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New INMA report highlights global media innovators

19 November 2015

DALLAS (19 November 2015) – The International News Media Association (INMA) today released a report highlighting 17 media companies implementing innovation processes to transform their corporate cultures for better outcomes in the Digital Age.

“How Media Companies Embrace the Process of Innovation” aims to surface the best examples of outcome-based design thinking – inspired by the road map created at Stanford University’s

The INMA report looks at media company innovation in three ways:

  • Innovation as a seedling for ideas: Case studies from Berlingske Media, The Dallas Morning News, The Economist, Gannett, La Presse, Toronto Star.
  • Connecting your brand to innovation: Case studies from Chicago Tribune, The Irish Times, Sanoma Oyj.
  • Innovation as a cultural accelerator: Case studies from El Colombiano, Die Welt, Expressen, Fairfax Media, Independent News & Media, MittMedia, Storyful, The Times of India.

The report caps more than two years of deep investments by INMA into surfacing the nascent innovation programmes that have emerged at media companies worldwide. INMA has highlighted innovation excellence in awards competitions, conferences, reports, blogs, and more. For 2016, the INMA Global Media Awards for the first time includes categories for corporate innovation initiatives and product/idea incubation.

“This breakthrough new INMA report ties together companies that mostly have not talked with one another about how to create an internal innovation culture necessary to attract and retain talent,” said Earl J. Wilkinson, executive director and CEO of INMA. “We want to highlight companies that have moved beyond ‘innovation as a cool idea’ and toward investing in innovation as an everyday foundation. This report is about changing the corporate culture and leveraging talent for ideation in a way media companies have rarely done for centuries.”

“How Media Companies Embrace the Process of Innovation” includes the past two global winners of the INMA Global Innovation Awards:

  • Fairfax Media: How a major Australian group implementing an activity-based work programme that fundamentally changed how employees do their jobs and embeds the Fairfax culture and values.
  • Storyful: How a social news agency focused on implementing a culture of innovation that includes team-building, focus, a “fail fast” mindset, collaboration, diversification, a data mentality, and constantly reinforcing its culture.

“The report offers a road map for media companies trying to systematically implement innovation into their workforce,” Wilkinson said. “The report also ties together today’s best-in-class innovators.”

The International News Media Association (INMA) is a global community of market-leading news media companies reinventing how they engage audiences and grow revenue in a multi-media environment. The INMA community consists of more than 7,000 executives at 600+ media companies in 80+ countries. Headquartered in Dallas, INMA has offices in Antwerp, New Delhi, San Salvador, and São Paulo.