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INMA launches Global Media Awards with new categories and January 29 deadline

29 October 2015

DALLAS (29 October 2015) – The International News Media Association (INMA) today launched the Global Media Awards competition rewarding the best ideas to innovatively grow audience, revenue, and brand of media companies.

Highlights of the competition include:

  • Deadline for entries: January 29, 2016
  • Web site:
  • Awards ceremony: May 24, 2016, at Victoria and Albert Museum, London

The INMA Global Media Awards competition aims to reward excellence across six genres:

  • Energize brands
  • Create new products
  • Grow, engage, and monetise audiences
  • Grow advertising revenue
  • Develop customer insights
  • Instill innovation

Through its awards competition, established in 1937, INMA aims to surface breakthrough results, unique concepts, strong creativity, innovative thinking, and effective synergies across platforms through the Global Media Awards.

“The INMA Global Media Awards represent our industry’s best foot forward in engaging with the changed media landscape,” said Earl J. Wilkinson, executive director and CEO of INMA. “How do we add new life to news brands? How do we stand out in the consumer’s mind and the advertiser’s mind in a crowded digital marketplace? How do we apply next-generation data analytics to the basics of the news business? How do we make the process of innovation central to how a media company operates? INMA aims to answer these questions with the Global Media Awards.”

The 2016 competition includes new categories unique to the media environment of today: video, print advertising, native advertising, data analytics, consumer research, innovation, and incubation.

Categories suggested by INMA members and approved by the association’s Board of Directors are:

  1. Best Brand Awareness Campaign
  2. Best Public Relations or Community Service Campaign
  3. Best Use of an Event to Build a News Brand
  4. Best New Print Product
  5. Best Use of Mobile
  6. Best Use of Video
  7. Best Launch of a Brand or Product to Create an Audience Segment
  8. Best Idea to Encourage Print Readership or Engagement
  9. Best Idea to Grow Digital Readership or Engagement
  10. Best Use of Social Media
  11. Best New Paid Content or Subscription Initiative
  12. Best Idea to Grow Advertising Sales or Retain Advertising Clients
  13. Best Marketing Solution for an Advertising Client
  14. Best Execution of Print Advertising
  15. Best Execution of Native Advertising
  16. Best Use of Data Analytics
  17. Best Use of Consumer Research
  18. Best New Corporate Innovation Initiative
  19. Best New Concept to Incubate Products or Ideas
  20. Best Idea or Innovation to Create New Profit Centers

For 2016, INMA expanded the number of categories in the Global Media Awards competition from 15 to 20, added regional “Best of Show” winners, and integrated key concepts from its popular Global Innovation Awards competition.

The INMA Global Media Awards also will include new groupings. INMA did away with circulation and audience groupings and replaced them with two groups: regional/local news brands and national/international news brands.

Entries may be submitted online at The Web site includes complete category descriptions, rules, judging criteria, and more.

The INMA Global Media Awards will be presented at the world-famous Victoria and Albert Museum in London on Tuesday, May 24, at the conclusion of the annual World Congress.

The International News Media Association (INMA) is a global community of market-leading news media companies reinventing how they engage audiences and grow revenue in a multi-media environment. The INMA community consists of more than 7,000 executives at 600+ media companies in 80+ countries. Headquartered in Dallas, INMA has offices in Antwerp, New Delhi, San Salvador, and São Paulo.