VK Corona Guide: A Much Need Boost in Revenue
2021 Finalist

VK Corona Guide: A Much Need Boost in Revenue

Vijay Karnataka

Bangalore, India

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign

In the initial days of the lockdown, VK curated content and campaigns straddling across: Positive news on front page, ‘newspapers are safe’-do not host virus on them, Vendors who risk their lives are ‘Superheroes’, #Nolockdown for family time etc.

While delivering editorial content on the Pandemic every day, the team decided to deliver a special issue to help readers answer their queries, provide guidance from expert physicians to develop immunity against the fatal disease. We decided to create a guide that Empowered Kannadigas when they needed information in their native language.

Results for this campaign

VK Corona Guide guided with answers for FAQ’s about protection against catching the virus, detecting symptoms of the sickness with infographics. The guide included helpline numbers, Do’s & Don’ts in social places, how life would be after the pandemic, preparing for job, education & financial scenario post crisis. Messages from CM, Health Minister, Mayor, Police Commissioner were included. This unique guide was made hyper-local with 11 editions spread across 30 districts of Karnataka.

VK Ad sales team onboarded new set of clients to garner revenue for this special product. A total of 246 advertisers participated to reach the readers. Ads from Municipal Corporations, FMCG, Healthcare, Automobile, Real Estate, Retail brands, Educational & Financial institutions, Services brands like Security, IT maintenance and the Political fraternity were part of the special edition.

The VK Corona Guide tabloid was distributed in 0.43 million copies of regular VK subscriber homes at an additional cover price of INR 2. Distribution team garnered 0.07million sponsored copies which were inserted in competition copies and distributed in select areas. Circulation teams used protective gear like masks and gloves during distribution.

During the time of the lockdown due to the Pandemic, Vijay Karnataka, the highest read daily in Karnataka demonstrated that ‘impossible is nothing’ and garnered additional revenues worth INR 3.5million including ads and circulation. VK thus, showcased the essence of the work flow to publish this unique product during the times of Remote Working. Through cross functional teamwork Vijay Karnataka leveraged most typical strengths of a leading newsmedia company, i.e. Credibility, Wide Reach amongst Affluent homes, Social Impact & Aspiration.  Vijay Karnataka stood true to the philosophy of ‘LEADER GUARDS THE READER’


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