Felicitating Our Humraahi Our Companion – The Newspaper Trade Network
2021 Finalist

Felicitating Our Humraahi Our Companion – The Newspaper Trade Network

Amar Ujala

Noida, India

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Overview of this campaign

During the pandemic, when the entire nation was scared and locked up in their homes, when there was plethora of fake information and news moving around the social media platforms, when the readers were confused what to believe what not to believe, these silent warriors were on the rescue.These silent warriors were doing their duty with full valor towards the readers, towards the nation.

Covid-19 had caused serious disruptions across the country with subsequent lockdowns and restrictions significantly impacting the movement.The pandemic had crippled the entire supply chain mechanism due to restrictions, however despite all the roadblocks, the efforts put in by the newspaper trade network during the initial period of Corona when the fear of Covid-19 was at its peak was commendable.During such negative atmosphere, they executed their work in the field every single day without fail.

The Trade network, whom we refer as Humrahi, meaning "Our Companion" are the backbone of the newspaper industry with the entire supply chain being highly dependent on them for the final delivery of the product to the households. Hence, the success of newspapers being delivered despite the restrictions has been solely because of the efforts put in by both the agents and hawkers.However, when we talk about Covid heroes, it mostly encapsulates the healthcare workers, doctors, reporters, police personnel etc. There is no mention of the newspaper trade network without whom the industry would have crippled.


  • Hence, we at Amar Ujala took this initiative of Covid Warriors Coverage.The entire objective of the activity was give due credit to the unsung heroes(the newspaper trade network) without whom newspapers wouldn’t have reached its readers on time.
  • Covid Warriors Coverage – Identifying them as Local Heroes: Publish both agents and hawkers photos in the newspaper along with their name and area with a message appreciating their duties towards readers during the period of uncertainty. 
  • Ensured that each agent & vendors photo is published so that it reaches the readers hence valuing their efforts.



Results for this campaign

To intitiate the campaign a week long activity was conducted across our 21 editions wherein both city and upcountry data was collected that is photographs along with the name.

Within a week post completition of data collection, the entire activity was planned to be covered in four days across all editions wherein in full pages were printed with the vendors names and locations:

Total Vendors and Agents whose photo was published: 18909

Total Print Area that was used:217467 sq cm

Unit Name of Dak/Edition and Volume in Sqcm
Agra City Upcountry
4719 9075
Aligarh 1683 3366
Allahabad 6732 2409
Bareilly 4257 7953
Chandigarh 1492 2409
Dehradun 4389 4356
Delhi 627 12969
Dharamshala 1320 9339
Gorakhpur 3861 7227
Hisar 796 2673
Jammu 3597 2805
Jhansi 3762 2237
Kanpur 14850 13233
Karnal 495 1965
Lucknow 15147 15477
Meerut 6039 5511
Moradabad 3597 9108
Nainital 1683 5808
Rohtak 1192 1984
Varanasi 6732 10593


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