newspapers are tackling this challenge and the successful and innovative tactics and practices they employ.

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