Growth Hack: Doubling Reach In Home Market With Second Brand In 6 Months
2021 Finalist

Growth Hack: Doubling Reach In Home Market With Second Brand In 6 Months

Funke Digital

Berlin, Germany

Category Product Development

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Overview of this campaign

  • Strongly increase our digital market share in the traditional home market of our quality newspaper “Hamburger Abendblatt” by starting a second news portal for a different audience
  • Building a digital brand in a few months to quickly catch up with competitors and create a relevant financial contribution to our digital unit
  • Make the service indispensable for our readers by providing them with actual and important content from our main central hub “DerWesten”
  • Convince as many people as possible to visit our platform during the first year, start building a stable and loyal user base and a strong brand awareness (
  • Do all the above without any negative impact on our digital reach in total
  • Unique opportunity to be the market leader for local news in Northern Germany

Results for this campaign

  • State-of-the art domain and brand asset through the specific northern German phrase “Moin” (means ”Hello”)
  • Significant traffic build-up to 10m visits / month due to efficient product, content & SEO management
  • Considerable google relevance and traction after only short time
  • Substantial revenue contribution and double-digit EBITDA margins lead to full project amortization after six months of operations
  • Strong brand awareness in the German northern area and high user interaction within all communication channels and platforms
  • Doubling digital reach of FUNKE in one of our important home markets in 6 month and payback of investment in record time


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