Streaming of Livesport – Increase Loyalty in Reader Revenue with Stunning Numbers
2021 Finalist

Streaming of Livesport – Increase Loyalty in Reader Revenue with Stunning Numbers

Bonnier News Local

Östersund, Sweden

Category Digital Subscriptions

Overview of this campaign

Bonnier News Local is a swedish media company with over 40 local newspapers around the country. We have almost 500,000 subscribers.
Our reader revenue is based on subscriptions and loyal, paying customers. One of our biggest challenges is finding content that increase loyalty among digital subscribers.
Now we have find one.
The local sports teams go straight to the heart of our customers.
People want to see their local favourite team – regardless what level the team plays at.
We give it to them now by livestreaming the matches for the local teams - and get a new important key for our business.

We have been investing in livestreaming local sports for about 8 years. For all these years, it has been a success when it comes to bringing in new customers.
But what does that mean for our crucial loyalty?
To get the answer to that question, we analyzed 1,600 matches and competitions in 2019 and 2020.
The analysis includes over 84,000 customers.
The analysis stretches over two years to be able to follow the loyalty over a longer period of time, to see how long it lasts.

Results for this campaign

Our customers that consume streaming of local live sports becomes our most loyaly customers and have a much higher lifetime value than average.
The majority of live sports viewers are Plus customers (37%) and have an average lifetime value of 20 months, which increases with greater consumption, compared with the average Plus customer of 6 months.
Similar patterns are also seen for Complete and Plus Premium.
Plus is our subscription with only digital access. Plus Premium includes the local e-magazine. Complete has all this plus the local paper magazine.

And also, with greater consumption of livestream local sports, the loyalty increase even more.
The users that consume most livestream sport are customers in 23 months in average – 17 months more than the average subscriber at Bonnier Local News.


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