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Facebook and INMA launch Audience Analytics Accelerator for Latin America

17 February 2021

MEXICO CITY (February 17, 2021) – Accelerating audience data strategies and best practices among Latin American news media publishers is the focus of a new program by the Facebook Journalism Project and the International News Media Association (INMA), in collaboration with the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ).

Applications for the eight-month Audience Analytics Accelerator LATAM program are now being accepted through March 10, 2021.

Companies may apply by clicking here

Goals and deliverables

The Audience Analytics Accelerator aims to help transform the online business of news media companies in Latin America by helping them analyze and act on data in new and creative ways.

Among Accelerator deliverables are:

  • Intensive training based on best-in-class case studies from the INMA global network. 
  • Benchmarking and exchange of ideas among Latin American peer publishers. 
  • Hands-on coaching by a world-renowned faculty of experts and practitioners. 
  • Impactful projects focused on increasing or maintaining revenue or generating savings via data. 
  • Stipends of at least US$15,000 to participants to execute Accelerator programs. 

From the Accelerator, publishers can expect to:

  • Discover the role of data in digital transformation. 
  • Align business strategy with data strategy. 
  • Form a data-positive culture. 
  • Know your readers and their journeys. 
  • Learn how to best register and log in readers. 
  • Segment your readers to tailor products and marketing. 
  • Predict behaviours with advanced analytics. 
  • Run data-informed experiments to test your ideas. 
  • Accelerate audience engagement as well as reader and advertising revenues.  

Managing the Accelerator

"With the Facebook Journalism Project, we are focused on creating and bringing initiatives to Latin America to support news organizations promote digital transformation, innovate, and build long-term, sustainable business models,” explained Claudia Gurfinkel, Director of News Partnerships for Facebook in Latam. “This new partnership with INMA and the ICFJ will give publishers valuable tools to develop effective audience strategies.”

Greg Piechota, researcher-in-residence and lead of the Smart Data Initiative for INMA, will design and lead the Accelerator in cooperation with the Facebook Journalism Project and INMA Latin America teams.

“Participating in the Accelerator will be transformational for your career and your company, but it requires your attention, time, and effort over eight months,” Piechota said. “Facebook and INMA are investing significant resources for an invaluable experience.”

The Accelerator will have three phases over eight months that will require a full commitment from the participant:

  • April to July: Training and benchmarking. 
  • July to October: Coaching and project. 
  • November: “Share the learnings.” 

The candidates

Facebook and INMA are looking at a range of company experiences with data, yet be similar for sharing and benchmarking.

Candidates for the data accelerator will be news media companies with a significant digital presence and companies that are at least three years into their data journey as a media company. Newspaper, radio, television, and digital brands are welcome to apply regardless of business model. Up to 15 media companies from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, or Uruguay will be selected.

Publishers accepted into the Audience Analytics Accelerator will agree to full participation via a data project lead and team and will have approval and involvement of top-level management. Applicants will agree to publicly share learnings with peers across Latin America and the world via virtual events and reports.

The 2021 edition of the Accelerator is fully virtual.

Cooperation among the media companies selected for the Audience Analytics Accelerator is crucial. Piechota explains: “Because the program requires cooperation among publishers, we are ideally looking for companies with similar experience levels with data. We are looking for companies with at least three years in the market – so, roughly, in the intermediate range of expertise. We are looking for media companies hungry to improve data capabilities and digital transformation.”

About Facebook Journalism Project

The Facebook Journalism Project works with publishers around the world to strengthen the connection between journalists and the communities they serve. It also helps address the news industry’s core business challenges. Its trainings, programs, and partnerships work to build community through news, train newsrooms globally, and enhancing quality through partnerships.

About International News Media Association (INMA)

The International News Media Association (INMA) is a global community of market-leading news media companies reinventing how they engage audiences and grow revenue in a multi-platform environment. The INMA community consists of more than 16,000 members at 850 media companies in 70+ countries. INMA is the news media industry’s foremost ideas-sharing network with members connected via conferences, reports, Webinars, virtual meetings, and an unparalleled archive of best practices.

About International Center for Journalists (ICFJ)

The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) empowers a global network of journalists to produce news reports that lead to better governments, stronger economies, more vibrant societies, and healthier lives. ICJF works at the nexus of journalism and technology, building the expertise and storytelling skills of reporters worldwide.




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