Listen for a Smart Life, Millennials’ Current Affairs Friend Campaign
2021 Finalist

Listen for a Smart Life, Millennials’ Current Affairs Friend Campaign

The JoongAng Ilbo

Mapo-gu, Republic Of Korea

Category Brand Awareness Campaigns

Overview of this campaign

2020 was the year of the global pandemic. The crisis struck the weakest links in society and toppled the vulnerable. Millennials no longer considered legacy media a reliable source of information and as many consumed news through social media outlets, they were inevitably more exposed to fake news.

In the midst of all this confusion, LSL set its goal to act as a beacon for millennials looking for trustworthy, reliable information. Under the slogan ‘Millennials’ Current Affairs Friend,’ we designed our content experience to deliver useful information and satisfy the intellectual curiosity of our followers, while at the same time providing a conversational tone and a variety of ways to consume news. All content was produced through outlets that millennials have easy access to such as YouTube, podcasts, and social media. The presenters are all millennial reporters and the tone and manner of the content has maintained a convivial ‘let’s find out together’ attitude, rather than an assertive tone.

For content created through this campaign, the highest priority is placed on having experts from each field deliver accurate information. The ‘One Health Project’ initiated during the Covid-19 crisis is focused on why zoonotic diseases continue to occur and the fact that the health of humanity depends on the integrated management of animals and the environment, as humans, animals, and the environment are all closely interconnected.

Ahead of the general election, we conducted interviews with millennial politicians on topics geared towards young people in order to promote public debate on concerns shared by millennials. The campaign was executed through multiple channels, such as podcasts for expert interviews, YouTube for a friendly approach to concepts, and social media for campaigns engaging LSL followers. In particular, we conducted a participatory campaign on social media where our followers performed interactive tasks which helped create a sense of familiarity with our brand providing a conversational, customized, and communicative content experience.

Results for this campaign

LSL had roughly 90,000 subscribers at the end of 2019. Since producing targeted interactive content, that number has jumped to 400,000 as of January 2021. More than 70% of subscribers are our target audience of millennial women. Our YouTube channel in particular, saw explosive growth in 2020 with 293,000 subscribers, 150 million impressions, 63 million total views, and 5 million hours of watch time. For the second straight year, we were named the “Best Podcast of 2020” by Apple, posting an average of 1.5 million monthly plays.

Our 2020 Covid-19 content called the ‘One Health Project,’ saw an average of 100,000 plays per podcast episode, with more than 1,000 subscribers participating in a social media hashtag challenge to protect the planet. That LSL campaign impacted society and the concept of ‘One Health’ is set to be included in middle school textbooks on climate change. This campaign is currently ongoing with subscribers gathering voluntarily in a new ecosystem created around the worldview of LSL content.

Through a series of campaigns, LSL has established itself as an everyday brand for Korean millennial woman. More than 4,000 posts by those who enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle with set financial values who wish to continue their intellectual growth have gone viral on social media under the hashtags #listenforasmartlife.

LSL is growing rapidly, posting more than 400% growth over the past year. LSL distributes content through its social media channels with 23,000 subscribers. It was introduced and analyzed in a number of publications and research papers, including Cosmopolitan for its influence as a new media brand captivating millennial women.

The power of LSL content has also won market recognition. Starting this year, we are providing exclusive audio content on K-pop in collaboration with FLO, one of Korea‘s largest music platforms, and have produced innovative business models by creating branded content in collaboration with  P&G and Korea’s leading IT companies, Naver and KaKao.


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